Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Morning After

If you read the previous post I describe our waking up the next morning, her black lover on her left, me on her right, her starting to go down on me, moving to him, as I entered her from behind, and before I finished I withdrew and he rolled her to her back, climbed between her open legs and with no further foreplay started this day the way he had begun it the evening before, fucking my wife. This time bareback as well.

She orgasmed several times, and when he came inside her her rolled to the left, and stepped to the bathroom. And that is when I took the above photo. She had felt a pulsing black cock inside her just seconds before, and she has not closed her legs he has just left from being in between. She just lay there, catching her breath, reveling in the moment, the morning sun touching her bare body.

It is one of my favorite photos from that first time.

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