Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Out in public with her favorite black lover.

We were set to meet Sam, the black man to took her black cherry, and her personal favorite fuck. "No one can fuck me doggy style like he can," she said. He also had the distinction of being the only lover that she sees who she does bareback.

While we were waiting for him to arrive with plans to go out somewhere, I asked her where she might like to go. To my surprise Anna's suggested a strip club.

I texted him - and when he got there we were sitting in the cab at the hotel entrance waiting on him. The cabbie had his wife with him, so with Anna in the middle of the back seat we went to the strip club. She walked in ahead, on his arm, fulfilling part of her wanting to be seen out in public with a black man--especially her favorite black man. We took a seat on a raised area on the left hand side of the room, with a small stage and a brass rail between us and the main seating area.

We ordered food, and watched the girls. I did notice a couple of longer glances than usual by a couple of the white guys sitting behind us on the seats against the wall. Anna was wearing a zip up sweater with no bra, which she had unzipped to just between her breasts. He chair was against Sam's, while I was a couple of chair spaces away at right angles to them. It was obvious to anyone looking that she was there with him and not me.

After we ate we started drinking and both Sam and I took some ones up to the dancers. As the night progressed he started holding Anna's hand, kissing it, a couple of times he kissed her, and at least twice, when I wasn't looking, and slid his hand inside her top to play with her breasts. She later said he got even more forward with the feels when I would leave to go to the restroom.

The last time we were with him her nipples still had the pierced rings in them, so I figure he was checking that out and discovering that she wasn't pierced anymore and seemed to be enjoying it more.

Anna didn't want to leave until I had bought a couple of lap dances, and after I did we waited on the cab, and he had his arm all around her, reaching all the way over to touch the other side of her leg.

When the cab came we went back to the hotel, all of us with a buzz.

I went into the bath room and when I came out he already had her sweater unzipped and was kissing her breasts. He sucked on her breasts, kissed her for long minutes, and eventually she stood up and slid off the sweater and unzipped her pants which was had worn without panties, and pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them, nude.

He unbuttoned his shirt, removed his pants, and his hard on was sticking straight out. She reached for it, slid her hand up and down it and enveloped it with her mouth, sucking him and moaning as she did, leaning over while seated on the couch and sucking him for a very long tie.

He put his hands in her hair and pushed her head down on his cock. Then he turned and sat down on the couch and she straddled over him, reaching down between her legs and sliding his cock into her pussy, bareback. She started riding his cock, and as she fucked him she moaned, "I missed you."

After fucking like that for a while, he stood and she sucked him some more, then he put her face on the back of the couch, her knees on the seat part of the couch and he moved behind and fucked her that way for a while, pulling on her hair as he fucked her.

They changed positions again, this time with her on the couch and her knees up to her shoulders while he was on his knees on the floor fucking her that way. He didn't come, and when they broke this time she led him to the bed, where he fucked her doggy style as he stood on the floor with her on her knees at the edge of the bed.

He flipped her over and moved on his knees between her open inviting legs and rubbed his cock over her pussy guided by his hand before moving forward and into her. He then fucked her missionary until he came inside her.

She went to the restroom, lay with him for a few minutes, cudding, playing with his cock and when Anna felt a little stirring again she sucked him again until he got hard. Sam fucked her again, missionary at first and then rolling her to her belly with her legs together and him on top of her as he fucked her from behind with her laying flat on her belly, his legs on the outside of hers.

Then he rolled her to her back, with her knees up and forgot all about anything except pounding his cock in and out of my wife's wet pussy. He fucked her until he came again, and didn't cuddle long.

He put on his clothes and as Anna lay on the bed, raising up to kiss him bye and him folding her breast a last time, he let himself out the door.

I was on her before he was out of the hotel, adding my load of cum into her already soaked pussy. I'm not into eating cream pies, but sloppy seconds are relatively new to us, and provides a completely different sensation to my fucking her.

We rested for a few minutes and I fucked her again. Then late in the night I woke up rock hard thinking about her come filled pussy and moved her to the side of the bed, stood in the floor and fucked her again.

When I woke up in the morning I lay there a while reliving the night, and again rolled over to her and raised her leg, sliding my cock into her from behind. "That's like pouring salt into an open wound" she said, "I'm raw."

I slid in slowly, "And now?"

"I can stand it."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More talk, less action.

Long story from that conversation in the previous is we got home, went to the hot tub, were very tired, she got pissy,

and we ended up in an argument with no one getting laid.

The next night we were talking, again in the hot tub, trying for a better finish than we did last night.

In the course of it I told her she should be able to tell me she was a slut for black cock when she was sober.

I read aloud a couple of old horny variations letters that we'd used in the past to get her horny-and it worked.

She said that it was her trying to keep up that front of a nice girl Sunday School Teacher. I said that is what she was, but she had that other side that she could open up-and at least she should
be honest with me about it. It should be enlightening. She agreed.

So we came in, watched a video, she got on top of me, and I commented that she had said the night before that she would do 2 guys if I told her I wanted to watch her do it, rather than telling her I wanted her to do it. "Do you know the difference?" she asked, "You asked."

"Ok," I said.

"Then when are we going to do it." I was so shocked I didn't answer. Sounds like it is going to happen at some point though. I knew better than to comment back at that point.

Then as she was sitting on top of me, her pussy still soaked, I asked her, "Is there anything that a black guy has asked you to do that you haven't done?"

She thought. Well Terrill wanted to do my ass, I told you about that. So I did tell him no. But other than that no.

"I think you like being sub to black guys."

"I do."

"But you know that you're not really sub until he shares your pussy with a friend, You know that don't you?"


Her pussy poured, I mean, wet beyond comprehension. "You'd like for a black guy to share you wouldn't you?"

Yessssss," she said as she started fucking on my cock until she came.

Of course that was sex and pillow talk--and no one is held to anything said in that circumstance, are we?

So it is set, she booked the rooms for Sam tomorrow night, and emailed a couple of other past lovers and talked about a time to meet them, and as a surprise she said she wanted to give Kevin
one more chance - to email him and tell him if he could let us know by Monday that he could be with us on Monday he'd get to fuck her again. Of course he blew it, and the other guys she had emailed were unavailable.

But Sam was in.