Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Plans and that's all

It's been almost a month since we've played, due to family obligations and travel, and I've not brought the subject up since I knew we couldn't do anything.

She hasn't talked about it much but has said for certain she can't wait to do Darnell, and with a free day in the week coming up she suggested we call Menard and have him come back for a repeat. We're also heading back to the beach where Devin and she spent the night, but no word on that.

As for me, one camcorder died but I've ordered another.

A black cock drought of sorts.

We've noticed the responses to our swinger site ads, the ad we have on an interracial site, to be slowing down. I'm not sure if it is the economy or people being distracted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Overnight & Bareback with a Regular

We were going to an event near where Menard lives, and we decided to stay an extra day and invite Menard to spend the night. As we had with Devin, and since he had already shown a disdain for condoms, we also told him that if he wanted to meet and was willing to get tested that going bareback would be ok. He decided to go to the trouble.

He was later than we expected, so instead of waiting in the cabin we went to a couple of shops, and we were there when he called my cell. I had him come into the parking lot, and Anna got in the car with him to show him how to get to the cabin. I followed in our car. Once we got out of the traffic I fully expected to see her head disappear over into his lap, but nothing like that happened.

When we got to the cabin we had drinks. It was an isolated cabin, and she excused herself and came back out with a gauzy dress that is cut to her waist in the front and back in a deep V that I bought her on a trip to Mexico that she simply couldn't wear in public. It was probably made to wear over something else.

She laughed when she noticed she had put it on wrong side out, and she simply pulled of off, naked underneath, reversed it and pulled it back on, as if that was a normal as walking through a door.

We were drinking wine, and after a couple of glasses and talking, enjoying the view (both of the mountains and of my wife) they started making out on the deck, just kissing, for a while, then they broke, went back to their drinks and we talked some more.

He pulled her into an embrace and they started making out with more intensity. He has his back to me and when he slid the left side of her dress off her shoulder to bare her breast they turned where I could see, and he played with her breast and continued to do so, pulling her nipple erect as they kissed, her right breast exposed and him fully clothed. When they broke the embrace this time Anna led the way inside and to the bedroom, with the two of us following.

Before they embraced again she slid the other side of the dress down, and they kissed as she helped him remove his shirt. As they kissed he was pulling straight out on her nipples hard, really stretching her breast out and she was pulling on his nipples as well, which he liked. He would pull on her nipple as far as it would go and then let it go, the movement of her breasts bouncing enticingly. As they kissed again he pulled up the hem of her dress to cup her ass and she was working on getting his pants down.

She held his his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other while he went back to tugging on her nipples, and kissing her.

He pulled up the front of her dress as she kissed on his nipples, and began to finger her, the entire while she never took her hands off his by now rigid cock. He pulled her dress up over her head and she lay back sideways on the bed and he began to eat her pussy.

She came like that, and he moved over her as she scooted up on the bed and he leaned over and she guided his cock into her pussy and he began pumping his cock inside her--without the benefit of a condom for the first time since she started fucking him.

She put her ankles on his ass and he fucked her in quick small strokes. He came quickly, but rather than pull out or get up, he stay inside her and kissed her again. He pulled out and began sucking her nipples and then lowered his mouth to her pussy and began eating her again, and she came again, collapsing with her legs spread and her arms over her head and her eyes closed. He moved between her legs again and in a single smooth stroke buried his cock all the way inside her.

"You like this black cock," he asked her as they were fucking.

" I love it," she said lower, and then louder "I love your black cock." He started coming inside her a second time, rolled to the side and started finger fucking her until she came yet again.

We took a rest, I went on the deck to grill some steaks, and Anna and Menard were in the kitchen. She was working on the salad, and when I stepped back to the doorway I glanced in and Menard had slid her dress down to expose one breast as she was making the salad. He leaned over and kissed her nipple and rose back up, sipping his drink, enjoying the view. Anna didn't make any effort to pull it back up. She did pull it back up when we sat down to eat.

We had a nice dinner, kept drinking and Anna led Menard to the couch in the living room once the dishes were put in the sink. She pulled down his pants and began sucking his cock, as he lay back on the couch, his shirt unbuttoned but still on and she'd lowered the other side of her dress so she was topless from the waist up.

After she got him good and hard she straddled him on the couch, moaning a groan of pleasure as she lowered herself onto his hard cock, still wearing her white gauzy dress. Other than putting his hands on her shoulders he just let her ride him and looked at her sliding back and forth on his cock. Her dress was covering her pussy and his cock going inside her but half way through she rolled it up so he could see his cock going in and out of her.

"I'm gonna come," she said.

"Yeah baby, get some," he answered back, "Yeah", and she came, squirting as she did, and rested on him, asking me to get a towel, which I did.

Anna lay back on the couch and Menard got between her legs and started playing with her pussy with his fingers, flipping her clit with one finger, licking it, moving that one finger inside her, and she was sensitive and responsive to even a light touch. She reached down and pulled back on her pussy, exposing her clit and rubbing her clit with her pussy pulled apart with his face only inches away. She reached behind his head pulled him into her pussy, and he licked it, then stood up in front of her, she scooted to the edge of the couch, and started sucking his cock again as he leaned over and pulled on her nipples, pulling her entire breast up hard, almost to the point of pain if she had not been on a sexual high.

Anna gagged, and he stopped fucking her face, he had her lay back on the couch, and he put first one, then two and then three fingers inside her. She moaned and make it clear that she was into it, and he added four fingers and started moving his thumb into her as well, and she was writhing as he did. He had his thumb and four fingers into her up to his knuckles, then she pulled him forward to have him kiss her breasts, and he started moving his hand, vibrating it. She was whimpering and he moved up to her ear and was talking to her, and she spread her legs even wider. With him on top of her I couldn't see to tell exactly what was happening, but she grimace and then gasped an "oohhh"" His elbow moved forward slightly, and she exlaimed, "oohh yess."

Mernard had to be even further than when he had had four fingers and his thumb in her pussy knuckle deep. She pulled her knee up closer toward her chest. He rose up off her and she looked down to her pussy but it wasn't until I moved that I saw him withdrawing his entire hand from my wife's pussy. He'd fisted her. I had never been able to do that, but had come close. Maybe it was the fucking, maybe it was the cum inside her, or his hands might be smaller, but I now had a fisted wife.

As I moved the video camera over to show it she told him, "I need to take a break."

We decided to go to the cabin's hot tub, and she put a white tank top I'd bought her that reads, "Black Cock Slut", and I snapped a few photos of her in it, and a few more with it wet. We were getting drunker at this time, and it wasn't long with Anna and Menards playing with each other and kissing in the hot tub that it was time to go back inside.

They got on the bed and went into a 69, with him on top, and then with him standing in the floor she got on her knees on the edge of the bed. He touched her ass with his thumb and she jumped, "Nope". I moved onto the bed sideways, still naked from the hot tub so she could suck my cock while he fucked her.

"I love it, Oh God fuck me yes," she moaned as he fucked her harder.

"Yeah, you're getting that black cock," he told her, and then standing still he told her to move onto him in doggy style. "Move back on that black cock," he ordered.
He pulled her until she had one leg off the bed on the floor, and she was still sucking me. "Suck that cock," he told her, pounding her hard from behind now. She pulled off from sucking my cock as she started coming.

She was in a bad position and he backed up and she stood up and he moved behind her, cupping her breasts from behind. She crawled on the bed and they cuddled for a while, resting, with his hand down between her legs and kissing on her nipples.

After five minutes or so he told her, "I'm ready to fuck you."

"Good" she answered.

I started kissing her nipples as she lay on her back while Menard ate her pussy, then I moved on the bed and Anna sucked my cock as he continued eating her pussy. I started playing with one breast while Menard played with the other, and Menard talked to her, "I wanna see you suck on that cock." Menard moved behind her again she held his cock as she sucked me.

She rolled to her back and he took the base of his cock and started slapping her clit with it. Until she guided his cock inside her. "You fuck so good, your cock feels so good," she gasped.

"Like this black cock?"

"Yes, I love your black cock, fuck me in my slutty pussy."

"Damn," he exclaimed as he came again, "You've made me come three fucking times".

Everyone rested for a minute, and I pulled her down on the bed and she sucked me hard and then I pulled her down on the bed and fucked her her too as she sucked on Menard's cock.

I came inside her and he kissed her mouth and her fingered her again.

Menard had to get up very early the next morning, and I went into the main bedroom and prepared to go to bed, and she came in and I told her if she wanted to sleep with him it was ok. She was hesitant, but I encouraged her a little. I heard her rattling around in the kitchen and then I heard a crash and "SHIT!". I didn't get up but I did ask what the comotion was about, and she had turned over a bowl of blueberries on the floor. She took a long time to get that cleaned up, came back into the room and said, "I've slept with a black man before and I think he's through for the night."

"OK, whatever you want to do," I answered, "but if you want to I don't have a problem with it. Just leave the door open so I can hear if you fuck."

She paused for a minute and then quietly left, the door open and turning out the lights as she went away. In the darkness I lay there waiting for the sounds of sex--but in a minute I heard her come back into the room, felt her weight on her side of the bed.

"He's passed out and laying diagionally across the bed," she said with some disappoint in her voice. "I didn't have any room."

Early the next morning I heard him get up, and she got up, went to tell him good bye and came back to bed in just a minute.