Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back in Black

It wasn't an elaborate evening, but after a long hiatus she has once again enjoyed the sensation of a long, thick black cock entering her body. She had selected the regular from her past exploits that she was familiar with, was reliable about meeting when he said he would meet, and incidentally had the longest, thickest cock of any of her past partners.

The eagerness that lit up after her hesitant lead-up was something to behold. When she wrapped her hand around his cock she was sucking him in seconds, with moans mixed with grunts of desire. Turned on and wanting it was an understatement.

I'll elaborate in detail after the holiday.

Her word to describe it was "intense".

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back In The Wild Life Again

Short version is she is going to get black fucked tomorrow night for the first time in almost two years. 

The lover is one she has been with a few times, and I did note the guy she had chosen just happens to be the one with by far the largest cock. She remarked, "Any woman who tells you size doesn't matter is lying."

I am counting nothing official until it happens, having been on this roller coaster for a while now, but this time she has refined what she wants to do and how to handle it. 

She says she has had her fill of dealing with reading the guy's emails, talking on the phone prior, dealing with the no shows and having all the apprehension and tension leading up to the actual meeting. Now how she wants to handle it is she wants me to set it up.

"You know what I like," she said. And I do. 

We also understand what caused us stopping. A series of weird guys (one who quit in mid-fuck because I was taking photos--as I had clearly said I would be doing), a no-show, some regulars being distracted when they met with her, and on top of that our becoming a caregiver for a family member, and having only one day a month in which we might be able to meet someone. We were forcing ourselves to meet, as if we didn't meet that day we would have to wait a month or so, never mind that we were exhausted from caregiving. 

But all that has changed. The hotel is rented, she is on board and looking forward to it, and a second guy a few days after that is meeting us for drinks.