Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ups and Downs In Interracial

For two weeks we didn’t do anything, or even talk about it much.

We had a meeting set up with her 8th guy, Menard, for a repeat, but she had
traveled the night before the planned meeting and came home dog tired and we canceled.

So we emailed Darnell, and she was really looking forward to fucking him, and after a few weeks advance notice on the day before I emailed to confirm a time, and he emailed back that he had to see his accountant, with his travel schedule this was not the time, and perhaps we should reschedule. We checked with the hotel and it was a non-cancelable reservation. (But they did). In the meantime I emailed him and said to not bother, that we were not going to stay in town.

In a later email I suggested that we try to get together in a small town with a
new hotel about an hour’s drive for each of us...and he has not even responded. Anna was afraid I had pissed him off (she loves the way he fucks and that he is uncircumcised) and so she wrote contacted him directly, basically saying she didn’t want to offend him and certainly wanted to get together with him again. He wrote back saying he agreed that the fucking was to good to drop, so another get-together is planned in the future at some undetermined date. The significant thing is that she didn’t want to give him up.

She got down, considers every postponement a roller coaster emotional ride, and she said, “If one other person turns me down I’m quitting this.” I tried to soothe her but nothing worked. I confirmed with our guy at the beach, Devin, and told him that if he got tested she would too and there would be no need for condoms. She had told me in the middle of sex, “That way if I want to go to him in the middle of the night I won’t have to fumble with condoms.” He was going to spend the night in the extra bedroom of the condo.

He was all for that. I emailed him a few days later that she had gone for her
test, and he emailed back, “kool”.

So that was the next Thursday. And a few nights before she came into the room
and told me, Why don’t you email Menard and see if he wants to meet us on Sunday.” I did. And when I told her she just got this far away look in her eye and
said, “It’s been so long.”

I noted the difference this time because she knew we had something set up four
days later. So she was going to get fucked by two different lovers within a five day period. This is uncommon for her.

So we met Menard on Sunday, and he came straight to our hotel room, we talked briefly with him sitting beside her on the sofa, I went to the restroom, came out and they were making out, and broke when i came back. After a while I repeated, and this time they stripped down, and he sucked her nipples, kissed her neck, and she was grunting and moaning in obvious passion and pleasure—stimulated by her time since it had happened. They moved to the bed, he ate her pussy until she orgasmed, and as they shifted she looked over at me—obviously wanting me to hand her a condom, which I did.

He stood up, she got on her knees in front of him and put the condom on him and then sucked him with the condom on before she leaned back on the bed with her legs spread, parting the lips of her pussy with one hand while he crawled on the bed, licking her soaked and glistening pussy before moving between her legs and sliding his cock into her in one thrust. It was nothing exotic, just straight hard pounding fucking, and considering the time since she had done it it was what she wanted and it showed in her moans and her arching her pelvis against him and grinding herself against his cock. With that intensity it couldn’t last long and it didn’t.

After she came again he rolled off her and she moved on top of him, spending a
lot of time with his cock grasped in her hand and rubbing it in and out of her pussy, over her clit, before finally lowering her body onto him and rocking back and forth. This time when she moved off him there was no rubber on his cock. she was starting to put him back inside her and I pointed out the condom was lost—so she stopped, I handed her another rubber, and they finished fucking, cludding for a while before someone mentioned dinner.

We went to dinner at the restaurant beside the hotel, and he sat opposite me in
the booth beside her, and as I watched he held her hand and rubbed the inside of her thigh as we ate, (she was wearing jeans so this wasn’t like an erotic story you’d
read online), but just the same it was obvious to anyone there who she was with.

We went back to the room and it was almost a carbon copy of the earlier fuck,
making out on the couch first, stripping each other, him sucking on her breasts and playing with them a long time (he obviously likes them as much as I do!) And then when he fucked her for a while he pulled out and began hitting her clit with his cock, and she went wild, she loves that, and she got loud and eager then, bucking and writhing beneath him until she stood it as long as she could and reached down and guided him inside her.

With that kind of forward move Menard started pounding her hard again, she was almost ready to come when he was dick-slapping her clit, and she came, but he didn’t slow down, just kept fucking her until she came again, and then he reached his climax.

They lay there and she moved into a 69, and sucked him and he began moaning this time, sucking his cock until he came in her mouth and holding her mouth on his cock until she had swallowed every bit of his come.

Cuddling followed, and she stroked him hard again and he fucked her a third final time in missionary position.

The beach and her next lover were only 4 days away.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bouncing back or not...

Time frame reference:
If you haven't figured it out by now our interracial fun is a small part of a very real life. Which means this is not something we do five nights a week. Considering that we've been posting this blog for less than a year, and in that time we've covered in chronological order over three years of hotwife fun. Which is a roundabout way of saying we will soon be narrating this blog in real time, so do not get discouraged if we go six to eight weeks or more without posting, because it simply means we have our real life get in the way of our playing.

Anna has said she would play once a week or more if she could.

Our most recent activities since March of this year has reached new levels, going outside our normal comfort zones--but you'll see that in the next few posts.

I think the one amazing thing looking back is considering what we have done since we first talked about this in hotwifing is how everything we have done has seemed so natural and evolved so smoothly, even though considering some of the things we've done lately compared with our first few times -- well if you had asked us at that time if we would ever consider some of the things we've done we'd say, "Hell no."

Such is life, I guess we all end up doing things that we never thought we would.

That doesn't mean we've not had our ups and downs with it, and with her considering and taking about quitting after the rejection.

In the few weeks that followed she was down, and stated, "You said we'd stop if I wanted, and I don't care if I ever do it with anyone new again."

So I didn't talk about it, I got the flu, she had to go out of town, and finally we were in the hot tub with drinks, on her birthday, and I told her that her present would be when we go to the beach that I had one of her former lovers and had arranged for her to go on a solo date with him, so he could show her off like she wanted, and be seen in public with a black man.

She was excited, and soaked as I touched her, and we fucked twice before going to sleep. She thanked me as she knew what a concession it was for me to no be there.

When I was online the next day I saw the guy that is going to take her out in a few weeks, told him that I had told her and she was excited about going.

Last night we went to the hot tub and while sitting there she asked me exactly what I had told him. She was concerned that I might have pressured him into taking her out. So when I related the conversation she eased off and said the way I had approached it was fine. She didn't say she didn't want to do it by the way, and she got hot and we talked about hooking up with someone this weekend, and I had arranged for her to get together with a previous lover in a couple of weeks, and she was good with that.

I told her he had bailed for this weekend, and she said we need to find someone. I suggested she go to our swinger site and look for someone.

She got up after I dozed off and was downstairs until 1:30. I knew she was surfing looking for black cock. Over breakfast she said she had emailed a few guys, and I opened up the site and read where she had written a guy and said she wanted to meet him. She's back in the black cock groove.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The End of Sam

The End of Sam.
Sam is the guy who took her black-cherry, and as is often the case went through a period of infatuation with him. All in all we'd and he's fucked her four different times. He spent the night the first night, and was basically her first public date when we went to a strip club earlier this year. Even once we were going through his town and met him for lunch and made plans to get together in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

We were supposed to hook up with Sam on a stated evening, and had arranged it via email and confirmed the week before. That night he dressed up in a hot cowl neck top that dipped almost to her waist, and black pants, and we went to the appointed bar to meet him. At 45 minutes after the time we were supposed to meet (and we do understand "black time") I texted him with a "??" and his response was, "At Pat O's, trying to get away".
We waited long enough for him to walk that distance to our bar, and he didn't show. We went back to the room and it wasted the rest of the night. She really loves fucking him, and was insulted and disappointed.
The next day we are in our favorite bar with friends and he comes in with a mid-thirties brunette, quite obviously the two were together, and that iced it with Deanna.
I saw her Anna's discomfort and texted him, "Just so you know, you really blew it."
He texted back, "Had unexpected woman troubles."
No need to tell him that was the wrong answer. Anna told me in that voice that told me her mind was made up--and wouldn't change, "He's history."

The following night we drank far too much, ended up in a bar with live music. I went to the restroom, and when I came back she was gone. I waited for several minutes and she came over and this much older black guy, a singer with the band, came up and sat down and talked to us for a minute, shaking my hand.
She leaned over in my ear and whispered, "I think I want to fuck him. He's already fingered me." I sat there stunned, and she did go to the restroom this time.
What had happened was she had gone to the back of a the bar and asked for a pack of sugar to get rid of her hiccups, and while there started talking to the singer, who was taken with her (naturally). And since he was dark black that didn't hold her back either.
In the course of her conversation he asked, "Can I touch you?"
She said yes and he slid his hand up her leg, she parted her legs and she had taken off her panty hose earlier in the evening and wasn't wearing panties, so when he hit her bare pussy he put a finger right inside her.
She didn't say how long he did that, but it was in open view of anyone sitting on that side of the bar. She reached over and grabbed his dick and it was rock hard and big.
He went back to the bar, and after she told me that I went to him, told him how we played it, with me there watching, how I was kool with it, and I was an observer not a director, and that I would photo and film.
"Give me five minutes," he said.
Deanna came back to my table, I told her what he said, and we watched him stand up and walk straight out the door, not to return.
All in all it was not a good trip.