Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Black Fucking

After her lover left I reclaimed her with some sloppy seconds fucking. We dressed, went to dinner, had some drinks and came back, and in a while we heard him come into the room next door and after a minute or two he knocked on the connecting door.

Devin smiled and asked if she was ready, and told her he was going to take his clothes off. He stepped back into his room, and she stripped her clothes off and was standing there nude when he re-entered the room.

She was on the bed and he moved over her, kissing her while she held his cock with her right hand. He didn’t get hard quick so he started eating her pussy. Anna’s legs were giving little jerks as he did and she had a strange smile on her face, raising her pelvis to grind against his mouth. They intertwined hands and he held her hands as he did, before putting a finger inside her, rubbing her pussy and touching her g spot at the same time.

Anna loves this and was gasping and her body spasming with each touch, giving little yelps as she came.

Devin didn’t slow down, keeping right on bringing her to another orgasm, the movements of her body causing her breasts to sway enticingly. He rose to his knees, still eating her pussy, his fingers still inside her. He lowered her down, up between her widespread legs, moved up and positioned his cock at her pussy, removing his fingers and sliding inside her bareback.

Devin stroked his cock in and out of my wife in a slow steady movement, and she was stroking her hands over his ass as he did. He started fucking her faster, rocking her body with her legs in the air, leaning over to kiss her, moaning some himself, and looking down at his cock disappearing inside her.

He put his arms under her knees, pulled her knees up on either side of her chest, and kissed her hard on the mouth, breaking it to ask, “Feel it?”. She started moaning soft “oh, oh, oh’s”.

“Come on now,” he told her, fucking her in a hard rhythmic stroke, their bodies making popping sounds as he slammed into her.

Anna started playing with his nipples, which he likes, and he asked her to get on top.

When he rolled to his back instead of climbing on his cock she leaned over and sucked him. He was holding her hair behind her head so he could see her mouth on his cock, and he was moaning himself.

She moved over him as he positioned his cock, and she slid down on it, fucking him by thrusting her pelvis forward and staying down on his cock, rocking back and forth with his cock deep inside her, not stroking as much as rubbing, reaching behind to stroke his balls. He moved his hands from pulling on her nipples to rubbing her clit with his thumb, and so she was rocking and bouncing on her cock, moaning “Oh yess, Yess, Ohhh,” her breasts bouncing wildly as she did.

They looked in each other’s eyes as they fucked smiling at each other, and he held her breasts in his dark black hands. She moved faster until she came.

She leaned over on him in a smooth motion he rolled her to her back. She was still laying there with her legs spread, gasping for breath and he moved over her and put his cock back inside her.

He was fucking her hard, slamming their bodies together, and she was responding, moving faster and faster as he go ready to come. “Take it, Take it,” he told her. “Take my black come in that slutty pussy,” and she was lost in the pleasure of it, mewing and moaning, and then he just went all the way inside her and held his cock there as he came moaning. They both got quiet and held there.

He pulled out and raised back, and with his thumb reached down and touched her clit, parting her pussy lips to see the come oozing. “Oh baby,” he laughed. He told her to get some rest, and that he would hope for a knock at the door the next morning.

With the door closed she asked if I could see the come dripping out of her pussy, and I climbed on and fucked her for a very wet reclaiming fuck. As I entered her she said, “After tomorrow you will have got to fuck me three times with some else’s come in me.”

I awoke with my wife getting out of the bed, going to the bathroom and showering. She came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, and looked over at me, weakly waving at me.

“What ‘ca doing?” I asked, still groggy from sleep, and she said nothing, just pointed toward the door toward which she was walking. Anna went straight to it, knocked, and it opened. I heard Devin’s greeting and she stepped through it out of site.
I lay there for a minute, listening for sounds and hearing none over the noise of the room air conditioner. I got up, went into the bathroom and splashed water in my face, gave them another minute or two and walked to the door myself, quietly peeking around the edge of it.

They did not know I was in the world. Anna was on her back, her knees up toward her shoulders, he was alternately kissing her and saying “Oh yes”, “Oh yes”. His ass was rising and falling in long steady strokes. He kissed her long and hard and raising on his knees pulled her legs straight and up to his shoulders. She hungrily kissed him back.

Anna loves this position and he held himself stationary while she fucked herself against him. He held onto her upper arms and she tugged against his thighs, keeping their body tight together.

She lowered her legs and he pulled out of her pussy and lowered his mouth to her, tugging on her nipples with his hands. Rising higher he moved his hands under her knees, holding her legs up, his hands on her shoulders, with her hands pulling against him at his waist.

He started pushing up the pace, telling her, “I’m gonna tear it up—such a hot pussy,” as he shot his come inside her.

“That was nice,” he said, stroking her face as he stayed inside her, still loving very slow, and started whispering to her softly and picking up the pace until he shot a second load into her and held himself inside her, recovering and again starting to fuck her again without pulling out, coming again before finally withdrawing and saying, “This is so good.”

“Do you have to go to work?” Anna asked.

He smiled, “No respite for the wicked.”

He left and we had my reclaiming fuck.

This is her most recent black fucking, and there's more to this story, and a new direction, next post.