Monday, January 11, 2010


We had a couple of months break due to family obligations, Anna was visiting family out of town, and when she came back home we were spending time out by the pool. The rennovation of the pool area was completed while she was gone, so this was her first day enjoying it. It was a Friday, we had the day off and were poolside shortly after noon, and started drinking then. As the day wore on we started talking about sometime having one of her black lovers join us at home, around the pool.

"It would save the cost of a hotel room," she commented.

It was around 4 p.m. at this time, and she also added, "Menard will be getting off work about now."

I took the hint, called his cell, and in a half hour he called, said he'd just finished a shower, and upon hearing of my invitation told us he would be there in a couple of hours.

He was right on time, despite his getting a speeding ticket on the way, and he took a drink and sat at the table drinking it.

Anna was wearing a black sheer swimsuit that she only wears when the two of us are together around the pool, and as he drank the first drink he reached out and pinched her nipple hard through the sheer cloth. As we talked at my request she pulled the top down, so that she was topless and as we drank and talked he would reach out and caress a breast or pull on a nipple. she got on his lap stradding him, him fully clothed, her bare from the waist up, and they began kissing, she unbuttoned his shirt and as he tugged on her nipples he said he would like to use nipple clamps on her. She laughed and asked, "Want to?" He looked surprised and I told them, we have some, and Anna said, "Go get them."

They were kissing when I returned, and I handed them to her and she adjusted the clamp on one nipple, and took the other end of the chain and handed it to him, "Want to do one?" she asked.

Menard did. With both her nipples hard and erect in the clamps, connected by the chain, she kissed him, eagerly, the chain brushing his chest.He tugged gently on the chain and one clamp popped off, and she was gasping as he did, her chest heaving as
she put it back on. She was hot, and rather than kiss again she unbuckled his pants, pulled out his cock and began sucking his cock, the nipple clamp slipping off one nipple again and remaining on her left breast. He took her wrists and pulled her up,
pulling down on her suit, and she stepped out of it, the effort causing the other clip to slip off.

Anna didn't re-clamp her nipples, instead taking his wrist and leading him toward the chaise longue. She lay her towel on it, and he leaned back naked and my nude wife leaned over him and and sucked him before stradding the chaise longue and guiding his cock inside her, bareback. She began riding and rocking on his cock, occasionally leaning over to kiss him, sometimes as they fucked he was playing with her breasts. When her orgasm started breaking he moved his hands to her shoulders and pressed her body down harder on his cock as she bounced up and down on it, her hands clutching his forearms, moaning and cumming in this position.

Anna moved off him and stepped into the pool, with he and I following, just floating for a while until he had recovered, and together we went inside our house to the spare bedroom.

Menard ate her pussy for several minutes before scooting her to the edge of the bed and with her legs back and open moved his cock back into her pussy. she moved up higher and he bucked between my wife's legs, his dark cock glistening with her juices and the come inside her from their previous fucking. For a long while it was just such hard fucking, nothing fancy, just my wife on her back with her legs open and a black man's hard cock inside her pumping her as she grunted and moaned in pleasure, until once again he came inside her.

They cuddled, I got water for everyone, and she started playing with his cock, sliding down enough so that she could rub the head of his cock over her nipple and breast. That always turns her on, and he was rock hard, and before long she was sucking his cock again. He rolled to his back and she got on top of him and was soon rocking back and forth on his cock, grinding her pelvis down on him as he squeezed her breasts, one in each hand, hard enough to leave hand prints, his thumbs roughly sliding over each nipple.

Anna leaned back thrusting her pelvis and then back over again as he put both hands on her ass and pulled, her ass cheeks opening to reveal her puckered ass, which she had already declared off-limits. Instead he slapped her ass, leaving the red
imprints of his fingers on both cheeks of her ass.

She got louder, enjoying it, still moving on his cock has he began to slap her ass in rhythm, each slap reddening her ass more and eliciting more moans of pleasure. She was into it. She came, and when she pulled off him he pulled her up over him so he could eat her, and they shifted into a 69 befor her climbing back over him.
He pressed his finger against her ass but never tried to put his finger in there, and eventually he came inside her a third time.

He had to get up early for his job and was going to have to leave around 2 a.m. My wife and I went to bed, I fucked her in her silky seconds state, adding my come to the three loads inside her, and we dozed off. At 2 a.m. her clock went off, and she
got out of bed. I looked over at her standing in the bathroom mirror brushing her hair, nude, pulling a housecoat on and walking out the door.

I assumed she was going to wake him up, put him on his way as he said he had to leave for his job around then, and come back to bed, as she had done when he was with us in the cabin. I listened for a minute, and figured if they were fucking I'd hear it, and after about 10 minutes I got up, walked close to the door and heard nothing, so I went back to bed. I heard the chime of our door alarm and looked at the clock, it was 2:40. In seconds I felt her climb in the bed beside me.

"Where the hell have you been?" I said.

"I wanted to be sure he was up and get him started," she said in the darkness.

"For 40 minutes?"

Anna paused for a minute. "Well we made love again."

This was off plan for me, as I wanted to walk in later or at least be aware of it to hear them, but this hadn't happened. It wasn't a big deal, but I told her, "Well since I wasn't there you do have to tell me about it in detail."

She began to softly describe how she had gone to wake him up at 2 and he told her he didn't have to get up until 2:30, so she had climbed in the bed with him, spooning, and dozing off, and then waking up and began playing with his cock. He had rolled over and she had sucked him hard, he had kissed her, got her robe off and she had moved over him, holding her body over him as he fucked her quick and hard, moving underneath her until he came inside her again. He had gotten dressed and left for his job, and my nude wife had come back to bed with me. As I moved over her for my reclaiming fuck she said, "Damn I'm so tired."

"Yeah, but you know the deal," I added, and she nodded.