Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Plans and that's all

It's been almost a month since we've played, due to family obligations and travel, and I've not brought the subject up since I knew we couldn't do anything.

She hasn't talked about it much but has said for certain she can't wait to do Darnell, and with a free day in the week coming up she suggested we call Menard and have him come back for a repeat. We're also heading back to the beach where Devin and she spent the night, but no word on that.

As for me, one camcorder died but I've ordered another.

A black cock drought of sorts.

We've noticed the responses to our swinger site ads, the ad we have on an interracial site, to be slowing down. I'm not sure if it is the economy or people being distracted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Overnight & Bareback with a Regular

We were going to an event near where Menard lives, and we decided to stay an extra day and invite Menard to spend the night. As we had with Devin, and since he had already shown a disdain for condoms, we also told him that if he wanted to meet and was willing to get tested that going bareback would be ok. He decided to go to the trouble.

He was later than we expected, so instead of waiting in the cabin we went to a couple of shops, and we were there when he called my cell. I had him come into the parking lot, and Anna got in the car with him to show him how to get to the cabin. I followed in our car. Once we got out of the traffic I fully expected to see her head disappear over into his lap, but nothing like that happened.

When we got to the cabin we had drinks. It was an isolated cabin, and she excused herself and came back out with a gauzy dress that is cut to her waist in the front and back in a deep V that I bought her on a trip to Mexico that she simply couldn't wear in public. It was probably made to wear over something else.

She laughed when she noticed she had put it on wrong side out, and she simply pulled of off, naked underneath, reversed it and pulled it back on, as if that was a normal as walking through a door.

We were drinking wine, and after a couple of glasses and talking, enjoying the view (both of the mountains and of my wife) they started making out on the deck, just kissing, for a while, then they broke, went back to their drinks and we talked some more.

He pulled her into an embrace and they started making out with more intensity. He has his back to me and when he slid the left side of her dress off her shoulder to bare her breast they turned where I could see, and he played with her breast and continued to do so, pulling her nipple erect as they kissed, her right breast exposed and him fully clothed. When they broke the embrace this time Anna led the way inside and to the bedroom, with the two of us following.

Before they embraced again she slid the other side of the dress down, and they kissed as she helped him remove his shirt. As they kissed he was pulling straight out on her nipples hard, really stretching her breast out and she was pulling on his nipples as well, which he liked. He would pull on her nipple as far as it would go and then let it go, the movement of her breasts bouncing enticingly. As they kissed again he pulled up the hem of her dress to cup her ass and she was working on getting his pants down.

She held his his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other while he went back to tugging on her nipples, and kissing her.

He pulled up the front of her dress as she kissed on his nipples, and began to finger her, the entire while she never took her hands off his by now rigid cock. He pulled her dress up over her head and she lay back sideways on the bed and he began to eat her pussy.

She came like that, and he moved over her as she scooted up on the bed and he leaned over and she guided his cock into her pussy and he began pumping his cock inside her--without the benefit of a condom for the first time since she started fucking him.

She put her ankles on his ass and he fucked her in quick small strokes. He came quickly, but rather than pull out or get up, he stay inside her and kissed her again. He pulled out and began sucking her nipples and then lowered his mouth to her pussy and began eating her again, and she came again, collapsing with her legs spread and her arms over her head and her eyes closed. He moved between her legs again and in a single smooth stroke buried his cock all the way inside her.

"You like this black cock," he asked her as they were fucking.

" I love it," she said lower, and then louder "I love your black cock." He started coming inside her a second time, rolled to the side and started finger fucking her until she came yet again.

We took a rest, I went on the deck to grill some steaks, and Anna and Menard were in the kitchen. She was working on the salad, and when I stepped back to the doorway I glanced in and Menard had slid her dress down to expose one breast as she was making the salad. He leaned over and kissed her nipple and rose back up, sipping his drink, enjoying the view. Anna didn't make any effort to pull it back up. She did pull it back up when we sat down to eat.

We had a nice dinner, kept drinking and Anna led Menard to the couch in the living room once the dishes were put in the sink. She pulled down his pants and began sucking his cock, as he lay back on the couch, his shirt unbuttoned but still on and she'd lowered the other side of her dress so she was topless from the waist up.

After she got him good and hard she straddled him on the couch, moaning a groan of pleasure as she lowered herself onto his hard cock, still wearing her white gauzy dress. Other than putting his hands on her shoulders he just let her ride him and looked at her sliding back and forth on his cock. Her dress was covering her pussy and his cock going inside her but half way through she rolled it up so he could see his cock going in and out of her.

"I'm gonna come," she said.

"Yeah baby, get some," he answered back, "Yeah", and she came, squirting as she did, and rested on him, asking me to get a towel, which I did.

Anna lay back on the couch and Menard got between her legs and started playing with her pussy with his fingers, flipping her clit with one finger, licking it, moving that one finger inside her, and she was sensitive and responsive to even a light touch. She reached down and pulled back on her pussy, exposing her clit and rubbing her clit with her pussy pulled apart with his face only inches away. She reached behind his head pulled him into her pussy, and he licked it, then stood up in front of her, she scooted to the edge of the couch, and started sucking his cock again as he leaned over and pulled on her nipples, pulling her entire breast up hard, almost to the point of pain if she had not been on a sexual high.

Anna gagged, and he stopped fucking her face, he had her lay back on the couch, and he put first one, then two and then three fingers inside her. She moaned and make it clear that she was into it, and he added four fingers and started moving his thumb into her as well, and she was writhing as he did. He had his thumb and four fingers into her up to his knuckles, then she pulled him forward to have him kiss her breasts, and he started moving his hand, vibrating it. She was whimpering and he moved up to her ear and was talking to her, and she spread her legs even wider. With him on top of her I couldn't see to tell exactly what was happening, but she grimace and then gasped an "oohhh"" His elbow moved forward slightly, and she exlaimed, "oohh yess."

Mernard had to be even further than when he had had four fingers and his thumb in her pussy knuckle deep. She pulled her knee up closer toward her chest. He rose up off her and she looked down to her pussy but it wasn't until I moved that I saw him withdrawing his entire hand from my wife's pussy. He'd fisted her. I had never been able to do that, but had come close. Maybe it was the fucking, maybe it was the cum inside her, or his hands might be smaller, but I now had a fisted wife.

As I moved the video camera over to show it she told him, "I need to take a break."

We decided to go to the cabin's hot tub, and she put a white tank top I'd bought her that reads, "Black Cock Slut", and I snapped a few photos of her in it, and a few more with it wet. We were getting drunker at this time, and it wasn't long with Anna and Menards playing with each other and kissing in the hot tub that it was time to go back inside.

They got on the bed and went into a 69, with him on top, and then with him standing in the floor she got on her knees on the edge of the bed. He touched her ass with his thumb and she jumped, "Nope". I moved onto the bed sideways, still naked from the hot tub so she could suck my cock while he fucked her.

"I love it, Oh God fuck me yes," she moaned as he fucked her harder.

"Yeah, you're getting that black cock," he told her, and then standing still he told her to move onto him in doggy style. "Move back on that black cock," he ordered.
He pulled her until she had one leg off the bed on the floor, and she was still sucking me. "Suck that cock," he told her, pounding her hard from behind now. She pulled off from sucking my cock as she started coming.

She was in a bad position and he backed up and she stood up and he moved behind her, cupping her breasts from behind. She crawled on the bed and they cuddled for a while, resting, with his hand down between her legs and kissing on her nipples.

After five minutes or so he told her, "I'm ready to fuck you."

"Good" she answered.

I started kissing her nipples as she lay on her back while Menard ate her pussy, then I moved on the bed and Anna sucked my cock as he continued eating her pussy. I started playing with one breast while Menard played with the other, and Menard talked to her, "I wanna see you suck on that cock." Menard moved behind her again she held his cock as she sucked me.

She rolled to her back and he took the base of his cock and started slapping her clit with it. Until she guided his cock inside her. "You fuck so good, your cock feels so good," she gasped.

"Like this black cock?"

"Yes, I love your black cock, fuck me in my slutty pussy."

"Damn," he exclaimed as he came again, "You've made me come three fucking times".

Everyone rested for a minute, and I pulled her down on the bed and she sucked me hard and then I pulled her down on the bed and fucked her her too as she sucked on Menard's cock.

I came inside her and he kissed her mouth and her fingered her again.

Menard had to get up very early the next morning, and I went into the main bedroom and prepared to go to bed, and she came in and I told her if she wanted to sleep with him it was ok. She was hesitant, but I encouraged her a little. I heard her rattling around in the kitchen and then I heard a crash and "SHIT!". I didn't get up but I did ask what the comotion was about, and she had turned over a bowl of blueberries on the floor. She took a long time to get that cleaned up, came back into the room and said, "I've slept with a black man before and I think he's through for the night."

"OK, whatever you want to do," I answered, "but if you want to I don't have a problem with it. Just leave the door open so I can hear if you fuck."

She paused for a minute and then quietly left, the door open and turning out the lights as she went away. In the darkness I lay there waiting for the sounds of sex--but in a minute I heard her come back into the room, felt her weight on her side of the bed.

"He's passed out and laying diagionally across the bed," she said with some disappoint in her voice. "I didn't have any room."

Early the next morning I heard him get up, and she got up, went to tell him good bye and came back to bed in just a minute.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Guy

A new guy has joined the list, Gerald. He had contacted us through our swinger site a long time back, and somehow down the line she lost contact (the site drops old emails after 60 days), and we sometimes have stretches when we weren't active in checking emails. He had the luck to come back on the scene when she had dropped Sam, and he was persistiant enough to keep in contact. The more he persisted it seemed the more that she wanted to get together with him. "I have a good feeling about him," she told me.

So we eventually set up a weekday meeting in the same hotel where she had met a couple of other lovers. We walked into the restaurant where we usually first meet, and this black guy was standing at the salad bar and did a long triple take on her, in this hot black scoop necked dress that shows a lot of cleavage.

Gerald's photos had shown him in a office, wearing a tie in all of his photos, a suit in most, and the guy at the salad bar was wearing below the knee short pants and a long tee shirt over that. I didn't think he was the guy.

We sat down, ordered, and he called on the cell. He told us his location, and he was the man at the salad bar. He brought his drink around, ordered an appetizer, We talked a while, no negatives, and we finished our meal, stepped outside, and I told them I would walk and she would ride with him so he didn't have to leave his car a block and a half away.

When we went upstairs it was the usual ackward sitting on the suite sofa while I sat opposite. I don't know why this always takes some time to get started, but after my second trip to the men's room I came back out and they were making out, then he took her hand and walked to the bed, removing his shirt while Anna was on her knees, fully clothed, and unbuckling his pants. His pants fell and he stood there, without touching her, waiting while she pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to suck. His cock was very thick, with a large bulbous head.

She sucked him and he slid his hand in her top to caress her breast, and she slid out of the shoulder straps and let it fall to her waist, taking his cock and rubbing it over his nipples. He made no sound, just stood there looking down at her.

He pulled her up and kissed her as he kicked off his shoes and socks, and then lay her down on the bed and began to eat her pussy, his hands on the outside of her legs, playing with her breasts as he did, and he stood up reached into his pants and pulled out a condom, walking on his knees to her in the bed, and she raised her feet and began playing with his thick cock with her feet for a while.

Then he pulled on the condom and leaned over her, rubbing his cock on the outside of her pussy and then began sliding it in very slowly, and she gasped as he did, adjusting to his thick cock stretching her pussy. Her pussy was soaked and was frothing white foamy juices, which I'd not seen her do often. He fucked her like that for a while, then flipped her onto her knees and fucked her doggy, which she loves. As he kept fucking her he put his hand on her ass and slowly put his thumb into her ass as he fucked her.

He put her on her side and pushed up one leg to her shoulder and fucked her sideways, ramming her harder and her breasts bouncing. He pulled her up, standing and she sat up on the bed and began sucking his cock. He stroked his cock and she lay back on the bed, her legs open to him and began playing with herself as he got stroked his cock trying to get hard again.

They lay on the bed and cuddled and she began sucking him again. She took a condom from his hand and rolled it down on his cock and he mounted her again missionary style, then doggy, and then on his back as she straddled him. He was having a problem staying hard consistantly, he'd get soft and nearly lose his hard-on and then it would come back. She kept riding him until he came and she came and then she rolled off him.

I handed him a marker and asked him to sign his work, as is my little kink, and he wrote on her pubis, "BBC Lover" He dressed as she still lay there naked, said his goodbyes and left.

As we did what I call my reclaiming fuck, she said, "We may be doing this enough. He kept losing it." I understood that it was not about him but she takes that as her being less desirable. Her weight is a little up and she thought that she's the problem, and she is worrying about aging.

She said, "This is not as exciting as it used to be. You said we would stop when I wanted, I think I may want to but I don't want you pushing me to keep going."
I thought about it for a second, and said, "That's right. You want to quit we quit."

Later she asked how many different black guys she'd done. We tried counting, and she had said that the guy who left in the middle of things didn't count. So the count was 10 without him, 11 with him. Now it sounded like she was willing to count.

I told her that if she wanted to quit we would. What I would suggest that she at least do 12, making it an even dozen, and a some point I wanted her to do two black guys at once. She thought that would make a good number.

Then later she added, "I would still like to do my regulars from time to time."

The translation to this is she doesn't want to risk rejection, but if that has never been a problem anywhere except within her own mind.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Black Men

We had talked more about her doing two black men. I asked if her she wanted to invite a two black guys--and she said that it would have to be spontaneous--she didn't want to do it by pre-planning.

She did email back and forth to a couple of guys, but as the week progressed she made no effort to contact them, work got heavy, and instead of meeting them on Thursday as we had planned (and we had two days of the trade show around a lot of people we knew) we talked about booking an room at a different hotel.

One guy was quite a bit bigger, but she liked another guy better, so she questioned meeting one guy on Thursday and the other on Saturday. I was leery about doing that at our trade show (as we do try to keep our play life and our reality life separate) but I did say we'd check it out depending on how remote our room was to lessen the chance of him coming in to our room and bumping into someone in the hall. As we got closer, we bailed on Thursday night, but emailed and asked about Saturday. One guy did not write back, and the second guy had a conflict. She had picked out an especially hot dress, with scoops under both the front, back, and under her arms, so that a bit of side-boob was visible too.

To top all that off on the drive to the show Anna and I got into a long drawn out shouting match over very little, but we were both pissed for a while, which further drained us. Neither one of us had any interest in pursuing anything.

But it would get hotter.

Saturday all was ok again, things back to normal, and we worked the trade show. It so happened that the hotel had a nightclub adjoining, and we went in and found it crowded, but no one we knew from the trade show, although there were several black guys in the crowd. Anna perked up, and mentioned that we might want to come back there later, smiling.

We had to leave the club for a late social gathering in relation to our work, and after that gathering we stopped back by our room-and she donned the sexy dress she had been planning to wear to meet one of her potential black lovers.

The social had an open bar and Anna had a great buzz going when we went back to the club. Even more people had come in, and we danced a couple of dances, and I left for the restroom.

She had looked around and saw no one we knew was there, and said, "You know we might hook up here. Would that be alright."

"Sure" I said in my drunkeness.

As I came back to the dance floor, I started toward her and saw a black guy step up to her just as I hit the edge of the dance floor, so I stepped back, ordered another drink, and watched my wife dance with three different black guys. One guy danced with her a couple of dances, and we heard the bartender announce last call. She motioned me over, the black guy still standing there. He was younger, about 5' 9" and had his arm around her waist.

"What's our room number."

I told her. She couldn't hear over the crowd so I held up my fingers.

"You sure this is all right?" the black guy asked.

"As long as you don't have a problem with me being there and cameras."

"OK," he said, and Anna took my hand and led me off the floor, explaining that they would come along later just in case there was someone we knew in the room.

As we headed down the hall toward our room she told me, "I'm not sure they'll come, I saw them head out the door."


"Yeah," he said he's here with his friend. I told him the friend could come but he can't do me." I said nothing, just recalling how freaked out she had been at the mention of just such a thing a few days earlier. I was anticipating how this might turn out.

When we got to the room I opened up my camera case, and there was knock at the door. She opened the door, said hi to the two guys, and introduced us to Shawn and Galen. Galen was the black guy she had been dancing with, Shawn was about 6' 2" and probably 275-300 pounds, with a huge belly. We introduced ourselves, and Galen said, "Shawn's not going to do anything."

Shawn was carrying a half full bottle of gin, and Galen had a sock in his hand.
Trying to be friendly I handed him a camera. "Good, you can help me shoot pictures" I said. Anna and Galen embraced and started kissing, and I went to the camera bag to set up a video camera and put a battery in my other digital.

"I don't mind photos, but don't show my face," Galen said, adding "and here's why." He opened his wallet and showed a fireman ID.

When I stepped back around to check on Anna, they were kissing, and he had already pulled the cloth from the dress to the middle, exposing both her breasts. He was still fully clothed.

Shawn was taking photos, and I went back to finish setting up the camera and light. Once done I went back to the foyer where they were, this time Anna was on her knees in front of him sucking his black cock, naked. She stood up to kiss him, his shirt still on, and he grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against him, reaching far back and slapping her ass very hard with both hands on both ass cheeks at the same time. She didn't complain and he did it twice more, leaving deep red marks on her ass.

They kissed a while longer.

"You might need to get a condom," Anna said to me.

"I've got all the condoms we need," Galen said, reaching into the sock and pulling out a gray pack of Lifestyle condoms and opening one. I moved into the room to turn on the video camera and as they rounded the petition between the foyer and the bed, Anna was on her knees, sucking his condom covered cock. I wasn't sure if she had put it on him with her mouth or fingers. She was pulling his socks off as she did, before climbing onto the bed.

She lay down on the bed, scooting up toward the head of the bed, spreading her legs, and licking her fingers parting her pussy lips as she watched him remove his shirt and remainder of his clothing.

He climbed between her legs, leaned over to kiss her and slid his cock into her with no oral sex or fingering. She locked her legs behind his small ass that was soon bouncing up and down between her legs, fucking her and grunting as she moaned and said "Yes, Yes, Yes," over and over.

The bad thing is in that position there is nothing but legs, ass and back to take photos off, and as I circled the bed, and Shawn did as well, there was not a lot to see except a tangle of legs. He shifted position slightly so we could now see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, and she was soon squirting.

I'm not sure how much Shawn had seen of this, because when I looked at the photos he had taken the majority of them was the glistening fluids of her squirting.

He fucked her for around 15 minutes, asking her if she liked it, which of course she did and told him so. He started quicker and her gasps for breath hit the rhythm which told me she would be coming soon, and he moaned as he started coming into the condom.

He lay on top of her and I moved around to their feet, noticing the base of the condom was bulging with cum. "Might be time to replace the condom," I said aloud, but he didn't seen to hear.

He was talking to her but I couldn't hear at the time--but later on the video tape I heard him ask her if she liked his black cock.

"I love black cock," she told him.

"Want more?" She nodded.

"Shawn will do you." She paused for a moment, then nodded again.

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered, still nodding.

"OK," he said, smiling.

He lay there for a while before staggering toward the bathroom. I had no idea how much he had drunk, but it was obvious he was getting sloppy drunk.

As he pulled out of her she kiddingly said, "You through?"

He turned to Shawn, "He'll do you." We waited for him to return from the bathroom. When he didn't she looked at Shawn, her legs still wide open and her pussy displayed, and said, "Come on big boy."

He stammered something about how he'd been drinking all day and had trouble getting it up when he drank like that. "Gin and it don't mix," he said.

After a minute or two she looked over at me, and smiling moved toward Shawn standing at the foot of the bed with the camera in his hand.

He didn't resist but had a strange look on his face as she unbuckled his pants, pulled down his shorts, and wrapped her hand around a good sized black cock that was not hard. She began sucking him, stroking him, and in general trying to get him hard.

She wanted to fuck him to, and it was evident, but he got semi-hard and then lost it. She kept sucking on him, go him hard, and he stripped out of his clothes. She lay back on the bed, legs splayed, breathing heavily, about to get her second black cock of the evening, and he lost his hard on again.

Anna rose back up to suck him again.

Galen remained in the restroom, and after several minutes Shawn asked, "Where's Galen?" and leaned over with Anna's mouth still on his cock, and exclaimed, "Oh shit."

Anna quit sucking him and we all moved toward the bathroom, where Galen lay in the bathroom floor, his head beside the commode, naked, pass out cold. Anna checking on him, feeling for a pulse at this throat, which he had, as Shawn tugged on his clothing.

We all spent the next 30 minutes trying to get Galen up. Together we got his clothes on him, and he lay back down in the floor. Anna was still naked, wiping his head with a wet cloth trying to get him up, and as she did I saw Shawn open his cell phone and take a couple of shots of him and my naked wife in the floor.

"He is going to have to be real nice to me for a while," Shawn laughed.

Galen rallied enough to get to his feet, and Shawn helped him up, thanked Anna for the good time, and went out the door. I closed the bolt, and went back to the bed, where my freshly black fucked wife was laying on the bed for her white husband to reclaim her pussy. Which I did.

I guess if you're wondering if we're real, the above should be proof as no one could make this shit up. And it didn't end as you expected, think about us--it didn't end as we expected either.

We've talked about going back and doing it again--to her it is the hottest thing she's ever done.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exclusive to black men

The significance of her black date, and as I had explained to her date previously and why it was such a big step for her was that while she had accepted that she loves fucking black guys, and her involvement in the interracial lifestyle, we had always gone to extremes to ensure discretion and not letting anyone know.

Now this was so different from that. She wanted to be seen on the arm of a nice black guy, she wanted the envious looks of some of the white women, the glares of some disapproving others, and the anger in the faces of some of the black women. She wanted to be shown off, she had said, but the reality she was doing some showing off of her own.

She said she wanted this to be a coming out party of sorts, of actually going out in public and showing anyone that sees her that she enjoys the company of a black man. Her dress, the Q of spades tatoo on her ankle, and hopefully his agressive attitude was all supposed to enhance that--although he did behave much more gentlemanly than she had hoped, but that is not a bad thing from a regular.

After the intensity of a sleepover fuck buddy, we laid back for a few days, and she started surfing our swinger site more often. We were going to a trade show a few states away and she wanted to surf a potential playmate. In the course of talking about it I had added a couple of white couples, and she said she really didn't care to fuck any white guys, but if it was a swinging situation she would take one for the team.

"So you only want to fuck black men?"

"I have a white guy at home, but yes, I am only really interested in being with black men."

So other than me her pussy is exclusive to black cock it would appear.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Her First Interracial Date

Four days after the previous post we drove to vacation, anticipating the Friday night solo date we had talked about. She first mentioned it as a fantasy, wanting a black guy to take her out and show her off, and after a lot of talking and discussing it with two of her black lovers, we picked the guy we always see when we go to the beach, the guy who had put the "slut4bc" collar on her, Devin.

The plan was for him to pick her up at our condo (she'd already told me she was planning on wearing a very low cut dress she worn the first time she met Darnell, the one I said I just about told Darnell to forget it and go home as I was taking her for the night. The plan was,their going to dinner, and possibly dancing or at least to a club. (I'd asked him to hang back some and let her be asked to dance by a few guys to get her confidence up).

In the ensuing days since I first mentioned that she could do this if she wanted she went from concern I was pushing him into it to her liking the idea that at some point she would go to the bathroom and upon returning hand him her panties.
I asked for photos and text messages on the progress, and for them to come by a strip club and pick me up, where I would be waiting. I asked them to come in and have a drink in the strip club, with her on his arm as they came in.

From my standpoint I said she could do whatever she wanted with him without me there except I want to be around if there was fucking. She had said she wanted to blow him before they get back, and I told her with that lowcut dress he would have his hand inside her top before they left the parking lot.

We arrived at the condo at the beach and as we fucked that night I told her I was thinking that I had just eaten a pussy that someone else would eat within 24 hours, I was sucking on breasts and holding tits that someone else would be sucking and holding within 24 hours, and I had my cock inside her and another cock would be there. I told her that the bottom line was that I was loaning her pussy, breasts, and body to him for an evening. That really got her soaked.

The date night came and she started getting ready early, he called and said he would be here between 7 and 7:30, and after 8 he showed up. (This is commonly referred to as being on black time if you've not had a lot of real experience in hooking up with black men).

He called when he was in the parking lot. I had to let him in and give him a parking pass for the condo. We went in, He talked for a while,and gave me the test results of his being negative as he had promised.

He complimented my wife, and as she had forgotten her Q and heart anklet chain I had in our toy box a rub on tattoo of the spade with a Q in the center, and I put that on her ankle instead. I kept noticing how that was noticeable and would draw attention to her exceptional long slender legs. I finally told him, "You two have to get going."

And he stood up and he looked at us and said, "Well I need to get a quick shower." My wife had not eaten and it was getting later, and after another half hour he came out dressed in sport jacket, dress shirt with no tie, and slacks. She really needed to eat she told me.

I had planned to set up my light and camera things after they had left and then the plan was for them to join me in a nearby strip club--but as it was late this time they dropped me off at the strip club and then went on.

A cute young stripper came up in the nearly empty strip club, asked if she could join me, and I started awaiting the first text or cell phone photo. The first one came in, they had not gone to dinner, they had gone straight to the club, where they had gotten a table. He had asked her if she wanted to sit at the bar, she didn't. And from the table he talked about dancing but never asked her.

She had 3 Cosmos, and when he went to the restroom I received my second text, saying that nothing had happened, but he was getting touchy feely on her back.
I assumed things were progressing but I much different that we had talked about and she had anticipated, but that is how things often go, so I ordered another beer, drank it, and finally took the stripper back to the private area for a lap dance. I had my hand full of a very nice big natural boob when the phone rang in the middle of the second dance. They were on their way, and I should meet them out front. (So much for them coming in with her on his arm). I think they were both ready to get into the sex at this point despite the so far mild evening.

They picked me up, we drove back to the condo. When we got back in the condo they quickly began kissing, She helped him off with his cloths and sucked his cock, then he had her stand he dropped to her knees and reaching up under her dress pulled her panties down, and then began eating her pussy.

She pulled her dress over her head, and removed it, and then he pulled her over to the bed, kissing on her breasts as he fingered her as he sat on the bed.

He pulled her onto the bed and he fingered her has he ate her pussy, rubbing her g spot and squeezing her breast and pulling on her nipple with his other hand. She was moaning and enjoying every second of it, coming immediately. He moved higher and she spread her legs open for him, and as he got closer, just enough to touch her pussy with the head of his cock, she reached down and drug the head of his cock through her soaked pussy lips, but instead of entering her he asked her to get on top, and she said ok. He rolled to her back, and she followed, sucking his cock a few more times before moving over his bare cock and slowly lowering her body onto him.

She likes bare better than condoms and she moaned a sigh of pleasure as he entered her. The fact he wasn't wearing a condom made it that much hotter for her and she showed it. She rocked back and forth with his cock balls deep inside her while he rubbed her clit with his black hand, standing out in contrast against her white belly. Then as she bucked harder her reached up to cup both her breasts as she road him, and then she wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her back and they two rocked wildly as they fucked each other. Leaning back she put her arms behind her and still fucked him, her eyes rolling back on her head and he held her on his cock with his hands on her thighs, then finally embracing her tightly he came inside her for the first time ever bareback (for him--even though we'd met him four times previously), and for the first time that evening.

They held each other tightly and he got hard again quickly and she went right back to leaning back with her arms supporting her from behind while she rode his cock. He alternated between rubbing her clit, playing with her tits, or pinching her nipples. The only way to describe it was wild fucking, until he came inside her again.

This time she lay back and he ate her come filled pussy for a few licks, fingered her a few strokes and climbed aboard her missionary style, her legs pulled up. He fucked her like this for 10 minutes or so, until he slowed, and as he held his cock inside her she put her legs behind his ass and fucked her body up against him. He eased to her side and she straddled his cock again, riding him to still another orgasm. After more fucking like this she went to her back again and he fucked her missionary style again.

They fucked and sucked for almost 3 1/2 hours, nearly non stop, with hours of moans and her chorus of "YESS" and "fuck me" over and over. Toward the end of the evening he began telling her how he was going to put his black cum inside her white slutty pussy and she got even more turned on to the dirty talk and name calling.

After a while they paused, he went to the restroom, and I slid off my clothes and got on the bed, where she began to suck my cock, her body on her knees, her ass sticking off the edge of the bed. She was in that position when he came back into the room, and without breaking a movement he stepped behind her and slid his cock inside her as she sucked me. He had done a lot of fucking and it slid out, so he began to eat her again and finger fuck her, and finally pulled away and quietly told us good night, that he was through for the evening.

I fucked her now cum filled pussy and added my cum to the load, and she pulled on a black sheer gown and we went to sleep holding each other.

Sleeping with him was out of the question as when we rented the condo we didn't know that the extra room would only have twin beds rather than at least a double.

The next morning I awoke to her standing at the door to our room for a mental image that has stuck in my mind. Here was my wife in a sheer gown, and when I sleepily asked, "Where you going?" She motioned to the other room where he was. She was going to go straight from my bed to his and fuck him this morning.

I lay there for a few minutes awaiting the sound of her getting fucked, but there was only silence. A few moments later she came back into the room. "His door was locked," was all she said as she snuggled against me. We fucked then.

A few minutes later he got up and when she told him that she had been coming in to wake him up he apologized, not realizing that he had locked his door. She simply smiled, took his hand and led him into our bedroom where they began kissing as they stood. They kissed for long minutes and she pulled down his boxers and stripped him naked, and he pulled her gown over her head and she was as naked as he was. She held his cock as they kissed and he played with her breasts.

She sucked his cock and then he turned her around and laid her back on the bed, eating her pussy for a while before moving on the bed. She lay on her side sucking his cock as he sat with his knees flat on the bed as he fingered her pussy, then scooting her around straight on the bed and began eating her pussy, rubbing his thumb over her clit as he did. Then rocking forward on his knees he barely touch her pussy with his bare cock, and then reaching down guided it inside her. They kissed again as he began to fuck her, rocking and grinding hard against her until he started moaning has he came inside her again.

He had to leave then, quickly pulled on his clothes, picked up his overnight bag and told us good bye, thanking her for the good time, leaving her with a last load of cum inside her where I added mine in just a few minutes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ups and Downs In Interracial

For two weeks we didn’t do anything, or even talk about it much.

We had a meeting set up with her 8th guy, Menard, for a repeat, but she had
traveled the night before the planned meeting and came home dog tired and we canceled.

So we emailed Darnell, and she was really looking forward to fucking him, and after a few weeks advance notice on the day before I emailed to confirm a time, and he emailed back that he had to see his accountant, with his travel schedule this was not the time, and perhaps we should reschedule. We checked with the hotel and it was a non-cancelable reservation. (But they did). In the meantime I emailed him and said to not bother, that we were not going to stay in town.

In a later email I suggested that we try to get together in a small town with a
new hotel about an hour’s drive for each of us...and he has not even responded. Anna was afraid I had pissed him off (she loves the way he fucks and that he is uncircumcised) and so she wrote contacted him directly, basically saying she didn’t want to offend him and certainly wanted to get together with him again. He wrote back saying he agreed that the fucking was to good to drop, so another get-together is planned in the future at some undetermined date. The significant thing is that she didn’t want to give him up.

She got down, considers every postponement a roller coaster emotional ride, and she said, “If one other person turns me down I’m quitting this.” I tried to soothe her but nothing worked. I confirmed with our guy at the beach, Devin, and told him that if he got tested she would too and there would be no need for condoms. She had told me in the middle of sex, “That way if I want to go to him in the middle of the night I won’t have to fumble with condoms.” He was going to spend the night in the extra bedroom of the condo.

He was all for that. I emailed him a few days later that she had gone for her
test, and he emailed back, “kool”.

So that was the next Thursday. And a few nights before she came into the room
and told me, Why don’t you email Menard and see if he wants to meet us on Sunday.” I did. And when I told her she just got this far away look in her eye and
said, “It’s been so long.”

I noted the difference this time because she knew we had something set up four
days later. So she was going to get fucked by two different lovers within a five day period. This is uncommon for her.

So we met Menard on Sunday, and he came straight to our hotel room, we talked briefly with him sitting beside her on the sofa, I went to the restroom, came out and they were making out, and broke when i came back. After a while I repeated, and this time they stripped down, and he sucked her nipples, kissed her neck, and she was grunting and moaning in obvious passion and pleasure—stimulated by her time since it had happened. They moved to the bed, he ate her pussy until she orgasmed, and as they shifted she looked over at me—obviously wanting me to hand her a condom, which I did.

He stood up, she got on her knees in front of him and put the condom on him and then sucked him with the condom on before she leaned back on the bed with her legs spread, parting the lips of her pussy with one hand while he crawled on the bed, licking her soaked and glistening pussy before moving between her legs and sliding his cock into her in one thrust. It was nothing exotic, just straight hard pounding fucking, and considering the time since she had done it it was what she wanted and it showed in her moans and her arching her pelvis against him and grinding herself against his cock. With that intensity it couldn’t last long and it didn’t.

After she came again he rolled off her and she moved on top of him, spending a
lot of time with his cock grasped in her hand and rubbing it in and out of her pussy, over her clit, before finally lowering her body onto him and rocking back and forth. This time when she moved off him there was no rubber on his cock. she was starting to put him back inside her and I pointed out the condom was lost—so she stopped, I handed her another rubber, and they finished fucking, cludding for a while before someone mentioned dinner.

We went to dinner at the restaurant beside the hotel, and he sat opposite me in
the booth beside her, and as I watched he held her hand and rubbed the inside of her thigh as we ate, (she was wearing jeans so this wasn’t like an erotic story you’d
read online), but just the same it was obvious to anyone there who she was with.

We went back to the room and it was almost a carbon copy of the earlier fuck,
making out on the couch first, stripping each other, him sucking on her breasts and playing with them a long time (he obviously likes them as much as I do!) And then when he fucked her for a while he pulled out and began hitting her clit with his cock, and she went wild, she loves that, and she got loud and eager then, bucking and writhing beneath him until she stood it as long as she could and reached down and guided him inside her.

With that kind of forward move Menard started pounding her hard again, she was almost ready to come when he was dick-slapping her clit, and she came, but he didn’t slow down, just kept fucking her until she came again, and then he reached his climax.

They lay there and she moved into a 69, and sucked him and he began moaning this time, sucking his cock until he came in her mouth and holding her mouth on his cock until she had swallowed every bit of his come.

Cuddling followed, and she stroked him hard again and he fucked her a third final time in missionary position.

The beach and her next lover were only 4 days away.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bouncing back or not...

Time frame reference:
If you haven't figured it out by now our interracial fun is a small part of a very real life. Which means this is not something we do five nights a week. Considering that we've been posting this blog for less than a year, and in that time we've covered in chronological order over three years of hotwife fun. Which is a roundabout way of saying we will soon be narrating this blog in real time, so do not get discouraged if we go six to eight weeks or more without posting, because it simply means we have our real life get in the way of our playing.

Anna has said she would play once a week or more if she could.

Our most recent activities since March of this year has reached new levels, going outside our normal comfort zones--but you'll see that in the next few posts.

I think the one amazing thing looking back is considering what we have done since we first talked about this in hotwifing is how everything we have done has seemed so natural and evolved so smoothly, even though considering some of the things we've done lately compared with our first few times -- well if you had asked us at that time if we would ever consider some of the things we've done we'd say, "Hell no."

Such is life, I guess we all end up doing things that we never thought we would.

That doesn't mean we've not had our ups and downs with it, and with her considering and taking about quitting after the rejection.

In the few weeks that followed she was down, and stated, "You said we'd stop if I wanted, and I don't care if I ever do it with anyone new again."

So I didn't talk about it, I got the flu, she had to go out of town, and finally we were in the hot tub with drinks, on her birthday, and I told her that her present would be when we go to the beach that I had one of her former lovers and had arranged for her to go on a solo date with him, so he could show her off like she wanted, and be seen in public with a black man.

She was excited, and soaked as I touched her, and we fucked twice before going to sleep. She thanked me as she knew what a concession it was for me to no be there.

When I was online the next day I saw the guy that is going to take her out in a few weeks, told him that I had told her and she was excited about going.

Last night we went to the hot tub and while sitting there she asked me exactly what I had told him. She was concerned that I might have pressured him into taking her out. So when I related the conversation she eased off and said the way I had approached it was fine. She didn't say she didn't want to do it by the way, and she got hot and we talked about hooking up with someone this weekend, and I had arranged for her to get together with a previous lover in a couple of weeks, and she was good with that.

I told her he had bailed for this weekend, and she said we need to find someone. I suggested she go to our swinger site and look for someone.

She got up after I dozed off and was downstairs until 1:30. I knew she was surfing looking for black cock. Over breakfast she said she had emailed a few guys, and I opened up the site and read where she had written a guy and said she wanted to meet him. She's back in the black cock groove.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The End of Sam

The End of Sam.
Sam is the guy who took her black-cherry, and as is often the case went through a period of infatuation with him. All in all we'd and he's fucked her four different times. He spent the night the first night, and was basically her first public date when we went to a strip club earlier this year. Even once we were going through his town and met him for lunch and made plans to get together in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

We were supposed to hook up with Sam on a stated evening, and had arranged it via email and confirmed the week before. That night he dressed up in a hot cowl neck top that dipped almost to her waist, and black pants, and we went to the appointed bar to meet him. At 45 minutes after the time we were supposed to meet (and we do understand "black time") I texted him with a "??" and his response was, "At Pat O's, trying to get away".
We waited long enough for him to walk that distance to our bar, and he didn't show. We went back to the room and it wasted the rest of the night. She really loves fucking him, and was insulted and disappointed.
The next day we are in our favorite bar with friends and he comes in with a mid-thirties brunette, quite obviously the two were together, and that iced it with Deanna.
I saw her Anna's discomfort and texted him, "Just so you know, you really blew it."
He texted back, "Had unexpected woman troubles."
No need to tell him that was the wrong answer. Anna told me in that voice that told me her mind was made up--and wouldn't change, "He's history."

The following night we drank far too much, ended up in a bar with live music. I went to the restroom, and when I came back she was gone. I waited for several minutes and she came over and this much older black guy, a singer with the band, came up and sat down and talked to us for a minute, shaking my hand.
She leaned over in my ear and whispered, "I think I want to fuck him. He's already fingered me." I sat there stunned, and she did go to the restroom this time.
What had happened was she had gone to the back of a the bar and asked for a pack of sugar to get rid of her hiccups, and while there started talking to the singer, who was taken with her (naturally). And since he was dark black that didn't hold her back either.
In the course of her conversation he asked, "Can I touch you?"
She said yes and he slid his hand up her leg, she parted her legs and she had taken off her panty hose earlier in the evening and wasn't wearing panties, so when he hit her bare pussy he put a finger right inside her.
She didn't say how long he did that, but it was in open view of anyone sitting on that side of the bar. She reached over and grabbed his dick and it was rock hard and big.
He went back to the bar, and after she told me that I went to him, told him how we played it, with me there watching, how I was kool with it, and I was an observer not a director, and that I would photo and film.
"Give me five minutes," he said.
Deanna came back to my table, I told her what he said, and we watched him stand up and walk straight out the door, not to return.
All in all it was not a good trip.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Being shown off alone--plans

A Conversation with one of her lovers.

Hub: We still have plans for our beach trip. And something for you to be thinking about...and bear in mind that when it came up Anna was drunk (and naked, and horny, and in the hot tub)

She said that she wanted to be taken out somewhere and "shown off".

Lover: oh, that would be hot!

Hub: Not sure exactly what she had in mind in saying it.Well since I try to do that all the time I don't think it included me lol

Lover: Oh, really? interesting...what do you think she has in mind?

Hub: I am not sure, but from what I gather her wearing something hot and near scandalous, going to a dinner or club, something maybe with dancing and having her limits pushed a bit.

Lover: That certainly sounds doable!

Hub: Hubby's can't do that. We have to live with them all the time.

Lover: I've figured that much out. too true.
What kind of club do you think she'd find stimulating?

Hub: Smooth jazz, or beach music. If it were somewhere that she would get asked to dance or something by some other people too all the better.

She is getting to the point (like all women) that she needs her ego stroked more. She worries about aging a lot.

Nice thing is at the end of the night with her with a good buzz and some attention you're gonna get lucky lol

I've seen her really excited about doing new things, pushing her limits, etc. The benefit if worth the trouble. As I recall you haven't seen her really in that mode yet.

Lover: I look forward to in when we meet in a few weeks.

And you know there is part 2 to this, don't you?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Out in public with her favorite black lover.

We were set to meet Sam, the black man to took her black cherry, and her personal favorite fuck. "No one can fuck me doggy style like he can," she said. He also had the distinction of being the only lover that she sees who she does bareback.

While we were waiting for him to arrive with plans to go out somewhere, I asked her where she might like to go. To my surprise Anna's suggested a strip club.

I texted him - and when he got there we were sitting in the cab at the hotel entrance waiting on him. The cabbie had his wife with him, so with Anna in the middle of the back seat we went to the strip club. She walked in ahead, on his arm, fulfilling part of her wanting to be seen out in public with a black man--especially her favorite black man. We took a seat on a raised area on the left hand side of the room, with a small stage and a brass rail between us and the main seating area.

We ordered food, and watched the girls. I did notice a couple of longer glances than usual by a couple of the white guys sitting behind us on the seats against the wall. Anna was wearing a zip up sweater with no bra, which she had unzipped to just between her breasts. He chair was against Sam's, while I was a couple of chair spaces away at right angles to them. It was obvious to anyone looking that she was there with him and not me.

After we ate we started drinking and both Sam and I took some ones up to the dancers. As the night progressed he started holding Anna's hand, kissing it, a couple of times he kissed her, and at least twice, when I wasn't looking, and slid his hand inside her top to play with her breasts. She later said he got even more forward with the feels when I would leave to go to the restroom.

The last time we were with him her nipples still had the pierced rings in them, so I figure he was checking that out and discovering that she wasn't pierced anymore and seemed to be enjoying it more.

Anna didn't want to leave until I had bought a couple of lap dances, and after I did we waited on the cab, and he had his arm all around her, reaching all the way over to touch the other side of her leg.

When the cab came we went back to the hotel, all of us with a buzz.

I went into the bath room and when I came out he already had her sweater unzipped and was kissing her breasts. He sucked on her breasts, kissed her for long minutes, and eventually she stood up and slid off the sweater and unzipped her pants which was had worn without panties, and pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them, nude.

He unbuttoned his shirt, removed his pants, and his hard on was sticking straight out. She reached for it, slid her hand up and down it and enveloped it with her mouth, sucking him and moaning as she did, leaning over while seated on the couch and sucking him for a very long tie.

He put his hands in her hair and pushed her head down on his cock. Then he turned and sat down on the couch and she straddled over him, reaching down between her legs and sliding his cock into her pussy, bareback. She started riding his cock, and as she fucked him she moaned, "I missed you."

After fucking like that for a while, he stood and she sucked him some more, then he put her face on the back of the couch, her knees on the seat part of the couch and he moved behind and fucked her that way for a while, pulling on her hair as he fucked her.

They changed positions again, this time with her on the couch and her knees up to her shoulders while he was on his knees on the floor fucking her that way. He didn't come, and when they broke this time she led him to the bed, where he fucked her doggy style as he stood on the floor with her on her knees at the edge of the bed.

He flipped her over and moved on his knees between her open inviting legs and rubbed his cock over her pussy guided by his hand before moving forward and into her. He then fucked her missionary until he came inside her.

She went to the restroom, lay with him for a few minutes, cudding, playing with his cock and when Anna felt a little stirring again she sucked him again until he got hard. Sam fucked her again, missionary at first and then rolling her to her belly with her legs together and him on top of her as he fucked her from behind with her laying flat on her belly, his legs on the outside of hers.

Then he rolled her to her back, with her knees up and forgot all about anything except pounding his cock in and out of my wife's wet pussy. He fucked her until he came again, and didn't cuddle long.

He put on his clothes and as Anna lay on the bed, raising up to kiss him bye and him folding her breast a last time, he let himself out the door.

I was on her before he was out of the hotel, adding my load of cum into her already soaked pussy. I'm not into eating cream pies, but sloppy seconds are relatively new to us, and provides a completely different sensation to my fucking her.

We rested for a few minutes and I fucked her again. Then late in the night I woke up rock hard thinking about her come filled pussy and moved her to the side of the bed, stood in the floor and fucked her again.

When I woke up in the morning I lay there a while reliving the night, and again rolled over to her and raised her leg, sliding my cock into her from behind. "That's like pouring salt into an open wound" she said, "I'm raw."

I slid in slowly, "And now?"

"I can stand it."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More talk, less action.

Long story from that conversation in the previous is we got home, went to the hot tub, were very tired, she got pissy,

and we ended up in an argument with no one getting laid.

The next night we were talking, again in the hot tub, trying for a better finish than we did last night.

In the course of it I told her she should be able to tell me she was a slut for black cock when she was sober.

I read aloud a couple of old horny variations letters that we'd used in the past to get her horny-and it worked.

She said that it was her trying to keep up that front of a nice girl Sunday School Teacher. I said that is what she was, but she had that other side that she could open up-and at least she should
be honest with me about it. It should be enlightening. She agreed.

So we came in, watched a video, she got on top of me, and I commented that she had said the night before that she would do 2 guys if I told her I wanted to watch her do it, rather than telling her I wanted her to do it. "Do you know the difference?" she asked, "You asked."

"Ok," I said.

"Then when are we going to do it." I was so shocked I didn't answer. Sounds like it is going to happen at some point though. I knew better than to comment back at that point.

Then as she was sitting on top of me, her pussy still soaked, I asked her, "Is there anything that a black guy has asked you to do that you haven't done?"

She thought. Well Terrill wanted to do my ass, I told you about that. So I did tell him no. But other than that no.

"I think you like being sub to black guys."

"I do."

"But you know that you're not really sub until he shares your pussy with a friend, You know that don't you?"


Her pussy poured, I mean, wet beyond comprehension. "You'd like for a black guy to share you wouldn't you?"

Yessssss," she said as she started fucking on my cock until she came.

Of course that was sex and pillow talk--and no one is held to anything said in that circumstance, are we?

So it is set, she booked the rooms for Sam tomorrow night, and emailed a couple of other past lovers and talked about a time to meet them, and as a surprise she said she wanted to give Kevin
one more chance - to email him and tell him if he could let us know by Monday that he could be with us on Monday he'd get to fuck her again. Of course he blew it, and the other guys she had emailed were unavailable.

But Sam was in.

Monday, April 27, 2009

More plans

A few Days later

The scenario I described weighed on my mind-and so I contacted Nat about taking her out on a date.

I got this idea of him after I discovered at one of the video posting sites an interracial video of he and another guy fucking this skinny blond. And he was role playing with them. Of course I surprised my wife and had her watch the video with me. Before his face came into view I asked her if she recognized the guy. She didn't until she saw his cock.

I suggested an 80's club or beach music club to him with a lot of slow dancing. He said he didn't know of any. So I suggested a nice place for dinner, left the club out and the more I thought about it the more I thought about given her track record why would I put her in that position-and the bottom line was also that I had been left out. So I contacted Nat and said a change of plans, that I would be going along-and he said that would be awkward and wanted me to tell him how that would work. It so pissed me off that I told him that something had come up and I would let him know when we could play again.

And the day following:

This is not the first time her cheating has bubbled over and screwed up my emotions and generally the rest of an evening as well, but last night I really got serious and asked her, "When does it get to be my turn?"
That evolved into a discussion of how far she could push me, and why she had fucked someone behind my back (she didn't know for sure but part of it was wanting to, curiosity, and finding some way to be pissed at me.) I was drunk enough to accuse her of taking her piercings out intentionally-and she did admit that she did it to make it up to me, and said I had wanted her to to hurt her (which was wrong), and then she said that she had been mad about it-so I went back at her with then she had not really given me any gift or make-up because she had done it begrudgingly.

So after more discussion she said well, for instance, her doing two black guys. If I told her that I wanted to watch her do two black guys-and asked her to do it she would do it. If I told her I wanted her to do two black guys-then she wouldn't. A nuance, but nuance enough. It was all about asking.

She had asked me to hook her up with Sam and Darnell again, so I emailed Darnell through the online swinger hook up site we belong to, and set it up for next Thursday. Then she surprise me and told me to see if Sam was available for this weekend-so I did, and he emailed back immediately saying that anytime, anywhere. (I guess the stopping to meet him for lunch fired up his desire for my wife's pussy).

This time she wants him to take a Viagra before we start anything, and also told me she wants to go to a strip club. Sounds like a fun evening, and since he's spent the night once before I won't be surprised if she wants to do that again. Something about her liking to be fucked in the mornings. The thing I do like about her fucking him is that he doesn't mind me joining in and us double teaming her. We have 2 of the 3 times we've been with him. This will also equal the most times she's been with any single person.

But this is her only always bareback guy. No need to stress rubbers when he will fight tooth and nail not to use one. Guess I'd better get use to sloppy seconds on this one.

We were driving and she asked me, "Did you hear from Sam?"

"Why?" I asked.

"You know why."

"Say it."

"I want to meet him?"



"You're gonna make me say it aren't you?"

Yes I am."

"I want to fuck him. I want to feel his black cock going inside me."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Being Shown Off fantasy

Got an email from Sam yesterday, first time in several months. I think she is still planning on fucking him at some point-but didn't like being the pursurer. (his attitude is a turn off for her). She said at Mardi Gras it would be pretty good.

September, days later

So we went to a nice dinner, she had three glasses of wine, we came home, went to the hot tub with drinks, naked, and came back inside. She was wandering mentally and I asked her what was the most erotic thing she had ever done-and she replayed the meeting with Sam and her first black fuck. "It was everything I fantasized about and more," she said. She also said she wanted to fuck him again-and for some reason I got an email from him the other day saying we need to get together again. (As I wrote this it hit me, I wonder if those two things are related?)

Anyway, back in the room we started talking and what she said was that she would like to go somewhere with a black guy when it was obvious that she was his date. We talked about going to an outdoor concert, and I would sit on the side of the guy so it would be real clear. "You'd have to dress really slutty, just so everyone would know." She nodded.

And then I threw it that it would be hot to go into a club or restaruant with a black guy and I would hang around outside and come in a while later, so it would be obvious that she was with him. She really started getting soaked talking about it. Then with me inside her I told her to describe it to me, and she took it further.

I mentioned that she could go to a swing club/meet-greet dance place, she could go in, dance with him, and let him introduce him to his friends and have her dance with them too, and let them feel her up if they wanted. She got very turned on and as I had her describe it she did an oral fantasy of them guys taking her into a back room and fucking her one after the other.

I ordered a rub on tattoo of the Q of Spades tattoo, put it on her and we did the role playing again, with this time her in a low cut dress with it visible.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Odds Turn

Well we knew it had to happen sooner or later. She has been with 9 different partners since she started hotwifing-so percentage-wise it was probably our time for what happened last night.

The guy had emailed through our profile on a swinger site that succinctly details what we like and what we look for, and that I love doing photos while she played, and we specifically said that it gives me something to do while she is playing.

He hit the criteria: professional, well built, looking for playing without attachments, black, articulate. Non-smoker (though he said he was ok with the 420 crowd). One of the things that fit with our desire for discretion was he had no face photos of any ladies he was with shown on his profile.

She took a look at his profile and said that he was acceptable, so I emailed back, asked for a number, and she gave him a call, talking to him for about a half-hour. During the call he told her he had a concern about photos, and she reassured him that it was for our personal enjoyment only, that no one would see them, and that we had one regular fuck-buddy who had those concerns initially and he discovered that what we said was true. We also pointed out that there were no face photos on our public profile.

He told her that it was ok then, but that it was a trust issue, if he trusted us, he wanted us to trust him. I wasn't sure what he meant by that at the time.

We met at a restaurant beside a hotel in which we had rented a room for the night, with 7:30 set for the meeting. As we walked into the restaurant my wife mentioned, "I should have asked for a full face shot, because I'm not sure exactly what he looks like. The only photo on his profile showed the bottom half of his face." She has started taking a more active role in searching the sites, reviewing the emails, answering them, and handling most of the latter stages of when we meet someone.

We usually eat around 6:30 and there had been no mention of having a meal, so we ordered, and he called at 7:15, telling us he was a half-hour out, and that he had not eaten. We told him we had a menu there for him and he could eat while we chatted and got to know each other.

He arrived a half hour later, 15 minutes later than original discussed, and talked to me for 15 minutes without hardly noticing my wife who he had sat down beside. He finally asked if we were boring her, and he said a few things to her and I excused myself to go to the restroom to give them a chance to get to know each other a little. When I came out we sat there while he finished eating and then listened to a long rambling story bout his escapades at Hedo, where we had been one time. He asked us nothing about ourselves, and added several other stories-non-stop.

He mentioned he has been up since 5:30 and had flown in from a Northern city earlier in the day, getting in around lunch time.

When my wife excused herself to go to the ladies room, I remembered her saying he had hesitated when she mentioned I'm there doing photos and video, so just to be in the safe side I mentioned again that I like to video and take photos but they are for our own enjoyment and that no one will ever see them.

"No problem" he said, "but trust is a two way street, if I trust you then you should trust me." I agreed, telling him that I would be glad to give him photos and video clips as long as they were not put on any websites.

He said that he didn't want his face in photos, and I told him that the focus of my photos is not his face-but my wife, and that if his face was in a photo it was by accident but in that event it still would not matter because no one will ever see the photos except him.

My wife returned to the table and asked, "Ready to go?"

"Where are we going?" he asked, and she told him to our hotel room for more drinks. We went into the room and he sat down on a loveseat with my wife beside him, I sat at the desk area with the chair swiveled around facing them.

He proceeded to spend the next two hours in rapid narrations of his escapades. In detail one described his experience with a dominating woman and a cuckold submissive (and humiliated) husband, and how she would interrupt her lovemaking with him to criticize her husband and tell her husband how he should take lessons on how to fuck. He said he had met with them a second time, only this time the wife would not let the husband in the room, making him stay in another part of the house and the two of them texting back and forth, with her texting her husband while our narrator continued pumping her. I noticed that he got a visible hard on as he told this. His story had gone on so long that I was bursting to pee, and when I got up to go at the end of the story he immediately started into another story. When I got up I commented, "Well that sure wouldn't work with us."

My wife laughed with me, adding, "No it wouldn't".

His second story involved the wife of a couple in the South that he plays regularly when he is in their town. He enjoyed telling us that her husband was going out of town and had invited him to take her out to dinner and play in his absence, which they had done.

He went on to say that he had come home earlier that day from a trip in a Northern city where he had been meeting a different couple, and while there he was also texting the Southern wife, and in the course of their texting he invited her to come North an join him for the weekend, after checking with the Northern wife and asking if she'd object-with the idea (and plan) of sharing the Southern wife with the Northern husband. The husband was the last one he had asked if that sounded ok with him.

Bear in mind that as he is describing this, he was sitting on a loveseat beside my wife, talking about how on the previous three nights he has been with both these women, even describing how the husband and the Southern wife did not end up doing the deed, but at one point he doing one wife and feeling up the other, and pushing the husband's head toward the Southern wife encouraging him to get in the game. He said he had done this without breaking stride.

We talked briefly about our desire discretion on our end and how we did not give anyone photos showing her face. At the two hour mark (roughly 11 p.m.) He complained about the cold room and I told him once I turn the video light (an old tungsten light from my photography days) that it will heat the room up pretty quick, which was why we had it cold to start with.

My wife was wearing a low cut top with string straps, and I had been waiting for that strap to slide down her arm and it had not, but was enticing me from where I was sitting, and he didn't seem to notice. and I thought it is time to get things rolling or he was going to sit there and talk all night, so I leaned over and started slide the strap over her shoulder and down her arm, saying that the strap had been tantalizing me for the last hour. He stopped me. "That's my job tonight," he laughed, and slid the straps down off both her shoulder, exposing her breasts and leaned over and began kissing her nipples.

She stood up and they kissed more, taking each other's clothes off as they did, and I turned on the camera and shot four or five photos. He turned his back to me, and in doing so blocked the view of their touching (which I like to get into photos), so I stepped to the right and he moved to the right. I move to the other side and he says, "Remember no face". I thought we had covered that in detail prior to this, but I did try to shoot lower per his request. He moved his face to the other side of my wife's and I took some more photos. She dropped to her knees and sucked him hard, and he nudged her up. She walked to the bed and climbed on.

He followed, reaching into the pants he'd taken off and pulling out three Trojan Magnum's, opening one, laying the two unopened ones on the nightstand, and with no fingering, no oral sex, or anything else further in foreplay crawled between my wife's legs and pushed his cock inside her. I turned on the video light, closed the curtains to the hotel room, and turned on the video camera, one on a tripod and the other I set on the other nightstand, and began snapping photos, all almost a routine that I have done with every time my wife has played. As I move toward the top of the bed, the guy's lips were by my wife's ear whispering as he guy fucked her. She opened her eyes to lock with mine, waved me away, pointing at the tripod. "Move that back," she said. So I did.

She has said many times that once the sex starts she never knows I'm in the room, so for her to not like where I had a camera was strange. He didn't slow down in fucking her, and she started to moan.

I moved to the other side to snap a photo and she now looked up and pointed to the camera on the nightstand. "Take that one away." Which I did, but wondering where this was coming from.

As I moved the camera she said, "Do we need the lights?"

"What's going on here?" I ask. "You know we need the lights". (I have low end camcorders so they require lights to have decent video.)

"The lights and cameras are distracting him," my wife says. He stopped fucking.

"You keep trying to take photos of my face," he accused is a sharp voice.

This hit me the wrong way and I got pissed quick, but gave it a 10 count and sat down in the easy chair in the corner. After a moment in a tone expressing my displeasure with the comment, "Well we talked about this and everyone knew in advance how we do it."

Still with his cock inside my wife the guy pops off in the same tone of voice, "I just can't perform with the lights, I thought I could but I can't. " He pulled out, and rolled to his side, looking at me.

"What is it that I misrepresented about how we play?" I asked.

"Nothing, but if I am going to perform, well I...." He stood up as he said it, stripped off the condom and laid it on the nightstand. I looked over at my wife, trying to read her face, but it was not one of pleading.

"We told you we took photos and video." My wife nodded to me.

"Well," he stammered, "I think, I..., it's probably be best if I just go. I can't do this with the cameras." He reached to the floor and started stepping into his pants. Buckling them he added, "I'm sorry I took up your time." If he was expecting us to say anything along the lines of giving in to his requests about the cameras, he was wrong. He was greeted only with silence. My wife's expression turned to one of puzzlement now.

He pulled on his shirt, and I asked again, "You knew how we played."

"I thought I could handle it," he said, "I can't." By this time he was dressed, he picked up the two remaining condoms, and the one he'd pulled off his cock, "Where you want me to put..." My wife pointed to the trashcan. "Sorry I took up your time" he said. Without a word or gesture to my wife, not a good bye, not a "wish this would have worked different", or anything he turned and walked out the door. I locked it behind him.

I looked back at my wife. "You ok?" I asked.

"That was weird," she said flatly. I wanted to clear the air about one thing.

"You blame me for this?" I asked.

"No," she said, then adding, "Do we have to have two cameras?"

"I knew that was coming, Yes," I responded. "You blaming me for any of this?" I anticipated that she would say that if I didn't have to have the cameras that the evening would have gone better.

"No, you did nothing wrong-he was just strange".

At this point she said it was a rejection of her (she'd gained about 10 pounds since the photos on her profile, which no one really notices but her. She was especially put off by the lack of touching and foreplay-and we tried to analyze what had really transpired. It didn't seem that he freaked simply over the photo lights. I didn't know exactly what happened myself-still in shock over it.

If he wasn't ok with the appearance of my wife, he had ample time at the restaurant to have bailed. When we left the restaurant my wife and I walked back to the hotel and he drove, so he could have easily pulled out on the street and left. We waited for him at the entrance to the hotel, and he could have told us good night, the vibe wasn't right and left then. He didn't. We got into the room and before everyone started taking off their clothes he could have left, he didn't.

This was a man who bragged about fucking a woman while she is shouting humiliating commands to her husband and with us he is distracted by a video camera? A man who can fuck a woman while she is texting her husband elsewhere in the house what her black lover is doing to her can't "perform" (his word) with lights on? A man who can fuck one woman, feel up another, while directing husband of the woman he's inside on what he should be doing to the second woman-this man gets distracted by the clicks of a digital camera?

If he was tired from the trip and being up all day he could have easily bailed when we had talked on the phone at 1 and a 5 p.m. earlier in the day.

Instead he waits until he gets his cock in my wife, in mid-fuck and then says "I can't handle it."

I can't imagine the cameras being the problem-that there was something else going on-but I'll be damned if I can figure it out.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Her 8th Black Lover

We met what would be her 8th black lover in a Holiday Inn bar. He had sent an email from a swinger site, she liked his approach, and the fact he was in a town at which we vacation sometimes and she said she'd like to have someone to play with there.

We approached him in the bar, He introduced himself as Mel, only he and the bartender were there, and he smiled. He had big wide spaced front teeth, and forgive me but I thought she would bail right then. He was good looking enough until he smiled, but Anna, being the nice person not wanting to offend smiled back, ordered a drink, and we moved to a table in the empty bar where the conversation went around to lifestyle stuff, "How long you been doing it? "How'd you get started."

At one point we were talking about photos and I showed him the one of Anna I carry in my wallet and he nearly blew it, "How long ago was that taken?" This is not the thing you say to a woman in her 40's. Anna jerked back like she'd been hit-it hurt. But it didn't register on him and I told her he didn't mean it in that way and he finally picked up on it and agreed. So we talked more and he said no one carries hot photos of their wives in their wallets but on their cell phone-and so I relented, showed him a topless shot of Anna I have on mine. And Anna blurted out, "I was probably on top of one right then."

She wasn't , but she had just been fucked by her big dicked friend so I guess that was close enough.

The conversation went through three drinks before he went to the rest room. "You want to bail?, " I asked.

"No, he's all right," she answered back. When he came back from the rest room I had complained about the watered down drinks, Jack for me, and she asked if I wanted another. I have the unwatered version in the room" I said.

"You ready to go to the room?" She asked. I nodded. "Let's go." And we went, he went to the car for his liquor, asked the room number and when we went to the room Anna said, "He may not come back."

"He'll come back" I said. At that moment he knocked on the door.

They started kissing, he felt her up outside her low cowl neck top that she'd worn a sweater over in the bar, and they kissed. At that point as usual I faded into the background and he laid her back, ate her pussy, she sucked his cock, and without taking the top off, which had slid to the side tantalizing exposing a hard nipple, he climbed between her legs and fucked her. He was probably the smallest cock she's had so far, but he made up for it in enthusiasm and ability to recover quickly. He pull out, take off the rubber, she'd suck his cock and they'd fuck again, missionary three times, her on top twice. Had to admire his recovery time.

The second fuck he was making out with her, he was on top, she was holding his cock, and he tried to slide it in without a condom, and she moved him away from her opening. I saw what was happening and butted in, "Condom"--and he said, "I don't want to but I will if I have to." So he did, and we had no problem with that the rest of the evening"

As they lay there recovering and cuddling after what was I think their fourth or fifth fuck (no kidding)--I handed him a marker with the request to sign his work, and he wrote his name, and I told him others had said "their name and 'was here", so he did, drawing a triangle on her from her pussy to each nipple. "I was here, and here, and here" he said as he drew it.

It revived him again, and she got on top-I'd had a lot to drink and since she was already marked on with the marker I wrote "Loves BBC" on the flat of her ass, which was soon bouncing up and down on his cock. He was bucking his body up underneath her, bouncing her into the air on his cock, and the gravity would slid her back down on it, she was loving it. She was on top, fucking, without her moving.

It took a lot of strength to be able to do that as long as he did. Finally he finished for the evening, said his good byes, and left.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Slow, but some promising preliminaries

We've had little luck hooking up, had to go out of town for a couple of weeks, had conflicts with a couple of her guys, although she definitely wants a repeat with Dr. BBC.

She said she loves playing with his uncircumcised cock, playing with his foreskin, "There's so much you can do with it," she commented, laughing.

Meanwhile we received an interesting email in which a guy with a voyeur fetish wants to watch Anna with Nat He wants his wife to go black, but she hasn't got to that point yet (they're younger and have kids at home), so he's offered to buy the room, meal, drinks, if we will let him watch. When I first mentioned it to Anna she was very turned on, and when I re-mentioned it she was all for it.

Of course I don't think anyone reading this so far expects anything less than her inviting him to fuck her as well once she gets going-but we'll see about that, I'm not pushing it, suggesting it, or resisting it, I'm just playing it by ear. I wouldn't have any objection personally, but I've not been asked either. I did email him back and suggested how we play it. My overeager imagination has already run though the possibility's of renting a limo already. I can't imagine her not blowing Nat in the limo.

New Player

She checked on the swingers site with our ad and mentioned that two of the guys were promising, meaning that they were in the right age bracket, mentioned in their profile about discretion, no drama, and enjoying couples. And the guys are black of course.

So with drinks in us she decided to call a couple of them, and short version we're looking at one hook up Thursday or so, and another Sunday. Should be interesting. She is now more interested in variety and reveling in how each lover is a little different.


We got drunk and fucked and with a marker I wrote Slut for black Dick, with "black" on one boob, "Dick" on the other, and underneath "Loves BBC". I'm getting carried away with this marker stuff.

Made my second trip for rubbers today, just in case, come to find out I still had plenty in the zip up bank bag, but on at least eight different fucks I have handed one of her black lovers either a Trojan Magnum or Magnum XL. Reason I know is I bought a dozen of each and that's the count.

She's gotten more aggressive in her answering mail on the swinger site, and is really hot for this guy in the town a little north of us. She says "I have a good feeling about him." For sure I can tell the excitement. Tonight I'm charging batteries on all the cameras and getting everything ready, bought some more blank tape. Our daughter may come home which may screw up Sunday afternoon (at least for fucking).

She also ordered a Q for her Queen of spades ankle bracelet. I think it is sinking home to her that she can fuck everyone she wants, and I can definitely see something coming in that vein.

Guess we'll see.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Lover

We met the latest guy in the bar, a guy she had contacted while surfing profiles on the swinger site we're members of, and he got her attention when he said he loves women who squirt. After a few emails and a long call, we decided to meet in his nearby town.
I went ahead and met him in the bar while she got ready, and damn what an entrance when she came it. It was a very hot, low cut dress that showed more breast than I've ever seen her just walk out in public. I had a hard on if it had been a restaurant with just the two of us.

We talked for about three drinks and went upstairs and she sat on this small ottoman on rollers, he sat in one chair, I in the other, and they started talking some more, I got up to go to the restroom and when I came back they were locked in a kiss. He scooted her back until the ottoman rolled back against the bed, and with the bed just a bit higher she was on a more or less incline. They kissed some more, he pulled a breast out of the lowcut top and began to suck on her nipple, then the other, with his left hand playing with the breast he had just been kissing, then he kissed her lips again and leaned her back on the bed, his hands at the strings straps of her top which he now slid down off her shoulders until her recently sucked on nipples were still standing up rigid.

He flipped up her skirt, and slid her panties down offer her hips while she lay back on the bed with a soft smile on her face. With her panties down she spread her legs, open and wide, and he took the invitation to start kissing her bare shaved pussy. He ate her pussy until she came a couple of times, and then he stood up and she sat up.

He unbuttoned his pants, let them fall, no underwear, and he had hanging down what had to be a 10-12" long cock, but the other things was it was a thick as my arm, and uncircumcised. This was the first uncircumcised cock she'd ever sucked, and she went right to it and devoured him for long minutes. Finally she stood up, pulled her dress over her head, and naked crawled onto the bed, rolled onto her back while he reached into his pants pocket for a Magnum XL condom, which he put on and crawled between her legs. She reached for it, rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and guided him inside her, gasping as he slid in inside her rather quickly, and he began pounding, and I do mean pounding, all the way inside her. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and kept on.

I moved around to the other side and by then she was squirting. He had marked on his profile that he loved women that squirted. "You been holding out on me," he laughed.

"Well that was my surprise," she said.

He kept fucking her, stopped for a while and ate her pussy, fingered her until she squirted again, fucked her some more and they took a break. He went back to the chair, and she sat on the end of the bad, both nude, talking, including me in the conversation, and after a few minutes she was back on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock, and he fingered her until she squirted for minutes, I mean minutes, then he put her back on the bed and fucked her again.

Next break they were talking for a while, then she started sucking him, and he put her back on the bed and when he climbed on this time, a rubber in his hand, I handed him a marker and asked him to sign his work. He asked what, and wrote on the side of her leg, "Property of Dr. BBC", and she sat up and sucked him and she stretched the rubber over his hard cock, then straddled him and fucked him until she squited and came again.

He sat back down in the chair and she got down on her knees in front of him and started sucking him, Deep throating him which turned him on even more. I still had the marker in my hand, and her ass was to me, and I leaned over and wrote "Loves BBC" on the flat of her butt, where most girls get backstrap tattooes. He slid down, put a rubber on, and she straddled him as he sat in the chair, climbed on his hard cock and began fucking him again, again fucking him hard, all the way inside, until she came again. She climbed off, he removed the rubber, and they hugged, her on her knees on the floor, he still sitting in the chair. She started sucking him again, he looked over at me and I handed him an extra rubber. (He had only brought 3) As she kept sucking him I took the marker and wrote in the middle of her back "Slut for BBC" and she never slowed down. This time he put her on her hands and knees and fucked her doggie style, and she had a great buzz going by then.

"Oh yess," she said as he fucked her, and he was shaking the whole bed with their fucking. "I love it," she moaned.

"What do you love?" I said.

"I love that big black cock inside my pussy," and both of them started pouring it on harder.

This was about all I could take so while he fucked her from behind I stripped off my clothes and climbed on the bed and lay down in front of her, and she started sucking my cock, and she finished up that way.

After that, considering he had fucked her twice more after he said he had to go, he actually left this time, this was when the hooker fantasy became a bump.

He offered to take care of half the room or even pay for the room and I said instead "Pay her", which really pissed her off and she refused to take the money, and I said well it was always a fantasy of yours, and she said, not it was my fantasy, so he didn't pay part of the room and I thought it ended, but that is when she said it was enough, that I was "Pimping her out".

Now this is the same woman who always wants me to arrange things for the most part.

Don't know what happened but after last night with a new guy. She has decided she doesn't want to do it anymore. No particular reason, but she says "I've done it."

The next day she said she didn't want to do it anymore. And since I respect her right to stop it if she wants I guess we've stopped. (but if she wants to play again that is her option). Of course we all know that she wasn't serious, just having doubts.

When we talked about it on the way home I told her I had never understood the phrase about a man taking a women, but he had took her, or ravished her that night. It was amazing how intense, and long he fucked her. I added, "Last night you were FUCKED, in capital letters." She just smiled that half-smile to herself that I now call her "black cock smile".

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Guy

New Guy

We were drinking one night and she was surfing the website with our ad on it and emailed a couple of guys that caught her attention. One she has really been wanting to hook up with (she keeps mentioning him and she is really in anticipation because he had in is profile that squirters were preferred) can't meet because of his job and will not be near us for the next couple of weeks.

So I told her that morning that I was too busy to arrange anything but she needed to email someone and if she wanted to hook up with anyone we'd played with before, that she should email someone. I checked and she did.I always think it is more interesting when she initiates a meeting with a guy. I mean think about it, you're a guy and this girl you've fucked already emails you and asks what does your schedule look like? Something very erotic and slutty about a woman doing that, because a lot of the coy small talk goes by the wayside. What she is saying is I want some black cock-and there is no equivocation on it, she has said it and he's heard it-and most importantly she's admitted it to herself.

We're in a slump, she had wanted to meet one guy, and he didn't respond promptly, then another guy she's been looking forward to meeting calls, and she doesn't answer it. Then the first guy contacts and tells us he can't meet. She calls the other guy back, and he has arrangements to meet another couple. I cancel the hotel room. It is a non-black-dick-day for her.

We were talking about a friend who had started dating again after the loss of his wife, and we speculated that she had told him to start dating soon. So that night we're drinking and she asks if there are any special instructions if something happened to me. "Just don't embarrass the family" I said.

"It's my life", she responded. "And if something happens to you I will be dating only black guys, and may end up with one."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No sex - but a lot of mental self-examination

No Gang Bang.

Since our last post She has gone to great lengths to emphasize that she will NOT do a gang bang, and by that

definition that is three guys, even if two of the guys are black and me. She says she won't do that. I asked her what

about two guys and me one after the other. She says no. But she also says that my doing her after they is ok.

Interesting to see how that ends up working out and what she will want to do with two black cocks in her at once.

Of course this is totally opposite what she had been saying at various times in the past--but regardless it is her

option to change her mind, she is a woman after all.

Late May

We had met a woman a couple of years earlier at Mardi Gras who we discovered had a nude site, and later found out that she was doing amateur porn, with black guys. When we began renting interracial vids she asked me, "Why don't you find some with Connie?" It wasn't until I went to a free interracial posting site on the web that I found a couple that someone had uploaded of Connie getting fucked by a well built black guy.

She was excited to watch them after I told her I had downloaded them, so we cut back early on the evening in the hot tub, and naked, on the couch, we watched them.

I asked her what she thought after all this time, in a serious vein, about her doing black guys.

She said that it was better than she every imagined, that they tried harder she felt because it was like they

wanted to prove something by fucking her well in front of her husband. "I love it," she said, "I really do."

And she loves the taboo of it. She said she enjoyed having her "slut for BC" collar put on her by a black man

- "it made it official," she said.

I asked her if she thought she was more submissive to black men, and she said she was submissive sexually period, but more so with black guys as they were more assertive-and there to fuck.

Later in the month, we were at a trade show, and out of the blue she says "I walked by this booth with this hot

looking black guy, and I swear I started getting wet."

So while she may not be getting much black cock at the moment she is thinking about it.