Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Ready to go to Hedo

Ready for Hedo
And then two weeks later we were going on vacation in a few days, flying to the Caribbean (Hedo), and the night we were staying near the airport she had written her previous guy—and also a second guy in case the first one didn’t do it.
That evening in the hot tub I asked her why she was being so aggressive?
“I want to get my six guys lined up so I can get started,” she smiled.
“You like this don’t you.”
“I love it, but you knew I would” Yes I did.
I remarked that she might have to do 20 or so guys to find six regulars. How you feel about that? Fucking 20 or so guys?” I remarked—to the woman that said she didn’t want to sleep with a lot of guys. She just smiled that little sly smile back and didn’t answer in words—but I knew what she was thinking.
Later than night with a good buzz on we watched a video of two black guys fucking a petite blond. “That’s what I want.” She said plainly.
“When we do it I want to take you and two black guys to the mountains to a cabin for the weekend and fuck the whole weekend, one at a time, two at a time, you , both of them, over and over.”!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Repeat with No. 3

We went on our trip the next day, and on the return trip two days latter we had planned to meet with a second black guy. She had talked to him on the phone, and as we drove back she said she’d much rather meet with Terrell again. So we called him and agreed to meet for dinner.
We had a nice dinner at a good restaurant, pleasant conversation, drinks. We wandered up the street, had a strong drink and she started holding his hand. I took her other hand, and whispered in her ear, “It turns you on that people here on the street see you holding hands with him doesn’t it.”
“Hell yes.” She said.
“And you love him showing you off.”
“And I bet most of them know that you’re going to be fucking him in a few minutes,” I whispered, and she squeezed my hand and then turned loose of mine, continuing to hold his hand, and moving closer against him.
When we got back to the room they kissed for a while, she eagerly opening his pants, dropping to her knees and sucking his cock until he was rock hard, and then she stood, took his hand and led him to the bed. She rolled him to his back, went down on his black cock some more, and then looking over at me straddled his cock and guided it inside her, where she started riding his cock. After several strokes she turned to do a reverse cowgirl, and I videoed as she did, reinserting his cock and finally rolling to her back and he crawled between her legs and started a fucking that I can only call amazing, fucking her for at least an hour without coming (at least him coming) she came repeatedly, time after time. Again it wasn’t all that visually erotic, if you saw it on film it was a white woman with a black man’s ass rising and falling between her legs, and her making a lot of pleasurable moans of orgasms.
Finally they broke and cuddled, and after a while he started eating her pussy, and then he noticed I was standing there with a camera, and he leaned back so I could get a great shot, almost posed, his him putting his black cock into my wife. He fucked her again, she on her side and him behind her, and she was absolutely lost in it.
The first three times with her two previous lovers she had some reservations—the first time ever with Sam, the idea of someone new with Zeb, but with Terrel it was different—but something she was used to now, something she was comfortable with, and this time she really let go. She held nothing back.
At one point he went back to eating her pussy and he tried to rim her ass and she pulled away, but later, with her on top as he kissed her breasts, he fingered her and then moved higher and fingered her ass. She got off more on that.
He fucked her so long It was so long it was almost boring, as he was on top of her pumping and not very conducive to me being able to see anything. Finally he finished and left.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She Has More Black than White

Her first time with her third black lover was a pivotal night in our interracial journey. She met and fucked her third different black guy. It is pivotal because when his cock slid inside her it would mark the moment that that she had felt more different black cocks inside her that white.
As for the night itself, she had responded to an email from him and in turn got a number from him to call. The call went well and we decided to meet in New Orleans. We were on a trip in that direction so we decided to stay over. We met in the bar, he was late, and called a couple of times as he was stuck in traffice, heightening my wife’s anticipation.
When he arrived we exchanged pleasantries over a drink, things seemed to be going well, and we decided to walk down Bourbon street.
She went to the restroom while he and I stood there. restroom I told him we needed to get the husband questions out of the way: no problem with me being there, taking photos, and he was disease and drug free,
He asked “does she like anal?”
“Hell no, it will freak her out,” I answered.
We bought more drinks as we went down the street, they got closer. We stopped at one point and I took a photo of him with her, and then with him standing there she flashed her breasts at me and I took a photo of the two of them. I think it shocked him, but turned him on as well. She was wearing black pants with a blue v-neck blouse with thin shoulder straps. There was crochet work along the edge which allowed the top to be lower than usual and still be discreet, but made it easy for her to slide the straps down he shoulder and flash.

We turned back to our hotel.
He kissed her in the hall as I unlocked the door, and they stepped inside and continued kissing. I have to say it was different this time. She was more comfortable with everything—I’m not sure if it was the drinks, him, or just the familiarity of how this was done, but she was more into it.
The stripped each other while they kissed. She leaned over from the waist to suck him and instead he pulled her up into his arms and then leaning down picked her up with his arms under her knees and back. As she kissed him carried her to the bed. They got in a 69, with him on top and she sucked his cock with her head hanging off the bed, and he was long. They reversed positions, kissed some more, and he reached for the nightstand and opened a condom. Then she moved up, and as she spread her legs he moved between her, parted her lips with the head of his cock and slowly slid it inside her. My wife was now by my definition a true slut for black cock, as she had now fucked more black cock than white.
He fucked her that way until she came, and squirted, then he turned here on her on her side and fucked her, and she was letting go on a level I had never seen. He wasn’t talking to her like Kevin, but was just fucking her continually, without coming, and she was moaning, screaming, and punctuating inbetween with “Yess”, “Oh my God,” “Yeeesss”. He fucked her till she squirted, and then changed her position again , doggy this time, and they took a break. She went to get a bottle of water, and he met her before she could get back to the bed, kissing her and moving to slide his cock inside her as she stood there, fucking her until she came, and squirted again, soaking the carpet. She was spraying her juices, and coming as loud as I have ever heard her come.
He laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her again and put his cock inside her and began pumping his cock in and out of her and she was coming again. There is not a lot of description that be added her, except to say she was moaning, coming, squirting, sometimes with her legs up to her shoulders, sometimes with her legs down, and with him continually fucking her. I had never seen anything like it. He didn’t stop—and I could prove this by the video—he fucked her continually for almost 50 minutes. Without him coming. And with her hitting a plateau and coming for probably 10 straight minutes at the end. For anyone reading this that wants to hear detailed descriptions it is hard to add more to in than that. No dirty talk, no different positions, no smacking her butt, nothing but just heavy breathing, moaning, and non-stop fucking, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, and when he started pumping fast there was a “slap, slap, slap” with was combination of her bare pubis slapping against her shaved pussy and his balls slapping up against her n the down stroke. Her only words, over and over, sometimes moaned, sometimes hissed between clenched teeth, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Ohhh Yes”.
Finally he came and rolled off of her.
“Wow,” He said, “she sets the standard.” Then seriously he said, “You must be dehydrated from the loss of fluids.” My wife just smiled a smile that I can only describe as cocky and self-assured. Her chest was still rising and falling gasping for air.
I don’t know why but I handed him a dry erase marker. “Here,” I said, “Sign your work.”
He hesitated, laughed, and took the marker. Writing on her lower chest and belly, “3 Hours and Still going.” He kept talking about how she could just keep going.
When he left I added to the marker writing, “Third black cock. Official Black cock slut now.”
Then it was time for me to reclaim her, and did.

I don’t think everything had really registered about the night before. At least as much as I would discover later—but that is for a future post.
As we were driving away from the hotel the next morning, I asked her, “If something happened to me, would you only date black men?”
“Yes,” she said. “If we had started with white guys maybe I wouldn’t, but now, I think I would. I wouldn’t get married again though.”
“It was always a fantasy, you know that,” she said, “but now that we’ve done it, I’m used to doing it, and I like it.”

RECAP: If you’re new to this blog this is the narrative of how my very traditional straightlaced wife opened up her slut side to become a hot wife – and by her own words a “Slut for Black Cock.”
The progression starts at the beginning of this blog when we met as teenagers, so if you really want to understand her journey I would suggest you start at the beginning. But at this point in the narrative of the journey she has had an affair with a white guy, began flashing at Mardi Gras and progressed to letting some guys cop feels or kiss her nipples for beads. She worked as a phone sex operator, and at a March Mardi Gras met the first black guy that would end up taking her black cherry less than 8 weeks later in late April.
She fucked him again in late May, and did not enjoy her second black cock until August. This guy was had a huge cock, was aggressive as far as slapping her ass while they fucked and talking nastier, but after that time he never contacted us again. The just described even was in October. Everything sounds like it is going great—which is reason enough to know that in the upcoming posts it will not be that great.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mentally Preparing for Number Three

I traveled out of town and she was asking if either of her two previous lovers had written, so to heighten the excitement of my being away from her I sent her to a swinger site where I had set her up a profile, and a classified ad theme site devoted to interracial sex. She surfed it briefly, and then she got discouraged and started getting uneasy about how it was worded and I made a new ad for the theme site and sent it in.
I checked the site, looked under the sent mail, and she had picked out a few guys and had emailed them.
I was amazed at this “I don’t want to sound too forward” woman I was married to was emailing black men to discuss their fucking her—while I was gone. She had my encouragement and permission but it was still a big step for her. I clicked on the account the next morning and saw that the night before she had answered emails from several black men, and even went so far as to ask some for phone numbers so she could call them.
She called one man, considered meeting him, and when we talked about it there were some issues about it, some things he said freaked us out, nothing outrageous, but just maybe a little too forward for a first conversation. We followed our gut and let the contact with him drop.
In the intrim neither of her first two lovers could meet, and she was ready for more cock, and it stepped up her intensity of finding someone. We were talking about the excitement of our new lifestyle when she said in the middle of the conversation, “It’s been four months,” she said.
“Well you probably are going to have to find six or so guys so that when you get ready one of them should be available.” She nodded, and smiled that little sly smile of hers that I know she is imagining herself on her back with a big black cock inside her.
Her last encounter had turned her onto a big cock because she said she had loved it, and had rejected one black guy on the swinging site because he was “not big”.
Over the next few days she stepped up her correspondence, and I showed her how to surf the swinger site for photos of potential partners—and she went at it aggressively, spending most of the time that week pursuing hook ups for guys to fuck her. She ended up with one black looking Hispanic guy with plans to meet for drinks. She had told me that she really wanted to get fucked in New Orleans, and we would be spending one night there on a trip and a second night there a few nights later. I was keeping hands off and letting her run with, but I would check the correspondence periodically. I was stunned to discover that she had lined up a different guy for each night.
This third lover would mark an milestone in my opinion, it would mark the point in her life in which she had fucked more black men than white.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Her Second Black Cock

Just for a timeline reference on things, we talked about doing others for years, and she met her first black lover at Mardi Gras and we met him a few weeks later for her first experience. This was in April. She met him for a second time in late May. And then our real lives got in the way and I really was worried about her developing an emotional relationship with Sam, so I resisted another meeting until she had had some more experiences with different guys. I've described most of this in the last few posts.

The following took place in August--and which is really a realistic timeline for us even today. She'd play more if she could but our real lives get in the way.

And if you think I've got total recall to remember the conversation, I can honestly say it is not my imagination or even my recollection. As I've stated several times I video everything, and this is exactly as it really happened.

I left the room to let them talk, and he was very articulate, talked easily, and told her it was his birthday and she could help him celebrate his birthday. I think that was the final straw. She asked where we would meet, I called him and asked, call the Hilton, got a room reserved and called him back, setting it up for 8:30 in the hotel bar that same night.

She was giddy like a school girl getting ready for a date.
Upstairs she showered, shaved her pussy bare, and laid out her clothes to wear, trying on a few things and nothing to revealing. “I don’t want to lead him on in case I decide not to do it.” We had enough time to pack, drive there, shower, change clothes, and gather our thoughts for about 5 minutes before time to go to the bar.

She had done her nails on the drive, and spent the time in the room applying her make-up. Then she dressed in a low cut black warparound dress, a silver neckace, a thong with a rhinestone diamond where the straps met in the back, and strap high heels with the matching rhinestones on the straps. Her long brunette hair was brushed back and loose. She was delectable. On her right ankle she had an ankle chain with a Q and spade on her I had given her on her first black experience.

We went into the bar, had a drink or two, and he walked in. Late 39's, bald, well built in a tight tee shirt and jeans. I didn’t recognize him but he was alone, walked right up to Anna and sat down beside her at the bar. I asked if he was Zeb and he nodded and we shook hands. He ordered a beer, and we moved to a table, where we sat for a while, I would leave to get drinks, and when I got back the second round she was telling him of her fantasy with black men. Later I learned he had asked “What is it that got you wanting black men?”

It was natural but it was out here now, she was fucking a guy preferably because he was black—and he knew—and she knew—and I knew. It had never been mentioned when she was with Sam. Not either time. And now she was telling a black guy sitting here having drinks with us that she wanted to fuck him because he was black, and he answered that he felt the same way about white women, citing that a lot of black women had attitudes in his opinion.

We talked along sexual lines, nothing specific but more “lifestyle” talk, about how she was uncomfortable admitting we were now in the “lifestyle”, and he cautioned us about getting too involved and getting really out of control. We didn’t get into sexual specifics, but she had sat there long enough thinking about fucking him I felt. Finally she said, “I think we need to take this to the room.”

We paid our tabs and as we walked through the lobby she put her arm in his, claiming she needed to be steadied from the drinks. In the room I unlocked it, moved to a chair and they turned to each other began kissing at the end of the bed, not a long kiss, maybe a minute, and as they kissed he unbuckled his pants and slid them down with one hand, guiding her hand to his cock.

I know this is so stereotypical that is sounds fake but it is the truth, he had a long cock. I mean LONG, and it was hard and straight out. Anna wrapped her hand around it, and dropped to her knees. (He later told her it was 9 ½”) She had one fist on top of the other and still had a lot of cock sticking out to suck. She grunted a low guttural grunt when she took him in her mouth and devoured him. She devoured his cock like it was a long stick of chocolate she had been lusting after forever. Maybe in a sense she was.

He slid her straps off her shoulder as she continued to suck his cock, and flipped her nipples with his fingertips, and stood straight up which his cock straight out for her to suck. And suck she did. Moaning and grunting and enjoying his big cock. She sounded like she was cumming as she eagerly sucked him.
She kissed his balls, holding his cock to the side and it extended beyond the back of her head. She sucked him, and put his cock down her throat, Deep throating him as I had never seen her do before, gagging a bit but still putting his cock down her throat.

She was holding the backs of his legs pulling his cock into her, taking it and rubbing it over her nipples, on occasional “OH GOD” moaning from her as he gave soft moans of pleasure himself, with saying “yeah” softly. She was pumping her hand over his cock, looking up at him as she sucked him.

He pulled her hair back and held it behind her head so he could see her mouth on him, also partially guiding her mouth up and down on him.

“I’m going to love fucking you doggie style” he said. He was moaning too, and then she stood up.

“You ready?” she asked as she let the dress fall, she stepped out of it while he pulled his shirt over his head and stepped out of his pants, and he leaned over and stripped her thong off her. They kissed standing, both naked now, her hand on his hard cock and his fingers moving to her soaked pussy, flicking her clit quickly with his fingertips and sliding his fingers inside her.

“Yess, oh yes” he said. I was afraid he was going to slide his cock into her right there.

“Condoms,” I said, breaking my silence.

“You bring’em?” she asked.

Instead he picked up his pants, reached in the front pocket, and lay three foil packs of condoms onto the nightstand. I looked at them—Magnum XL size. When it rolled it down his cock it didn’t reach the bottom of his cock—and he climbed on the bed and rolled to his back, his cock sticking up, and she climbed on behind him, stroking his rubber clad cock. She moved over top of him, positioning her pussy over his cock that he guided up with one hand as she lowered herself slowly onto his cock, sliding his cock into my wife’s wet pussy. She held herself over his cock, bearing her weigh on her thighs with her feet flat on the bed beside him and moved up and down on his cock as he laid there and enjoyed it. She leaned back with him still inside her, placing her hands just above his knees, her feet flat, and slid his cock in and out of her with her pelvic thrusting, grunting an “Ahh” as she did with each down stroke, finally moving off her feet to her knees, now grinding her pussy against him, his long cock all the way inside her, his hands reaching her breasts and pulling on her nipples as the fucked.

She go louder, her grunts mixing with moans in a regular rhythm that matched her movements on his cock.

Her grunts were in Mmmhh, Mmmmmh, Mummmh and she got faster, moving back to her feet flat beside him and pumping up on his cock faster, her moans changing to Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh’s, her long hair waving back and forth, her breasts bouncing wildly, lost in the fucking. She kissed him as she rode his cock, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Ahhhh, Ahhh” she was almost shouting, the gasping, back off her feet and grinding on him, leaning back, his hand groping and playing with her breasts mre, goind on like this for looong minutes.

Getting louder and louder and the she slowed, got quieter, and slowed, still with his cock inside her, and she moved off him, rolling to her hands and knees as he moved behind her to fuck her doggy style has he had promised.

Once he got inside her he pumped her fast a stroke or two and slapped her ass, softer the first time. I started to say something, as we hadn’t talked about having her ass slapped, but she said nothingi and he slapped her ass harder. She moaned in pleasure and I leaned back in the char. Then turning almost sideways with his left foot over her right shoulder, fucking her sideways, her ass and pussy up in the air with her shoulders flat on the bed, moving around to fuck her hard, and telling him, “Yess, mmmm, fuck me.” She said it lowered and he slapped her ass again, harder, reaching forward and pulling her hair back as he moved slowing in and out of her pussy, all the way inside her with his long cock, a loud “mmmmh, mmmuh” with each stroke, missed with slaps, and “ohhhh’s” and “Yessss,” She raised back to her hands and he held her ass on him as she ground and moved on his cock without her moving, holding onto her hair with one hand now, holding her hips against him only letting go to slap her ass or lean forward and squeeze her breast, holding onto it hard as she fucked against him, the she slowed and he pumped her, moving her back until his feet were on the floor, their bodies slapping as they rammed against each other.

She buried her head into the pillow so she could scream her muffled, “ooohh GOOood” and as he continued fucking her she begged, “come in my cunt” oohh come in my cunt. Tell me when you’re ready to come in my cunt.”

She came but he didn’t stop, slowing his fucking but never taking it out of her pussy. She moved her feet between her legs like Sam had done her. Slapping her ass every now and then, and she started having another orgasm.

“You like my black cock?” he ask as he fucked her,

“Yess,” and he slapped her ass when she answered, then he moved over her on his feet on the bed, leaning almost over top of her with his cock still buried in her pussy.

“You love my big dick?” he asked.

“Yess, you know I love it,”


Oh my God, Oh my God, yesss.” He let his weight down on her pussy, her flat on the bed with her legs spread and his cock still inside her. “Yess, Yess”, she hissed through clenched teeth.

He took her left leg and pulled it up, picking up the pace, then rolling her to her side, one leg up, his cock inside her, one hand on her breast pulling it as she fucked him, “Oh yesss. “ohhh” throatier, “Muuuuh, Ohhhhhh, Ohhhh Yesss” through her teeth.

“Oh yess,” he said, and she answered.

She started building to another orgasm “Ohh fuck me” “I love how you fuck me” she breathed.

“You like my dick?”

“I love your dick,” she gasped.

“Oh yess, she repeated again. Slap.

“Um huh?” he said, pumping her faster.

“Oh God. Fuck me.”

“Um huh?” SLAP
“Oh God that feels so good.” Her ass was red with his handprints from his slapping of her ass. He started pumping her faster, then flattening her on the bed again. Holding one foot up.

“Oh fuck me. Cum in my cunt. Tell me when you’re gonna cum in my cunt”

Then her Muummh, Oh Mummmh Oh SLAP, SLAP, harder SLAP

“Oh cum” all mixing with their Yeahhhs,

You’re so wet,” he moans. Ohhh himself, mixing with her whimpers now.


“I love it.” She said.

“That dick?”

“I do, I love it.” Slap

Oh yes.” SLAP

Mmmm?” SLAP

He slowed again. “Oh yeah.

“Yeah you do.”

“I do, you know it do. Fuck me. God you’re such a good fuck.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Ohhhhh” she breathed, “Oh yesss.”

I want you to cum, he said. Mmmh huh?

“Yess, you know I love it.”

She screamed as she came, and the she slowed, and stopped. “I need to take a break.”

“You want to rest a minute?”

“Yes, I need to take a break.” He didn’t move, just slowed, still fucking her.

“You know you like it.”

“I do, I do.” She said. “I love your cock in my pussy.”

She sat on the foot of the bed and he sat in the chair, pulling his briefs back on, and they talked for a few minutes about different chit-chat. She was taking her bare foot and running it up and down his leg, and then she fell to her knees in front of him, pulling his cock out the side of his briefs and sucking more, sucking him rock hard again and laying back again for him to keep fucking her.

He’d change position, fuck her for a while, move, fuck her some more, and she started her loud rhythmic cumming and started squirting as he fucked her. He loved it, saying she was on the second woman who had ever done that, and he pulled out for a minute to rest, and the lay on the bed, not cuddling but just beside each other resting.

She said something about trying a new position and I suggested reverse cowgirl, she he said “yeah” and she moved over him and I went to the front side so I could see his cock sliding into her. She was so quick that she had him cock inside her before I could get around and get the camera turned on,. “Shit, I missed it,” I exclaimed.

My wife, facing me, sitting on this guy’s big black cock buried into her pussy, looks me straight in the face and asks, “Want me to do it again?”

I nodded, and she moved off his cock, hovering her pussy over it, positioning it to her pussy with one hand, and lowered her body onto the top of it, rubbing it back and forth and then lowering her body all the way onto it, moving her pelvis around in a circle, and then she simply forgot I was there and began sliding up and down on his cock, leaning back, up and down, fucking like I could only imagine her fucking before, again cumming and sqiriting before finally moving off his cock and laying on the bed beside him.
They lay there for a few minutes and he told her he had another place he had to be, and he pulled his pants on, we shook hands and talked about another time, and he left.

At which point I began to fuck my wife. As I entered her she said, “I’m sore and a little raw from all that fucking, so go easy.”

I smiled and began fucking her myself—the first of four times before morning, which was the first time in years I've had that happen.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Contact with soon to be Lover No. 2

Over the next weeks she recanted saying she wanted a lot of different black cocks, getting very agitated to me that I was “trying to pimp her out” and that she wondered if she should just stop. “I don’t have to do anyone” she said. She also said she didn’t want to go to Hedo with any expectation of her fucking someone. Which I finally communicated that it was ok if she didn’t. Not sure she has ever really figured out if I agree with her it is not necessarily me “pushing” her into doing something. Sometimes I think she’s more likely to do things if I am reluctant to do something, then she will push ahead.

After 13 days of traveling, we went to the pool, fucked once, and started talking about fucking others, and she said, “I know there will be others, I just don’t want to be pushed.” Which I agreed. She also said that she wanted to see Sam her black guy, and that if we went out that she wanted us to take her to a strip club. Which I said was ok.

She also got to talking about black men, saying, “Well you knew it wasn’t a secret that I was attracted to black men.” I asked her if all things were equal would she pick a black man over a white man and she said, “absolutely.” “You know what they say,” she smiled. I asked if having actually fucked a black man it had made the desire to do it increase, remain the same or decrease. “I want to fuck black men more,” she said.

I suspected that if we went to Hedo and there was a hot black guy there and she gets to drinking she is going to fuck him—just about whether I want her to or not.

Days later we took a long car trip and talked at length about her being resistant to me finding someone as a potential partner. “It’s like you are pimping me out,” she said. “I want to pick them.” Then as we talked further she added, “I’m sure there will be more men, I think we’re both really looking.”

After a few days after that we were having drinks in the pool and she said, “I want to you go online and find someone for me, I want to get fucked in September and get him out of my head.” I nodded, and did nothing until later, when she brought it up again. That night I showed her the online ad I ad sent and suggested she read the emails. She did, finding one she liked, and emailed him that she was interested, asking for a face photo.
He sent it, and then she told me, “I told him I would send him a photo, but I don’t know how, so send it for me.” Later she said another guy had emailed too, wanting a face photo, so I sent both of them

Two days later we got a response, he wanted to meet, and Anna said she was willing to meet. “You work out the details,” she said, “but don’t tell him everything about me.”
I emailed, laid out some basics, and suggested that at some point they talk on the phone because she was very uncomfortable about meeting someone from the internet.

He emailed his number, I told her, and the next day she tried to call him, but he didn’t answer. I emailed him, told him she had tried to call, and on a Saturday morning I checked my PDA and he had emailed. I told her, and she called him that afternoon.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time to Quit or Continue? Second thoughts

Over the ensuing weeks after our second night with her first black lover, she became very antsy, asking if I had sent him photos and if he has responded. He did ask for some, which I sent and then said he wanted to come by and have a drink. Funny thing is earlier, two days earlier, in the pool, having drinks, she asked me, “Would it be ok if he came by here?”
On my gut it sounded like they were talking—or at least heading in that same direction. I thought about it and said it was crazy, that family might drop by, as it was 4th of July weekend, and his family would be close by (he has a brother that lives very near us).
She was very disappointed, to say the least. And then he sent another email, asking again to get together. I answered and said it would be impossible.

Meanwhile we had not talked about it a lot, instead planning a vacation at an open minded adult resort, Hedo, (with the implication that she might find someone and fuck there.) But she got mad at one point, saying that it was time to stop, that she didn’t want to see him again, and it would just escalate, as it has always escalated. “What’s next?” she said.

That night, in the middle of fucking, with a good liquor buzz on, she gasped, “You know where it will end?”


“It will end up with me fucking a lot of different guys, with a gang bang.” She said it in a tone that said to my subconscious to let it lie, and I did.

After watching some interracial videos over a few nights, I did show her the video of her fucking him the second time. After watching it I started it over again just listening to the sound, which was very loud and hot. That’s so hot.
“I love it.” She said as I slid inside her.
“Love his black cock, love his fucking me,” then as I pumped her pussy she said, “I want more.”
“More what?”
“I want a lot of strange men, I want a lot of different black cocks.”