Saturday, September 20, 2008

Repeat with No. 3

We went on our trip the next day, and on the return trip two days latter we had planned to meet with a second black guy. She had talked to him on the phone, and as we drove back she said she’d much rather meet with Terrell again. So we called him and agreed to meet for dinner.
We had a nice dinner at a good restaurant, pleasant conversation, drinks. We wandered up the street, had a strong drink and she started holding his hand. I took her other hand, and whispered in her ear, “It turns you on that people here on the street see you holding hands with him doesn’t it.”
“Hell yes.” She said.
“And you love him showing you off.”
“And I bet most of them know that you’re going to be fucking him in a few minutes,” I whispered, and she squeezed my hand and then turned loose of mine, continuing to hold his hand, and moving closer against him.
When we got back to the room they kissed for a while, she eagerly opening his pants, dropping to her knees and sucking his cock until he was rock hard, and then she stood, took his hand and led him to the bed. She rolled him to his back, went down on his black cock some more, and then looking over at me straddled his cock and guided it inside her, where she started riding his cock. After several strokes she turned to do a reverse cowgirl, and I videoed as she did, reinserting his cock and finally rolling to her back and he crawled between her legs and started a fucking that I can only call amazing, fucking her for at least an hour without coming (at least him coming) she came repeatedly, time after time. Again it wasn’t all that visually erotic, if you saw it on film it was a white woman with a black man’s ass rising and falling between her legs, and her making a lot of pleasurable moans of orgasms.
Finally they broke and cuddled, and after a while he started eating her pussy, and then he noticed I was standing there with a camera, and he leaned back so I could get a great shot, almost posed, his him putting his black cock into my wife. He fucked her again, she on her side and him behind her, and she was absolutely lost in it.
The first three times with her two previous lovers she had some reservations—the first time ever with Sam, the idea of someone new with Zeb, but with Terrel it was different—but something she was used to now, something she was comfortable with, and this time she really let go. She held nothing back.
At one point he went back to eating her pussy and he tried to rim her ass and she pulled away, but later, with her on top as he kissed her breasts, he fingered her and then moved higher and fingered her ass. She got off more on that.
He fucked her so long It was so long it was almost boring, as he was on top of her pumping and not very conducive to me being able to see anything. Finally he finished and left.

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