Saturday, August 30, 2008

After the Second time

Of course we talked about it, and Anna was somewhat distressed when I told her that I didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t continued to play with Sam, but I didn’t think it was safe to be exclusive with him. She disagreed, said she didn’t want to do a lot of different guys, and finally said, “If that is what you need you find somebody for me to fuck and I’ll fuck them.” I knew that was a challenge rather than a request so I let it slide.

A few days later, in the pool, drinking, and talking, she asked, “Would you mind if he came here?”
“To our house?” I answered. She nodded. I said I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but then I said it was simply too risky—to him (his sister-in-law lives nearby and his wife would be there while he came over to fuck my wife), and to us, should family drop by unexpectedly. So we decided no.

I ran an ad again, toldher, and she said, “Well the next guy doesn’t have to be black.”

Two night later, she said, as we talked about what it was that had been exciting to her about her black guy, she said. “Yes, it was because he was black. There, I’ve said it. I love fucking black men.” I smiled as if she had told me something I didn’t know.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Second Time--Same Guy

The second meeting with Sam was six weeks after the first time. After that first night it was like a special secret we shared, we could be in public, look at each other, smile, and we'd both know what we were thinking.

Although the first time jitters were now gone, we knew would be more complicated. We were out of town with friends, he was in the same town, with some of his friends, and despite being there for the weekend we didn’t plan to get together until the last night, although we figured we would bump into each other at some point.

We were moving between bars with our friends when I went on the upstairs deck of one bar, and saw Sam sitting there talking to another couple. I went back in to Anna. “You have a friend on the deck,” I said.

I watched her face as she ran through a dozen different emotions. We had talked over and over about being discreet without being obvious—to ourselves and to our friends, so he rose when he saw me extended his hand and we talked like old friends. I guess we were friends. It’s hard not to be when you’re both fucking the same woman.

We introduced him to our friends, he went with us to a couple of bars, circulating, not being to obvious, and I reconfirmed that we were still on for the next night.

On the last night Anna started getting ready early, going to great pains to wash her hair, apply her makeup and put on one of her sexiest gowns, one with sheer lace panels over her breasts that was cut in a way that pulled your eyes to her breasts and the inviting nipples underneath. She pulled a silk housecoat over that to not be so brazen.

She began being anxious about 10 minutes before he called, more than just anticipation but wanting it to happen and afraid it might now. She said she was sleepy, and if he didn’t call soon she would just tell him not to come, and as she said that the phone rang.

I went to the hotel entrance to guide him to our room, and when I re-entered the room I found a very alert and awake woman who greeted him with a smile and a long French kiss.

Sam sat down on the couch, with Anna beside him but not too close, while I sat on a bar stool in the small suite. I poured everyone a drink, wine for them, Jack for me, and we made small talk, what we’d done over the past few days, restaurants, bars, and then the conversation just hung there. It was like we knew what everyone wanted to happen but we were all unsure how it should proceed. He took her hand and held it, pulling her closer to him, and I excused myself and left the sitting area to move into the bedroom to see if my leaving might make things a bit easier. I washed my hands, changed into sweats, double checked my camera, make sure the room was neat, and went back in. It looked like they hadn’t moved—although in the video I had left running on the bar I saw that they had both watched me leave and then began kissing for long kiss, breaking it before I came back into the room.

As the drinks warmed us he moved his left hand around her waist, and rubbed his right hand over the outside of her breasts, rubbing her hair, and dropped his hand to the opening of her housecoat and slide his hand inside to caress her breast. She titled her head back and said softly, “That feels nice.” He continued, playing with her breast, first one, then the other, then opening her housecoat, taking minutes to do each, and finally untying her gown, pulling each breast out. She would look down at his hands touching her, and at times lay her head back and enjoy his caresses. With her breasts out and his hands on them she turned to kissing him again, and he kept caressing her breasts.

He scooted her up, shifted, and lowered his lips to her breast, licking it, circling it with his tongue, rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth over it as he cupped her breast in from the side between his thumb and forefinger of his huge hands. He sucked on her nipple and it stood up hard and deep red, glistening from his saliva, as he moved to her other breast and did the same thing, As they continued kissing he lowered his hand between her legs, pulling one leg over his to open her panty covered pussy to his touch.

He was rubbing her pussy through her panties, kissing her, then lowering his head to suck on her breast some more, back and forth. After a while of this he took her hand and they both stood, taking her drink from her hand and setting it on the counter, pulling her into his arms as he kissed her and she went willingly.

He stripped off her housecoat, she shrugged her shoulders and let it fall and she removed his shirt. He unbuckle his belt and pulled it from the belt loops, laying it on the couch and as they kissed she began unbuttoning his pants, pulling them down, looking at his hard cock, and diving her hand inside his brief to hold his cock with one hand while they kissed again.

She dropped to her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth as he bunched up her hair and held her head with her hair on top of her head as he stared down at this beautiful white woman eagerly sucking his cock, holding it with one hand, her other hand cupping his balls. He turned to sit back down on the couch, nude, and still in her gown she knelt between his legs and continued sucking on his hard black cock. She rose up a little and rubbed his cock over her breasts and then returned to sucking him.

He pulled her up to kiss him, and as he did he gathered her gown in his hands, pulling it up over her ass and then over her head, pulling her to him putting her creamy white body against his black flesh, such a noticeable contrast, his hands squeezing her ass through her panties. She lowered her mouth to his cock again, pumping his cock with her hand, rubbing his cock around in her mouth, and she was sucking his nipples at times. Sam stood and she rose with him, stripping off her panties, his cock sticking straight out now, pressed between their bodies as they kissed, and she asked him, “Ready to go to the bedroom?”

“You lead the way,” he said, and she turned, her hand still on his cock, leading him for a step while still holding his cock before she released it.

He stood while she sat on the bed and he continued to fuck her mouth, until he leaned her back on the bed, climbing onto the bed on his knees and moving toward her. She opened her legs for him and there was that freeze-frame moment of this spread open white woman, watching this large erect black man easing forward on his knees, holding his hard cock in his hand and leaning over to that first touch of flesh against flesh, the tip of his cock brushing her swollen pussy lips, lightly brushing the head of it over her bare shaved pussy. He wasn't wearing a condom, which was not even discussed after he had fucked her bareback several times during our evening a few weeks earlier.

Using his cock head he moved it up and down, parting her pussy lips, and Anna watched as he guided his cock to her pussy. He was close, rubbing the head of it over her clit and down lower, between her pussy lips, close enough that he didn’t need to slide it in, when his cock reached her pussy it popped partially inside. He moved his hand away, remaining half way inside her, then placing his hands to her knees he started to slide his bare cock into my wife. As he went in Deeper she rocked back, opening her legs wider to him, taking him all the way inside her, her expression glazing over and she gave herself over to the passion and lust of fucking.

Once all the way inside he put his hands on her ankles and held her legs wide apart as he began pumping in hard strokes, pulling his cock all the way out at times before plunging it hard into her, all the way to the balls on each stroke. She moved her arms to his shoulders and he kissed her and they continued fucking, each stroke eliciting a soft whimper that turned into a grunt.

He fucked her for a while like this and then pulled his cock out of her, and rolled her over as he had done the first time, putting her ankles between his knees, her head down, and started to fuck her from behind, his hands on top of her hips and pulling her body back to meet his pumping cock, their bodies making a soft slap of flesh against flesh as they collided. He started getting fast and she got louder, more urgent, and he asked her, “You like this?”
“I love this,” she gasped back as he continued fucking. She had her face flat on the bed with her arms stretched in front of her, letting him fuck her at his own pace, as he wanted. He slowed, pulled out, his cock black and glistening with her juices, rolled her to her back, her legs under his shoulder, and rolled forward.

He guided his cock into her pussy again and began fucking her hard, his hands under her pulled up knees and arms, kissing her, shifting, and she wrapped her legs around him, her arm reaching to hold his ass as he pumped in and out of her, her other arm holding on as he fucked her, rocking the entire bed, their gasps loud and urgent. She got close to cumming and he told her to cum for him to let it go. She was trying hard not to squirt, but she could control it and squirted as she came. He kept fucking her and from the sounds I could tell she was in the middle of a second one.

He moved her hands over her head, locking them with his, holding them between his fingers not allowing her to move as he pounded his cock in and out of her. Kissing her, fucking her, her breasts bouncing wildly with his pounding fuck. He must have fucked her hard like this for 15 minutes. He got closer and asked her, “you want it in you or on you?”.
“On me,” she answered.
“Where do you want it?”

“On my tits” she breathed and as he did he pulled out, moved over her with her knees still up around her shoulders, and was coming as he did, coming a lot of thick sticky cum that she later described as like butter.

She smiled as she did, rubbing his hot come over her body, pulling a bit of it he milked from his cock and tasting it. Still in that position she sucked his cock into her mouth, milking the last of his come from it, and then lay back, a satisfied smile on her face, naked in front of me and this large black guy who had just giving her a long hard fucking.

We went back into the sitting area, where she pulled a blanket over them but underneath her breasts, leaving them exposed and he wrapped his huge black arm around her, his left hand resting on her breast as I poured everyone another drink and we sat there, chatting again.

She turned to kiss him and he pulled the blanket up, putting his hand between her leg where he began to softly finger-fuck Anna. He whispered to her, “I want to see you suck your husband,” and she obediently raised from the couch and pulled my pants down and began sucking me while he watched now. He stood, and when he did she turned to him, dropping to her knees, naked in front of his semi-soft cock, taking it in her returning to her sucking his cock, her hand still on mine, sucking him for a minute, then moving to suck me, never taking her hands off both cocks. I could have let this go on forever but he broke to go to the bathroom and we went back into the bedroom.
When he came out she went into his arms again, but this time he told her, “I want to you suck him while I watch.” I lay back on the bed, she moved to suck me, on her knees, and I handed my camera to Sam.

“Here, you take some photos,” I asked. He took the camera and took photos of me just as I had been taking photos of him—both of us with the same woman a few minutes apart. He lay down to watch us, beside us in the bed, and after a while of it I told her, “You’re neglecting our guest,” and she rolled to him and began sucking his cock. I thought that on her knees I would fuck her while she sucked him, I was rock hard from her sucking, but she lay flat on the bed making it impossible to reach her, so I moved behind her and began to finger fuck her pussy, rubbing her g-spot which always produced her strongest orgasms. She began moaning and pressing back against my moving finger, holding his cock beside her face as her moans turned into gasps, then bellows as she came, squirting on my hand as she did.
He gathered up her hair to the top of her head and firmly gasped it in his hand, moving her head around, forcing her head up and down on his cock by holding her hair as a handle.
He talked to her as he did and I fingered her and she sucked him, asking her,
“You like this?”
“You like not being in control, don’t you?” he asked, moving her head back and forth.
“Yessmmmmm,” she moaned back.
“You love being totally under the control two men at the same time, don’t you?
“MMMMMMM” she said even louder. I took the cure, if she was doing as we commanded.

“Ride his cock,” I said, and she moved up, over him, her hand on his cock, guiding his cock head to her pussy, parting her lips with his head of it, rubbing it back and forth and finally positioning it at her entrance and lowering her body on to him, bouncing up and down on his cock, but she moved off him and continued sucking him, I went back to fingering her, and he moved his right hand to her ass, his fingers moving around her ass, but not moving further, just rubbing around it.

She came again on my fingers, and then collapsed, turning around to wrap her naked body against Sam’, her leg laid over his, the pale white skin intertwined with his ebony limbs.
It was then that we all seemed to notice the time, and he had to leave, as he was already late. The quiet passion of the evening ended as he hurriedly pulled on his clothes, kissed my wife goodbye with the promise of a future meeting, and left.
I had not been fucked, she was still naked, and had no come inside her at this point—a condition I remedied in the few minutes following his departure.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blog Expectations

We started this blog with the idea that we'd both be on here posting, talking about Anna's hotwifing, and as it has evolved it's me telling what has happened--and Anna is so busy with her job she's checking up to see what I've said from time to time.
I wanted this to be a narrative of how we got to where we are today, because the evolution of it, when we look back at it, seems almost inevitable that we would be where we are now. When I think back on our conversations even in high school they held the implied promise of an more open marriage than most.
Frankly I didn't forsee the bumps along the way, but thanks to being together forever we've survived them--because we were determined to survive them. At times one of us would be more determined to survive than the other, but as a team we're still here.
I am disappointed in the feedback from readers, I expected outside input on our journey in part to deepen our own understand of how this came to be--because when I look back on how we progressed I'm not sure I understand it as much as I recognize the inevitability of it.
I saw another hot wife site in which the couple answer questions about their lifestyle, and we're open to that if anyone wants to take the time. If anyone is reading this for hot photos, you're not going to see a lot of those, as this is not what this blog is about. I've posted a few when I've gone into great detail about a particular instance, and in a sideways way to offer proof that this blog is very real.
So far this narrative covers Anna's journey from our dating in high school until the point a couple of years ago when she went black for the first time. When we get to the present we will be posting as things happen--which is not weekly as we've posted here. Real life doesn't work that way.
If you want to go back a couple of posts and look at the three photo sequence--I do have something to post that happened last night. Tonight we are meeting what looks to be her ninth new partner, her eighth black lover. (Of course she's had repeats with most of her friends).
As we talked about it last night, she readily admits now that she is a slut for black cock, not a submissive, but someone that has opened herself to the fact that she loves fucking black guys. (Not to the exclusion of couples or a white guy by the way--but in an all things equal circumstance she's going for the black guy). So with me inside her, talking about the upcoming night (tonight), feeling her soak herself at the subject matter--which I love to feel, I asked her, "When did you first become a black cock slut?"
Her answer, "When I was a sophomore in high school." One black friend who played in my band that she was particularly interested in. She had a slutty friend who was known to be easy, and at one of our band practices she showed up with him, and later the rumor got out that they were fucking. In our small town at the time it was a gossip item for a few weeks among the high school girls. "I was envious," my wife said. "I wanted him."
Not content to leave it there I pursued it. "When did you officially become a black cock slut?" I asked. "The moment that Sam went inside me, I knew it at that moment," she said.
So tonight we take another step in the enjoyment of that revelation.
Your comments, questions, are appreciated.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Morning After

If you read the previous post I describe our waking up the next morning, her black lover on her left, me on her right, her starting to go down on me, moving to him, as I entered her from behind, and before I finished I withdrew and he rolled her to her back, climbed between her open legs and with no further foreplay started this day the way he had begun it the evening before, fucking my wife. This time bareback as well.

She orgasmed several times, and when he came inside her her rolled to the left, and stepped to the bathroom. And that is when I took the above photo. She had felt a pulsing black cock inside her just seconds before, and she has not closed her legs he has just left from being in between. She just lay there, catching her breath, reveling in the moment, the morning sun touching her bare body.

It is one of my favorite photos from that first time.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Same night--more sex

We all just sat there in silence. I had witnessed the most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life. I watched the pale naked woman I had married curl up in the embrace of this large dark man she had just fucked. Everyone was smiling.
They lay there together for long minutes, her hands lightly caressing his leg. Eventually he got up to go to the bathroom, and I climbed on the bed. My wife came to me, pulled down my pants and began sucking my cock, on her knees, her ass in the air. Sam walked out of the room, took one look at the scene and pulled another rubber on, reaching her ass, pulling it to him, and again pounding her pussy from behind, this time as she sucked my cock. She had dreamed of a menage a trios as one of her favorite fantasies—and here she was checking another life long fantasy off her list.
I began to talk dirty to her, which was turning her on and she was moaning, he was telling her how adorable she was, pounding her and forcing her onto my cock, and she was soon gasping for air that she was grunting and as she held to my cock from the pounding her pussy was taking, saying “Oh my God” over and over, muffled by my cock in her mouth and finally just holding it to the side in her hand as she was being fucked by him.

This went on for long minutes, and she stopped sucking my cock, released her grip, and concentrated on the fucking Sam was giving her from behind. I moved off the bed and she never noticed that I had left, even though she had just lived her ménage a trios fantasy as well. She had had a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy at the same time. At that moment she wasn’t thinking about anything except the pleasure of that cock continually pounding in and out of her body.

With two fucks in less than an hour everything got really casual, she lay still in his arms, they were talking in quiet voices, and occasionally he would lay on his back and she would playfully climb on top of him, rubbing her breasts in his face and he would suck them, but no one making any effort to initiate more fucking, which I was hot to see more of. I just watched their caresses and contact, and they started including me into the conversation.

We started talking about condoms and he said they usually gave him a rash and he had not worn one in over ten years. “The only other women I’ve been with have been my wife and the other woman I had told you about”. (He had mentioned in our conversations he had met with another couple from time to time). We decided that condoms wouldn’t be necessary.

They lay there caressing each other’s bodies, oblivious to me now. He rolled he to her back and kissed her, sucked her breasts again, a long time, lay his hand between her legs and began a slow finger fucking her pussy with his long middle finger going inside while his palm rubbed her clit and his fingers on either side of her pussy pressed down. Her legs opened wide, relaxed, and waiting. She started moving, rubbing his cock, getting him hard, and after a lot of touching and he moved between them, pulling up her legs to her shoulders, and guiding his bare cock into her open pussy.

He slid in quickly, bareback, and began a muscular pumping of my wife, his ass clinching at he sunk his cock balls-deep inside her. He moved higher, laying down on top of her, her left breast visible on my side, her face not, but the sounds of her fucking, the sounds of his body slapping against her’s on the downstrokes, and the little twitch in her body each time he rammed home as he fucked her just contributed to a wild fucking that was shaking the entire bed. She crossed her legs at her ankles behind his back and raised her pelvis so she could to meet his thrusting fuck, his body making long hard strokes in and out of her dripping pussy, never really going to a rapid pace but getting louder as he came closer to cuming, fucking her for long minutes, longer that I could ever imagine someone not cuming, and then he made a few grunts of his own.

He held his cock Anna inside her, making shorter strokes, all the way into her, his balls slapping against her, and then he gasped and lay still, kissing her, caressing her, making no effort to withdraw, and still inside her talking and caressing her body. He didn’t withdraw from her pussy for a long time. When he pulled out they just cuddled. Unlike what you read in the cuckold forums and blogs, there wasn’t a big deal made about his having just cum inside her.

They lay naked in the bed for the next hours, she’d suck him for a while, trying to get him hard, he’d caress her body, playing with her breasts, kissing and sucking them, she would get on top of him, hold his limber cock and rub it against her pussy. She wanted to fuck him again, but he concentrated on cuddling, making out, and soft caresses. Looking back on it now I think after three times he was through. That didn’t mean she didn’t try. If she wasn’t rubbing her breasts over her face she was sucking his cock. Any time they would just lay there and talk she hardly ever took her hand off his cock.

In their talk she mentioned toys, and she told him she had a dildo in the suitcase. He got it, moved on top of her in a missionary fuck position, and using the dildo, fucked her with it, kissing her constantly as he did. They lay there cuddling more, when he remembered he’d left his credit card at the bar, with the account open. He freaked, as he probably should have. He pulled on his clothes and left, planning to return later that evening. As the door closed I moved on the bed with my wife, her legs still open, and climbed between them. “How about this? I said, “Two men in less than 20 minutes—and my first sloppy seconds.” She smiled as I put my cock into her soaked pussy and began fucking her in the way I’ve spent over 20 years learning how to do. It didn’t last as long as he did, but it was still great. I finished, rolled to the side, and now we cuddled.

“I want him to spend the night here,” she said, “In bed with me. I’ll sleep in the middle.” We had talked from the beginning in emails with him and in conversations with her that I thought we needed some time with just me and her afterward to get a handle on our feelings, and to decide if we wanted to get together again the next morning. So much for plans. I said ok. He came back in about an hour, climbed into the bed and she rolled back into his arms. It was 3 a.m.

“If you start to fuck wake me up so I can watch,” was my only comment as I dozed off. Sometime in the night she moved toward me. I touched her, naked, and caressed her breast. She was very sleepy and he must have been doing the same thing with Sam. “Both of you all, I’m sleepy, keep your hands off of me” she grumpily said. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I could see light through the curtains when I woke, around 9 a.m., and couldn’t believe what we had just done the night before. Not regret, or guilt, or second thoughts, just a smile to myself that it had actually occurred. And the realization how totally erotic everything that had happened. I pulled Anna to me, cuddling, and she lay there for a few minutes, her naked body against mine. Sam appeared still asleep. I took her hand and moved it to my cock, and she stroked me gently into hardness, holding my cock, and I moved my hand to the back of her head, gently touching it, nudging her head forward a single soft push and she moved down and began sucking me. I was rock hard. Sam stirred beside her and I touched her shoulder nudging the side she would roll if she rolled toward him. She took the hint, and pulled the cover back and moved from sucking my cock to instant to sucking his cock next. She started moaning, moved around to her hands and knees and I moved behind her, my cock parting her wet pussy and sliding in and began pumping her body, fucking her, as she woke up her black lover laying beside her with a hungry blow job.

As he woke further he saw what was happening, and moaned, “Oh yeah, every woman’s fantasy to get fucked and suck at the same time,” and as I continued, she got more animated in her sucking. I pulled out before I came and moved to get my camera. She moved to her back and he instantly rolled over top of her and slid his cock inside her. The move took less than an instant, and they began fucking in the dim light. I was holding her hand, and Sam was between her legs.

I was watching the tensing of his black ass jerk as he pumped his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy. She was loud and enjoying it, saying “fuck me, yes fuck me,” as he did, his body thrusting in and up into my wife in steady long strokes.

She gasped each time he his pelvis hit hers, shaking the bed, getting louder until they were both gasping in a crescendo of simple loud fucking. I took some pictures, opening the curtains so to get more light, and they never missed a beat as I did, moving faster as they both came very loud, at the same time.

Finally they both stilled, and held each other, their bodies still joined, and holding his cock inside her until he went soft, they rolled apart.

She lay there and he began to massage her body, running his hands over her, just lightly touching her, sometimes letting the heat from his hands do the touching, and then concentrating on her breasts, circling them, touching everything but her nipples, using his fingertips, tracing figure 8’s around her breasts with his fingertips, until he brushed her nipples. She was totally relaxed, laying there, naked, with this large man running his hands all over her. They broke so we could order breakfast from room service.

They were laying side by side when I handed them the room service menu, which we ordered, and they cuddled until the meal was delivered. I signed the check and wondered what the bellboy thought seeing a white guy answer the door and a white woman and large black man in the bed with a sheet over them. As he left I saw they had pulled pillows up over their heads. When they heard the door click they laughed, lowered the pillows and started kissing.

Anna remained naked, and I realized that she had not had clothing on since Sam has stripped it off of her early the night before. It was around 11 am. She made no effort to cover herself with a sheet, towel, robe, or clothing at any time. She was totally comfortable and acted totally natural to being naked with two men the entire time.

I told Sam we had a late check out, and after breakfast, they lay back on the bed and he talked about leaving, and I looked at my watch and the two of them together.

“I’d guess you have time for one for the road,” I said, and they started kissing more urgently.

Groping each other, Anna began sucking him again, and this time he got hard quicker. She moved over top of him and started to slide his cock into her but he rolled out from under her and pulled her up to her hands and knees again, the same position she had been in the night before when he had fucked her for the first time.
He stepped to her, guided his bareback cock to her pussy and slid inside, pumping and fucking her, holding his hands behind his head at one point and still pounding her. He paused once and Anna moved back against him, fucking herself against his stationary body, and then he grabbed the sides of her hips and began pounding again, finally fucking her until he came inside her pussy for the second time that morning.

They lay there a while, and talked, and he got up, dressed, we shook hands, told each other what a good time we’d had, and he left.
I looked back at my wife on the bed, her sly smile appearing again, and moved back on to her for my second sloppy seconds of the weekend.
Afterward we showered, packed, and started the drive home. After about an hour she commented, “I’m a little sore, my pussy is actually throbbing a little.”
“Like it needs another cock put in it?” I asked.
“Yes, I think that is exactly it,” she smiled back.

After he left I gave her an ankle bracelet with a Q and a spade on it. “Queen of Spades” She asked what it was for and I told her—to signify she had had sex with a black man. She smiled and left it on, and has worn it almost constantly since. No one has noticed by the way, and I think we are both a little disappointed that no one yet has. At one point in their cuddling after fucking, when she had what he called the “AS” look, (after sex) he told her he treated her like a queen, but he was the king. When she told me that I added, “well he may be the king, but I’m the Ace of Hearts”, which I had her added to the bracelet.

On the way home we talked about it, both smiling at each other, shocked at the lack of guilt or regret. And one point she said, “I’m a little sore actually,” and then a little later she smiled, “My pussy is still throbbing, I can still almost feel him going in and out of me.”

Journal Entry: We catch ourselves looking at each other, a half-smile on both our faces—it is like we have an inside joke that no one knows. We now know we have this bad side that can get crazy, and we both understand.

It has taken me nearly three weeks to sort through the photos, the video I set on a stationary tripod, and sizing and cropping the photos before I understood there was just too much for me to see, let alone record that night. When I review the photos I usually see a few things that I missed the first time, their bodies embracing each other and only on the third viewing when I lighten the photo that I see she’s stroking his cock as they do, just little interesting things that get me horny all over again.

The list of what happened to us that night is unbelievable. She went out in public with a basically sheer top with just an open blazer over it. She fucked someone in front of me, she fucked a black guy, she let me watch her get fucked, she laid around naked with me and another man for 12 hours, she fucked someone while I filmed it, she fucked someone while I shot photos, she sucked him, he finger-fucked her, he used a dildo on her, he fucked her while she sucked me, I fucked her while she sucked him, she slept in a bed with two men who had both fucked her that night—and again that morning.

That day after he had left and we both showered, put on clean clothed, and packed to leave I looked at her. She didn’t look any different, the same beautiful woman, the same smile, but there was a closeness there too. “Thank you for letting me do this,” she said.

Journal Entry: Yes, we have asked Sam when he wanted to do a repeat, and he does. The next meet-up is in about 2 weeks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anna Goes Black For The First Time

I led the way to the room, opened to door, and sat down in the easy chair in the corner with camera in hand, and watched as he began his sexual seduction of my wife over 20 years—but she didn’t need any seduction—she wanted it. It wasn’t a seduction, it was just foreplay.
There kissing took on an urgency now--it was foreplay. “I’ve been told to be as unobtrusive as possible,” I said to them both. They turned to each other and kissed.She was gasping for breath as they kissed, giving a guttural groan.She wanted him.
Sam moved his hands to the sides of her open backed top, sliding his hands in from the side her to rub her bare breasts, and they kissed again, longer. She was making soft moans. It was a distinctive moan that sounded just like a woman when she has eaten something delicious, something much better than she expected, like a fine piece of chocolate. In this instance it was human chocolate for her. He broke the kiss and slid the straps of her top off her shoulders, and down, her bare breasts coming into view and his hands seeking them as they kissed. She slipped her arms out and wrapped them up around his neck. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples while his palms were on the side of her breast. She was moaning, very loud now.
They kissed eagerly, standing, his hands roaming her body, and her hands roaming his chest. Anna had talked about his incredible build and solid body and it looked like she wanted to rub every part of him
They broke the kiss and her hands went to his belt, eagerly unbuckling it, letting the pants drop. His hard-on was bulging out in his briefs, and Anna touched it for only an instant outside the cloth before sliding his briefs halfway down his thighs with one hand, and her other hand seeking his hard cock, wrapping her fingers around it, pulling it out, instantly bending over from the waist and taking it in her mouth, one hand at the base of his hard black cock, the other hand cupping his balls.

Her moans were became deeper, almost animal like, a sound I had never heard from her alternating with moans of pure pleasure as she dropped to her knees and continued sucking his cock, licking it, taking it in as she could and eliciting a moan from him as she did.
I was awestruck by my beautiful wife eagerly bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock, someone else’s cock, a black cock. Videos or photos cannot describe of how erotic this was. He was smiling, leaning back, his hands moved behind his head, and I understood the feeling, knowing what one of her blow jobs feel like. He bunched her long hair and held it up so he could see her sucking him better. I had never heard her make the noises of need, lust, and desire that were coming from her as she sucked him. She finally let go of him and he moved to the bed, sat down, and she followed, kneeling between his legs, continuing to suck his cock as he played with her breasts, caressed her hair, his hand on the back of her head. She devoured his cock.
He pulled her up, and she stood. He unbuttoned her pants, slid them down, leaving her in tiny black lace panties, and he kissed her, his hand on her ass, his fingers probing, slipping a finger under the leg of her panties, into her pussy from behind, while they kissed. He sucked on her breasts as he then stripped her of her panties, and she was naked.
He stood up from the bed, they embraced and kissed again, her creamy white flesh contrasting against his hard so very black body, and he turned her around toward the bed. She climbed on and rolled to her back on the bed, waiting, anticipating, and he scooted her forward, her ass on the edge of the bed. He knelt down and began to lick her bare pussy, reaching up and tweaking her nipples as he did. She gave a long almost growl/moan and raised her ass off the bed as he licked her pussy, grinding her bare pussy into his face, cumming as she did, or at least very close too it, gasping, “Oh My God, Oh My God,” changing to Oh, Oh!, OH, in rapid succession as he continued until she collapsed, grabbing Anna's breasts. She lay there for a moment or two, her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath, and he stood up. She rose too and began again to suck his cock.
He reached for the nightstand where the rubbers lay, watching her suck his cock and finally pulling away and rolling the condom down his cock. Anna took over rolling the condom down his cock, using her mouth for the last inch or so.
He rolled her to her side and he nudged her ass, and she moved obediently to her hands and knees, openly offering her pussy to him from behind, pushing her ass toward him, her waiting pussy clearly visible and wet as she crept back on her knees into position and waiting for him to step to her body and shove her first black cock inside her.
She backed her pussy up toward him, leaning over, her bare pussy protruding between her legs in perfect position for him and he reached down with his hand, rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit a single time, coating it with her dripping juices, and leaving the tip of his cock just at her opening, grabbing her hips on both sides with his hands and pulling her back onto him, sliding his cock all the way inside her in a single stroke and holding it there. I expected a moan as he slid inside her, a change to her expression, a gasp, but she was silent as he went into her, absorbing the feeling. He exhaled a loud “Ahhhhhhhhh” as he went inside her.
“Yessss” was the first sound she hissed through her clenched teeth. I watched intently wondered how this moment had changed things because it had to. All this was happening in a millisecond, and as he held his cock inside her without moving she groaned louder, “Oh God, YESS” and he started to move. I was in stunned silence. She had done it. She had a black cock inside her. I was watching her fuck someone in front of me. It was hot, erotic, and not as terrifying as it should have been.

As he started to pull out on that first stroke she came alive, loud, with a long slow moan, all the anticipation, the talk, the wondering, the fantasies, the stories, the pornos had all come down to this one moment, and her long loud moan held all of that, the realization of the years past, the culmination of her longest hidden taboo fantasy. She followed with a quick with, “OH God that feels soo good,” she breathed, and he rhythmically began pounding his cock in and out of her pussy, hard, stroking and stroking, pulling her ass toward him to meet his thrusts, the impact bouncing her boobs wildly, and her hair falling down in her face, her beautiful face twisted in pleasure and in pure lust. “Ohhh Fuck me,” she gasped. I watched in absolute amazement as she took her first black cock, the third cock of her entire life.
She grunted with each thrust inside her. “Oh Yess,” she exclaimed, over and over, calling him by name, “Fuck me, Sam.” One of her lifelong fantasies was happening right before my eyes. He pounded her pussy, over and over, in and out, and I moved to the side, watching the light from the lamp appear and disappear between them as their bodies parted and joined again, always connected by that round black cock embedded in her pussy, their bodies separated on his withdrawal except for the cock connection.
“You like that?” he asked as they fucked.
“I love how you fuck me,” she moaned. He fucked her so long that it would have almost been boring had it not been so utterly exciting, fucking her, fucking my wife, with my permission, encouragement, and viewing until he started some soft moans of his own and her grunts, gasps and moans joined his in a rhythmic fuck symphony, the slap of his bare flesh against hers a rhythmic accompaniment of “slap, slap, slap, slap” each time his pelvis met her ass, his balls slapping her bare pussy, she later claimed, going deep as possible inside her as their bodies collided.
She came again, very loud, and he withdrew. I thought he was through, but he readjusted the condom, and reached down to her ankles. He scooted her back. She leaned head down further, he reached down and pulled her hair back, sliding his cock back inside my wife as he did, ramming it into her over and over, her gasps and grunts keeping perfect rhythm with his thrusts. It seemed like 15 minutes but I’m sure it was less.
He took her left arm and pulled it back, holding it behind her back with one hand, their fingers intertwined, the other on her hip, pulling her onto his cock each time he shoved his torso forward, impaling her wet pussy onto him, leaning forward a couple of times to caress her breasts as he fucked her. He started to move his hand from her breast and she put her hand over his, keeping it there while he fucked her. She got so loud that she buried her face into her pillow, screaming “YESSSSSSSS” “OH GOD YESSSS” as she go lost in her fucking. He started gasping himself and finally came, holding his cock inside her a long time after he did, caressing her back, running his hand up to her breasts, until he eventually pulled out, stripped off his rubber, and walked into the bathroom to flush it.
Anna rolled to her back, her legs spread, naked, smiling as he walked back into the room. He crawled onto the bed and pulled her into his arms, holding her, and she lowered her hand to wrap it around his soft cock.
We all just sat there in silence. I had witnessed the most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life. I watched the pale naked woman I had married curl up in the embrace of this large dark man she had just fucked. Everyone was smiling.
I had always figured at this point everyone would talk about how it had been, he’d thank us for sharing the experience with him, she’s want me to jump her bones and would be anxious for him to get out of the way. It wasn’t that late. And it wasn’t how things went either.
If you’ve been following this blog and want to post how you think the night went after that feel free. The one thing I can tell you about this blog is that everything it in is real as it has happened—so let’s see how good you are at predicting how things go the rest of the evening.

As for the photo—those are video caps. In the first photo she has not had a black cock inside her—but it is obvious that she is about to. The next frame is just a few seconds later, officially black fucked, and the final frame is her lost in the pleasure of it all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We had our first drinks at 5:30 in the hotel bar on the Saturday we were to meet. Anna asked the time three times in 10 minutes, and finally she said, “That’s him.”
I turned to watch Sam approach, my only thought was, “Damn, he is a big guy.” He was wearing sunglasses, a casual shirt and dress slacks. He shook my hand, sat down, ordered a drink, and we started talking about general things. He opened up about his life, family, his kids.
Except for the fact he was about a foot and a half taller than me, dark black, and a body builder body, he was a typical professional nice guy. We were as at ease with him as we had been at our first meeting at Mardi Gras.
We had planned for dinner first (in part to give her time to bail if the vibe was wrong), and we selected a restaurant, and they went to the restroom while I asked the front desk for directions. We had opted for a cab as we would be drinking.
I waited in the lobby for a long time, far too long for them to simply use the restroom, I realized, so I paced back and forth until I saw them coming. They were holding hands. “Damn, she sure looks so white beside him,” I remember thinking. And I had envisioned them fucking, I had not envisioned them holding hands. My stomach did a quick flutter as they approached. Later she told me that he had waited on her in the alcove of the restrooms and they had kissed for a while before they rejoined me. He later said he had been nervous up until that point.
It was a nice dinner, conversation, drinks, and not even the hint of anyone sexual. At his suggestion afterward we took a cab to the nightclub part of town. Still nothing sexual was suggested or started except for their hand holding. It was early, and no dancing or music to speak of at the club, so we ordered drinks. As we sat down at a square high table, my wife sat down, and I started to sit down beside her. “Sit over there,” she said, pointing to the other side. I moved over, and Sam came up and took his seat beside her. He held her hand again. I went to the restroom and when I returned I paused before I walked into view. Their faces were only inches apart, he had his hand on the inside of her pants leg, the other hand caressing her ass. I watched him with his hands on my wife for a few more moments, trying to get a handle on my feelings, which were all over the map. This was really happening, and was going to happen. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t just calling a stop to the whole thing, because as I watched another man’s hands on my wife I admit I did fill a pang of jealously. I pushed it back, it was too late for that now, and as I thought about it I recognized that I didn’t want to stop anything. I walked out into the room. As he saw me approach he moved his hands.
We had more drinks, and he went to the restroom. She stayed with me. “Everything ok?” I asked.
“Everything’s great.” She said.
“Have you shown him how sheer your top is yet?”
“No, but I think he’s noticed,” she laughed.
“Ready to go back to the hotel room?” I asked.
“No, not at all.” She smiled back but didn’t say anything. He returned, and after a while I left again for my turn at the restroom. Again I paused, and from where I stood it looked like he had his hand inside her coat, he was caressing her ass. And this time when I approached he saw me and didn’t move his hand. I didn’t feel jealous as much as I felt like a third wheel. I could understand a man and woman sexually attracted to each other, both knowing they would be fucking in a few minutes, their hands touching each other in ways that were hesitant but intimate just the same. I couldn’t get a handle on what my role was supposed to be in this—other than the fact that I had no real role. I was only an observer. It was an uncomfortable moment for me.
I sat down, and they both smiled at me. I knew her smile, and it said more that I can describe here. In that sly smile was lust, sex, desire, and a thank-you to me for letting her live out this fantasy. Also in that smile was the distinct implication that she was ready to fuck this man.
I went to check on a cab, and the bouncer called one, he said 10 minutes. I looked back at my wife and her soon to be black lover. Their fingers were interlocked, he was kissing her wrist as I sat back down. He didn’t stop, and they were in a quiet conversation as I sat there and watched them whisper back and forth, unable to hear what their were saying. I was oblivious to them. I squirmed around on the barstool for a few minutes, resisting drumming my fingers on the table, and walked back to the door. There was the cab. I looked back to the table, they were both looking toward me, so I motioned for them to come on. The both rushed to the cab.
She sat in the middle, and she kissed him. He was rubbing his hand up and down the inside of her leg, and the elderly white cab driver adjusted his mirror to watch them. Anna thought this was funny and broke out laughing, giggling, and finally stopped about the time we got back to the hotel. She later told me she had planned to go down on him in the cab had the driver not been paying such close attention she might have.
In the elevator we stepped in and I asked Sam, “Did you notice her top?”
He laughed, “I didn’t at first, and then I did a double take a little earlier.” Anna looked up at him, smiled, and removed her jacket, sheer under the elevator lights.
He pulled her into his arms for a kiss again, this time fondling her breast through the top. They didn’t break the kiss until the elevator stopped.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Day before THE DAY

The Day before Journal entry

Yesterday I stopped by at the local CVS pharmacy, walked to the back of the store near the pharmacists, looking around until I found what I sought, my sight attracted to the area by a KY sign. I was buying a dozen condoms. My wife had a tubal litigation years ago, so we don’t need protection against pregnancy—but we will need condoms. Because tomorrow night she will be fucking only the third man to every put a hard cock inside her. Using condoms that I was now selecting.

I was looking for the non-lubricated version. We had been at a festival where Trojan was giving away mint-flavored sample condoms and I had a double handful—but she wanted to try putting a condom on a cock with her mouth—and had practiced on me. And she discovered she hated the mint taste—and after we had finished and turned on the lights I discovered that the condom was green. So the next day here I was at CVS standing in front of the condom assortment—buying condoms for a near stranger to use to fuck my wife.

It is a strange feeling. And it is the culmination of years of fantasy, talk, videos, flirting, role playing, online chats, webcamming, and finally the determination to take the step. Last night she asked me, “Why are we doing this?”

“You want the list?” I asked, “because if you don’t want to do this we don’t have to.”

“We’re committed to do it now,” she said, pausing for a moment, then adding “Besides, I really want to.”

It came about quicker than I ever anticipated.

Journal Entry: Evening before:
So tomorrow night is the first time. We’ll meet in the hotel bar, have a drink, take a cab to dinner, and possibly some dancing (although I know that we may not get all the way through dinner). My wife has tried on a half dozen sexy outfits and chose a top that is nearly sheer that she will wear under a loose jacket. She’s gone as I write this for a pedicure and manicure.

She gets the gift of my permission and encouragement to play—and I get the gift of being there to watch—and he gets the gift of fucking an absolutely incredible woman.

“I’m looking forward to it happening,” was the most my wife would say, avoiding talking about it too much for my tendency she describes as “talking something to death.”
The day before we left she shaved her pussy smooth, got a pedicure and manicure, and modeled four different styles of panties to get the right ones.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Final Phone Call & suggestions--just days prior

Phone contact
She finally did call, and they talked an hour. They talked family, and real life stuff, and finished I heard her say, officially, “I am excited about it and looking forward to it.” .
When she hung up I asked her what he said. “Nothing erotic, he just wanted me to feel comfortable with everything. And I am.” I remember as she left the room thinking to myself, “Damn, she’s actually going to do it.”

The Letter

In the past week she’s tried on different sexy outfits, and sent one to the cleaners that is very low cut. She is totally in anticipation mode. She had said before that she didn’t want me telling him how she was multi-orgasmic and how she squirted, but then with days to go I asked her if she was going to tell him. “Why don’t you tell him?” she said.
So I sent the following letter today in his email to me asking what she liked and preferred:


This might run a little long, but I could write a
book about her anyway. As we're only talking a few
days before getting together I may get a bit more
specific than we have in the past.
As for getting her relaxed and comfortable (and
might as well say it, horny lol) it is simply
compliments and paying attention to her. She has
always been turned on by good builds, especially big
shoulders, so in short the combination of all of those
got her attention to you start with. Like most women
she is worried about aging, so reassuring her on that
goes a long way.
She does enjoy a massage, but I think if we go to
dinner, have a few drinks, maybe dance some, get
flirty in the cab or limo, and get back to our room I
don't think anyone will want to take time for a
massage. Maybe afterward or Sunday morning.
As you know, this is the first time we've ever
done anything like this--so that by itself is
exciting, and certainly the first time she's ever done
anything like this in front of me. I guess we
discovered that her flashing at Mardi Gras or some guy
feeling her up in front of me there was a rush for
both of us, and our imaginations kinda took over from
there, getting to where we are right now.
If things go as anticipated, you will be only the
third man to ever fuck her. There's me, and a guy she
had a brief affair with many years ago which our
marriage survived barely. (i.e. one of the reasons
anything like this we do now is an "us" rather and a
"me" or "you" situation.)
That doesn't mean she's reserved when it comes to
sex. She is an unbelievable fuck. She's
multi-orgasmic and when she starts rolling can cum
forever. Sometimes when she has a really good orgasm
she squirts, which is really kool.
She is absolutely enthusiastic about giving a blow
job, and loves being eaten herself. Her nipples are
sensitive, and she enjoys them being sucked on and
felt. Kissing with her is either a hit or miss thing,
when she's is in the mood she enjoys it, but there are
times she does not too.
About the only thing she is paranoid about
sexually is anything anal--a major turn off for her,
although she does get in moods that she talks about
it. At least she's that way with me.
With a three or so drinks in her she gets very
uninhibited. After four she gets kinda sloppy at 5
she is not as much fun as she was at 3-4. (So
encouraging her to get really shit faced has a
declining return).
During sex she doesn't like to make decisions,
she's a little sub in that regard--but more as
suggestions rather than commands. Asking her "what
would you like to do?" is usually not the best
approach with her.
And oh yeah, once she starts being fucked she
enjoys being talked dirty to. She doesn't mean
anything she's saying at that point of course, but it
gets her more turned on. And just so you know, she
can get loud.”

Damn, just re-read this and I want to do her when
she gets home right now lol. Great thing is it is all
true. After her affair I long got over the jealously
thing- it will be interesting to share her and observe
someone else enjoying this very hot woman I'm married
Part of me cannot believe I've just written a
guide on how to fuck my wife lol, but there it is.
I think most of the evening is simply play by ear,
I figure plan on meeting us in the hotel bar around
5:30 to 6:00, (which is 6:30 to 7 our time) and we'll
go to dinner from there.
What you and her do is basically up to you and
her, as long as condoms are used and there's no pain
or really kinky stuff.
I have very consciously tried to not choreograph
the evening in my mind, with the general idea of being
as unobtrusive as possible while you two play. I even
have my camera set on silent shutter. I'm not sure
low light is going to work though, I think some lights
on with no flash will be much less distracting that
using a flash.
However she has also wanted to do two guys at one
time so don't be surprised if she wants to blow me
while you do her from behind or something similar.
(She's not said anything about this but just trying to
anticipate every possibility so no one gets surprised
or freaky). As I said from the very start, I am VERY
straight and the only time we'll touch is when we
shake hands in the bar lol.
We won't be able to read anything until tomorrow
night late or Thursday morning (leaving early to go to
the concert too).
I'd suggest you email her, as she enjoys email and
always checks it the first thing when she gets home,
and she'll email back.
I figure we'll exchange emails Friday as well.
Good to hear you are staying over, might make the
morning check-out more interesting!
I think this is going to be a fun couple of days
this weekend.
And yeah, I'll interested to see your response to
this email, lol.

My best,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Picking the Day to Lose Her Black Cherry

Friday. Day 24
We went out of town and didn’t even mention the subject. In the course of it we were talking about a business trip near him that I didn’t want to take and had told someone we were not going. She asked, “Why are you not going to (the city)” she asked.
Why are you asking? I asked her, and she responded I knew why she was asking (this was the time we talked about him getting together with us.).
“I thought we might get together before then.”
“We won’t have time, it is in two weeks.” She said.
“OK,” I understood. She was starting to talk more about it, and I said, “I thought we were not supposed to bring it up.”
“You’re not supposed to bring it up.” She smiled. At that moment she realized she has left her purse back at the restaurant, and freaked, and we didn’t get back to the subject again.

We have some business a short drive from him in a couple of weeks, and that’s when it might happen.

Saturday night. Day 25
I asked her in the hot tub over drinks when she wanted to go on our business trip. She said she didn’t want to go. I asked why. She answered, “Because I’ll be having my period then.”
She said she wanted to be in total control of everything—and I said if she was then it wasn’t something that both of us were doing—but then she said for her that meant picking the time and the place. Later I asked her to role play it, and she stopped halfway through and said, “I can’t do this.” She meant she could do it, but she couldn’t talk about it so much beforehand. So she wants to do it, but we will not be talking about it in casual conversation. She said she was going to talk to him and email soon. I suggested we meet the week after she gets off her period.

Another Series of Journal Entries
“So it looks like that on April 21 or 22 in a hotel room in (the city). after drinks, dinner, and some dancing, at some point my wife is going to kiss a man she has only exchanged an hour’s worth of conversation with. She is enraptured with his body, and the fact he’s black, and he wants her above everyone else that was in the room at the room we were in with him in Mardi Gras. He’s been in her head desirewise since.
After they kiss in some manner she is going to show her breasts to him, let him feel them, kiss them, suck on her magnificent nipples, strip her naked, and in minutes after that she will be holding his hard black cock and guide it to her pussy, rubbing it between her soaked pussy lips and he is going to slide his hard cock up between the legs, past the wet swollen lips, and slide inside the body of my wife—her third cock ever to go there, the first black cock ever to go there, and in all probability the first of other cocks to follow. And that cock will move in and out of her until there are loud, shaking, climaxes, cums that I expect will shake their bodies, and I will be there to watch, record, photograph in an other ways do everything possible to add to the excitement of the moment, to be relived in times to come.

There is no script, just to get them into the room and turn them loose, letting things evolve.

I can’t resist this—nor do I want to. What I want is to see this happen, to hear her moan from someone else’s cock inside her, to watch her face as his cock going inside her, to see large black hands on her creamy white breasts, to watch those breasts bounce from fucking, and see it happen again and again until everyone is through.

Then he will leave, I will hold her, enjoy her myself, and reassure the guilt that will follow.

We had life get in the way of talking about anything, but last night (Wednesday) she and I had drinks in our usual place, the hot tub, and of the subject of her black guy came up. She said she had thought about it, and I told her we had picked the 21st, and she wanted to change it to the 22nd, as we were on a trip on the 20th, and we don’t want to be tired doing it.

Then we got into an argument, decided to make up, came in and decided to watch a video (interracial CD’s are most of what we have, and she wanted to watch one)…while watching a girl get gang banged (which is what she wanted to see) she talked about inviting him to the resort we are going to on the 20th, and then she said, “You know it won’t stop with him don’t you?”

“I know I said, what do you want to happen.”

“I want to be gang banged, a bunch of guys,” she answered, adding, “They don’t have to all be black.”

She then voiced concern about him being a decent guy and freaked out if she mentioned it. She also reminded me that if she did it that she wanted to fuck him alone, without me there too, without a video camera on. I said if the other things went ok then sure. She also talked about poses she would do with him fucking her for my photos.

It is going to happen.

Meanwhile we got called out of town on a family emergency, sat in hospitals for a few days and kinda got off track on her getting fucked by someone else. So when we got back she had an email waiting, at my suggestion to him, and she answered it herself, wanting to know a time to talk on the phone.

In the hot tub she said she was scared a little, and apprehensive, and wanted to talk to him to reassure herself.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Week We Officially Say GO!

Tuesday: Day 16
In the hot tub, drinking, we went inside to watch a porno, I’d ordered a bunch from the internet. I handed her four and asked her to pick one, she did, all with black guys. (A first). Then as we talked her black guy came up again. She said she wanted to do it, but would then feel guilty afterwards, and when we fucked the first time I told her, “You want to fuck him don’t you?”
“Yes,” she said.
“Say it,” I said.
“I want him to fuck me. I want his black cock.”
We fucked, and then as we rested she said, “Now I feel guilty”. As we talked more I told her we could have him meet us in New Orleans in May. She said, “If we don’t do it before then, then I can get it out of my mind.”
“It’s been on your mind?” I asked.
“Not all the time, but from time to time, and I’ve been sober. I thought about it this morning.”
“And I want to do it.”
“What did you think about?”
“Nothing fancy, fucking him, maybe fucking him here, having him come up, staying here with us in the house.”

Sunday Day 21
We fucked early Suday in our bed, with a good buzz going from Mimosas, and in the heat of the moment I told her I had emailed her black guy and asked him if he would be interested in a threesome. I lied, but I wanted to both test the waters to her reaction and at the same time, at that moment get her turned on. I’ve never felt her as wet in her life.

We changed positions, she was on top of me I told her if she was getting fucked then I wanted this photo ,etc. showing her I wanted her to pause as she puts his cock into her cunt. Then as she rode my cock I had my hands on her breasts and told her, “Just think, within six weeks you could have someone else’s cock inside you, someone else’s hands on your boobs, doing this.”
“You’re starting to talk about it too much,” she said. We finished and she dozed off. I got up and left her sleeping.

I was really out of sync while I sobered up and when she came downstairs I told her I had not emailed him with the invitation. “Why did you lie to me?” she asked, and then got mad.
“Do you not want to?” I asked.
“Ask me when I’m not drunk,” she said, still miffed and said, “Well if you hesitated maybe it is the best, just a great fantasy, maybe we shouldn’t do it.”
She was distant the rest of the day—and I’ve lived with her enough to know she was disappointed—very disappointed. It was not relief I saw in her eyes when I had told her that I had not emailed him.

Monday Day 22
So taking some initiative I emailed her black guy again today, from her online email address, telling her her hubby would be sending him an off the wall email but it was legit, and she was kool with it.

Here is my journal entry at the time.
“Sent the big email on Monday suggesting we meet. Checked the mail a dozen times Tuesday. Wednesday morning I wrote again an said my inquiry about starting to talk about it was only to more or less talk about parameters, and pick a time and place to see if the Mardi Gras vibe was still there.
Oh My God. He emailed back within five minutes, said he was intrigued with our emails, he’d been out of town for six days and wanted to consider it, that my wife “Needed to be spoiled.” I have just asked another man to fuck my wife. In front of me.
A black guy. And I am so horny I could die. I’ve not told her yet, she still thinks I just talked about it. We’ll have time alone on a trip tomorrow. I’d rather tell her when we’re naked and I’m inside her pussy so I can feel her get that super slick wetness I’ve felt twice before in recent nights. I think it needs to be sooner rather than later, like in a few weeks. … And then what?”

Revealing the actual contact. Day 23

I waited until we got home Thursday night. In the hot tub, with a drink, I read her all the emails, told her when I had told her that I had figured she was disappointed about us not going further. “You read me very well, I was disappointed,” she said.
I told he I had gone ahead and mailed the email because I figured if she didn’t want to she could still back out. She said, “I’m glad you mailed the letter.” Then she said, “Let’s do it sooner than later, before I have a chance to back out.”
We talked about my response to his letter, laying out parameters. I said I wanted to be secure with it, and if he wanted to try to meet her behind my back then that was when it ended.
“You know he’s going to try to do that. He’s going to be dom,” she said. Which was her way of telling me she was going to be sub.
“I don’t mind him in your pussy,” I said, “Just not in your head. Can you to that?”
“I can do that.”
We talked about setting up some parameters. And she emphasized that she didn’t want me putting so many rules and managed to the point that he didn’t want to do it.
She told me when she saw him walking up the street in Mardi Gras she has this urge to run up to him and say, “Fuck me right now.”
We went upstairs and started watching a video, a black guy with a woman fucking him facing away from him, her facing the camera. “You want me like that?” she asked as we were fucking.
“Yes,” I answered.
She moaned softly, “Yes, his cock inside me, his black hands on my breasts.” We finished, and I got her a dildo, vibrator, and she did herself again as we watched the video. “Don’t tell him that I’m multiorgasmic or that is squirt.” She said.
Then she said, “Don’t you bring it up and keep talking about it. “