Friday, September 5, 2008

Contact with soon to be Lover No. 2

Over the next weeks she recanted saying she wanted a lot of different black cocks, getting very agitated to me that I was “trying to pimp her out” and that she wondered if she should just stop. “I don’t have to do anyone” she said. She also said she didn’t want to go to Hedo with any expectation of her fucking someone. Which I finally communicated that it was ok if she didn’t. Not sure she has ever really figured out if I agree with her it is not necessarily me “pushing” her into doing something. Sometimes I think she’s more likely to do things if I am reluctant to do something, then she will push ahead.

After 13 days of traveling, we went to the pool, fucked once, and started talking about fucking others, and she said, “I know there will be others, I just don’t want to be pushed.” Which I agreed. She also said that she wanted to see Sam her black guy, and that if we went out that she wanted us to take her to a strip club. Which I said was ok.

She also got to talking about black men, saying, “Well you knew it wasn’t a secret that I was attracted to black men.” I asked her if all things were equal would she pick a black man over a white man and she said, “absolutely.” “You know what they say,” she smiled. I asked if having actually fucked a black man it had made the desire to do it increase, remain the same or decrease. “I want to fuck black men more,” she said.

I suspected that if we went to Hedo and there was a hot black guy there and she gets to drinking she is going to fuck him—just about whether I want her to or not.

Days later we took a long car trip and talked at length about her being resistant to me finding someone as a potential partner. “It’s like you are pimping me out,” she said. “I want to pick them.” Then as we talked further she added, “I’m sure there will be more men, I think we’re both really looking.”

After a few days after that we were having drinks in the pool and she said, “I want to you go online and find someone for me, I want to get fucked in September and get him out of my head.” I nodded, and did nothing until later, when she brought it up again. That night I showed her the online ad I ad sent and suggested she read the emails. She did, finding one she liked, and emailed him that she was interested, asking for a face photo.
He sent it, and then she told me, “I told him I would send him a photo, but I don’t know how, so send it for me.” Later she said another guy had emailed too, wanting a face photo, so I sent both of them

Two days later we got a response, he wanted to meet, and Anna said she was willing to meet. “You work out the details,” she said, “but don’t tell him everything about me.”
I emailed, laid out some basics, and suggested that at some point they talk on the phone because she was very uncomfortable about meeting someone from the internet.

He emailed his number, I told her, and the next day she tried to call him, but he didn’t answer. I emailed him, told him she had tried to call, and on a Saturday morning I checked my PDA and he had emailed. I told her, and she called him that afternoon.

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