Wednesday, December 6, 2017

In the middle of sex the other night she asked if I had heard from someone.
"Yes," I said.
"Your black boyfriend wants to fuck you soon."
"Good." And that was the end of that conversation. It is supposed to happen this weekend.

In the meantime it was time for her pap smear. A few years ago, and one of the reasons she had took a long break was her pap tested positive for HPV. Of course she freaked, and she had been barebacking this one black guy who, I don't know, was just too pushy about going bare--as if he never thought about who he fucked without protection. She was sure she was going to get cervical cancer but after some research we discovered that there are only a few strains out of thousands that can turn into that, and that in most cases the body's immune system takes over and clears it out in a couple of years. And that is what happened.

Since then she had one guy I mentioned earlier that had fucked her bareback on a couple of occasions, and her current black boyfriend who has not used a condom anytime since they picked it back up. But she got apprehensive about her pap smear coming up, and said, "You know, if I turn up with a positive test I think it is time we stop with other guys all together."

Understanding her concern, I agreed, that if that happened maybe it was time we stopped, we've had a good run and fulfilled beyond what our wildest fantasies were in that regard.

Then we had some real life conflicts that had us moving the day around to meet her boyfriend, and she gave a few excuses about maybe putting it off--and then she perked up and moved a lot of things around to be free for the get together. She did not come out and say it, she didn't need to, but the effort she has gone to tells me in no uncertain terms that she really wants to fuck him again soon.

This morning when I walked into our home office there was a letter on my desk. I picked it up and looked at it, and it was from her health test. She is negative and all systems are go.

So boyfriend will be dropping a load or two inside my wife this weekend.

One thing more in that vein. Last time they were fucking he told her he could not hold out much longer, and she said, "Why don't you put your cum inside me."

He smiled and said, "I am going to put my seed deep inside your belly."

This has been his first reference to seed or breeding, one of the fantasies we have played around with. (She had a tubal litigation years ago so it is only a mind game). Interesting that he picked up on it though.

Also I know this blog was dormant for a long time, so if I continue I need to know someone is still out there reading it. Post a comment or drop a note or something to let me know you're reading. Thanks.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Three year updates in a single post

No, she has not stopped hotwifing, although we did go through a long dry spell in which she got very discouraged because of the no shows. The last reference mentioned in this blog ended with the guy not showing up. I had texted earlier in the weekend and he said he was coming, then the morning we were supposed to check out (after a night's hotel bill at a pricey spot) I texted along the lines of WTF?
The text was instant, "Who is this, do not text again, I do not know who you are, I've only had this phone six weeks."

It left me wondering if a lady friend had discovered his messages, but either way it finished my wife for a long time. Then after a while she started getting the urges again, we located a black guy that fit the profile, tall, professional, etc. and we faced one of the problems with getting older in the hotwife game.

He had some erection problems. He was great at oral, got her off several times with his fingers, and then when it came time to do the deed, no diamond cutting. She went down on him for a long time, and finally she lay back, he moved between her legs, he put his cock at her entrance and plunged in. No condom. I was too stunned to stop him, and she seemed OK with it, and he fucked her until he came inside her.

She said later she was afraid to stop him to put a condom on because he might lose his erection, so she went with it. And she said she felt he was OK, as he was married and new to all this. Of course once you have fucked a white wife bare you are not going to put a condom on again, so a couple of months later it was a repeat, and this time he was better at keeping it up, fucking her twice.

One thing I haven't mentioned is he was probably the smallest cock she has fucked, despite him being very tall and a big guy. It was a disappointed surprise for her, as she admits she has become somewhat of a size queen.

Again a long pause, and we are on vacation and I'm checking old emails and there is a reach-out from a former regular. (He is the black man that took her out on a date). He was still in the game and we made arrangements to meet. Like last time he brought a negative test and was bareback from the get go.

This time was different though, as she wants to concentrate only on him. For us it works, as it is a new approach we have not tried before, she is comfortable with him, and he has fucked her on six different occasions (that is a lot for us), sometimes fucking her, leaving to visit his family nearby--one of the reasons he is able to get away from his real life--and returning to fuck my wife again that night.

He always cums inside her, and a couple of times he has posed her for shots with her legs spread open as he holds her pussy open displaying his cum pouring out of her pussy. It is one of the hottest shots I've ever taken of her.

I will go back and recap the specifics if anyone is still reading this blog, and a picture or two too.

We are meeting him again before the holidays, and my wife is talking about surprising him by meeting him nude with a collar and leash on. She's threatened to do that before but we will see. Actually he is not a Dom type, but more like willing to try anything she wants just because she wants to try it.

As she is exclusive to him (other than me) I have told her he is her black boyfriend, but she has yet to say it aloud to me. I suspect that is coming soon though.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Her black boyfriend confirmed he can make it. Got 2 rooms, requested connecting doors. Mostly waiting for a week from Saturday, with a side trip to the spa for a waxing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life Gets In the Way

Looks like her meeting with her new friend has been put off--he is traveling and out of town within our available window.

So it looks like her next black fucking will be toward the end of the month with the man I refer to as her black boyfriend. He is the only person other than me who has been inside her in over a year, and looks like he will be enjoying her again before another joins the party. When I looked into a reservation I was looking at a vacation cabin in the mountains, where we had met a prior fuck buddy and he stayed in the extra room and was two days of sex. "I don't want to do that," she told me, "I don't want him overnight." Her reason is a couple of times we have gone for cabins and the guy was a no show at the last minute (never with a first time but always someone we had a connect with). So at least we can cancel a hotel room at the last minute, they do not have a minimum stay, or hidden charges like a damage deposit or cleaning fee. There is something to be said for that.

Deep down I also suspect she is afraid that she will end up in his bed and sometime in the night he's bareback her. She has gone 180 on the barebacking and it now something she doesn't want to do with him. I understand women change their mind and I respect her choices.

What I don't understand is he is driving several hours to be with her and I do not expect he will be staying late with her and then returning home, thus he needs a room. I will probably book adjoining rooms with a connecting door, just to see how things play out.

I'll post the results in a couple of weeks. The one thing I have learned is things rarely work out the way I have envisioned or anticipated--but it is all good.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Interesting developments

There have been some interesting happenings on my hotwife’s journey.

First, I have to backtrack a little bit—the last time my wife got black fucked it was with the only black guy she’s allowed inside her well over a year. We met him on vacation last year, he fucked her one night (related here) came back for a repeat two nights later, and this year fucked her on two different nights while we were on vacation again.

The last time they came very close to going bareback, but she moved his cock aside and had she not he would have pushed his bare uncircumcised cock all the way inside her in a single stroke. She told him she would after he was tested. And that was where I left it last time, she admitted she wanted him bare, and he wanted to do her bare, and now he was tested—but then she got a less than perfect PAP test and it has freaked her out. Although in the retest she was fine, the fact that the cells came up as pre-cancerous (i.e. cervical cancer) and the fact that the primary way of catching cervical cancer is catching a particular strain of HPV virus, and if you are so diagnosed they obviously you have been fucking more than one partner, all of which combines into a “I don’t think it is worth the risk.”

Her black boyfriend says it is all about her and if she requires a condom then he’ll use a condom. Big thing is he is ready just about anytime she it, but wants to meet halfway between where we each live. Personally I have told her that whatever she wants to do is up to her, and I didn’t think it fair for me to say she should or should not go bareback.

What I predict is that when they get together this time, it is basically their fifth date, and at some point she will relent and be caught up in the moment and before we leave she will have a load of black cum deposited in her pussy. It is totally her call, but I don’t see her holding out on that long time.

Also after a lot of sorting she has found a profile on one of our personal sites that has clicked. Close to our age, and hits all of her preferences: professional, tall, black, wanting discretion too, and not camera shy about me being there. After I first showed the response to her she said, “I like him. I have a good feeling about him, so set it up.”

Naturally life got in the way with visitors, travel, etc. So last night I told her I was going to that city for a day trip on business and she blurted out, “Well I was hoping we would overnight for something with that guy.”
“Not a problem, I’ll contact him,” I said.
“I need to get waxed before we meet him though,” she added, and mentioned her preference for a hotel.
“In other words if he is anything close to being as he described you are planning on fucking him.”
“Absolutely,” she said. “I have a feeling this could be the guy we’ve been looking for.” I didn’t know we were looking for a certain type of guy—so I asked further. “You know,” she said. “A regular that we could call up on short notice, and get together on a more frequent basis since he is closer.” I know that a part of this is likely that I once told her that if she found someone we were both comfortable with that I could handle an overnight from time to time. Deep down I think that is what she is planning. In the back of her mind she wants to be taken out and shown off by a black lover, in black clubs, etc. At least that is what I suspect, again, we will see.

So last night she said she wants to meet with her black boyfriend/lover in a couple of weeks – and her new potential regular between now and then.
I also mentioned that we have a trade show near this interracial monthly party we have been talking about attending too. It is a two night thing, and she had said she didn’t want to accompany me to the trade show but when I mentioned we could go to both she is all for it. I am interested to see how she will react to having two different nights to fuck a variety of black men. Whether this ends up someone she clicks with for two nights, or she had two different men on two different nights, or even more than one or she tells a new lover to go back into the room and bring a friend so that I can see her do two black men at once, well to tell the truth most of that is my imagination taking flight. I am sure the reality of that will be much more subdued than that, but we will see.

Bottom line is I suspect within the next eight weeks ago my wife will have enjoyed three to four (or maybe more) different black cocks inside her. But I have also learned by our years in the lifestyle is that nothing is really happening until it has already happening and you have loaded the bags into the car and are headed home.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Time slips away

Wow! Hard to imagine it has been over a year and a half since the last post. For one thing as we age we are discovering the drive for exploration is not as intense as it was. That doesn't mean the desire is not there, but between family, real life, and the difficulty in finding real hookups it is much tougher than the fantasy writers in some of the forums would have you think.

On one side since her meeting with her regular in November of 2012 we have only played three times, with a forth time coming up. All with the same guy. The reasons are many different reasons but one is that the traditional ways of meeting people when we were in the lifestyle before the break was pretty straightforward--ads on swinger sites and a couple of lifestyle forums. When we went back to the same things, the responses were dismal. I guess more people are going to social media, but with our need for discretion that is not a viable way for us.

Her new guy we met while on vacation, and after our own personal pub crawl last year we went on to Craiglist and put an ad, and the next day answered some of the likely responses--and then later that evening we met for a drink--which ended up with her getting one of the best fucking of her life. Her guy from November, the only holdover from when we were active in the lifestyle who was still playing, she was OK, but he is always emotionally distant, even though he has a porn-star size dick.

This new guy was almost as big and maybe a little thicker (she says). And he was attentive, long on kissing, foreplay, extended fucking, and concentrating on getting her off several times before he cane. What she loves--right down to the cuddling afterward.

We made plans to meet later in the year--but he had a family member die.

Life threw us some curves in between then and vacation this year, and she anxiously asked if I had heard from him, and I told her I had.

I asked her how she would refer to him? Lover or?

"Boyfriend," she said. "My black boyfriend."

Later when I mentioned it again referring to him as her boyfriend she backed off. "A boyfriend is someone who takes you out on a date, has dinner with you. He's more of a fuck buddy." I reminded her he had met us for dinner in public. "That's true," she said, adding nothing more.

Based in her reaction compared with her other black lovers, I think boyfriend is a better term, so I will refer to him as that. She gives him all the emotional and physical attributes that come with it although she doesn't really want to admit it. Her check-off list for the type of man she likes all fit him: tall, very black, big thick cock, long lasting, attentive, and eager to fuck her. No compromises with him on what she likes--he's the package.

So this year we met him again--early in the evening without going out to dinner. She wore a sexy bustier under her clothing, and within minutes of sitting down on the couch, before I could even get a camera turned on, they were locked in an embrace. They made out and slowly progressively undressed each other, until finally he was nude, she only had the bustier on, and he was sucking on her breasts in a way that I know from experience lights her up. I told her later that he is one of the few lovers she has had that likes her tits as well as I do.

She sucked his cock eagerly, and then he wanted her to stand up on the couch as he sat there and with her leaning over him ate her pussy while she stood over him, grinding her pussy into his mouth. He pulled her down on to his lap, his black cock standing straight up, and as she lowered herself she moved her body--not so that he could enter her--because she had specified condoms only--but so that she could rub her pussy over his bare cock, rubbing his cock shaft between her pussy lips and over her clit. She told me later that she had been very tempted to guide him inside her bareback, but she had second thoughts at the last moment she moved his cock to the side and sat the rest of the way down on his lap.

"I want your pussy," he said.
"It's yours." she answered. He whispered something in her ear that I couldn't hear, and the then said, "I want to be your slut. I will be your slut for the evening."

When they stood to go into the bedroom he had her take his cock in her hand and lead him into the bedroom by his cock. With a start like that you know the sex was damn near earth shattering, and it was, both of them going at it like hungry rabbits once he got a condom on.

At one point he pulled her up on him and stood, fucking her standing as she hung on to him with her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and his cock buried in her. He moved her to the wall and fucked her against the wall for a while too before putting her back down on the bed, moving her to doggie position facing a mirror and telling her to watch herself get fucked.

The summation of this night is they fucked--and fucked--and fucked--and he left her satiated and weak several hours later.

She wanted to see him again before we left, which we had not talked about, but later in the week it was a return engagement.

He had been so close to getting his cock in her bare (which he obviously wanted to do), that this night as they ended up naked on the bed, with her stroking his cock, he moved into position to fuck her, only inches away from her pussy with his bare hard cock, and his cock was aimed directly at her now soaked pussy. As he moved forward she reached to his cock. I fully expected from the way she was into the moment that she would guide him inside her, but she moved it up between them and they kissed a while, and she explained that if he wanted to fuck her bare she was willing once he got tested. He nodded, rose off of her and holding his cock at the base began to beat on her pussy and click with his cock. When he held her pussy lips apart with one hand while he slapped his cock on her open clit she started cumming, and he didn't do just that, he rubbed the head of his cock up between her pussy lips, getting enough of her moisture on her clit, that mixed with his pre-cum when he pulled his cock off her in an upward stroke of his cock slapping her pussy there was a enough sticky clear fluid that it stuck and stretched thin before breaking between their two bodies.

Finally he straightened up, pulled a rubber on and fucked her long and hard.

When she and I watched the video afterward she remarked, "Wow. I didn't know he was doing that without a condom."

"Well you told him the next time we met him after he was tested that he could do you bareback," I reminded her.

"I know. Who in the world wants to use a condom unless you have to. I want to feel him cum inside me." she said.

In the past few weeks he and I have texted, and his tests are all OK, and he's ready to meet when we are--so that is coming up. Not only that but we have one promising contact from another source that too seems to be the perfect fit. So suffice to say I may have more to post in the near future. Thanks to those of you who have stayed with us on this blog despite the long break.