Friday, September 12, 2008

Mentally Preparing for Number Three

I traveled out of town and she was asking if either of her two previous lovers had written, so to heighten the excitement of my being away from her I sent her to a swinger site where I had set her up a profile, and a classified ad theme site devoted to interracial sex. She surfed it briefly, and then she got discouraged and started getting uneasy about how it was worded and I made a new ad for the theme site and sent it in.
I checked the site, looked under the sent mail, and she had picked out a few guys and had emailed them.
I was amazed at this “I don’t want to sound too forward” woman I was married to was emailing black men to discuss their fucking her—while I was gone. She had my encouragement and permission but it was still a big step for her. I clicked on the account the next morning and saw that the night before she had answered emails from several black men, and even went so far as to ask some for phone numbers so she could call them.
She called one man, considered meeting him, and when we talked about it there were some issues about it, some things he said freaked us out, nothing outrageous, but just maybe a little too forward for a first conversation. We followed our gut and let the contact with him drop.
In the intrim neither of her first two lovers could meet, and she was ready for more cock, and it stepped up her intensity of finding someone. We were talking about the excitement of our new lifestyle when she said in the middle of the conversation, “It’s been four months,” she said.
“Well you probably are going to have to find six or so guys so that when you get ready one of them should be available.” She nodded, and smiled that little sly smile of hers that I know she is imagining herself on her back with a big black cock inside her.
Her last encounter had turned her onto a big cock because she said she had loved it, and had rejected one black guy on the swinging site because he was “not big”.
Over the next few days she stepped up her correspondence, and I showed her how to surf the swinger site for photos of potential partners—and she went at it aggressively, spending most of the time that week pursuing hook ups for guys to fuck her. She ended up with one black looking Hispanic guy with plans to meet for drinks. She had told me that she really wanted to get fucked in New Orleans, and we would be spending one night there on a trip and a second night there a few nights later. I was keeping hands off and letting her run with, but I would check the correspondence periodically. I was stunned to discover that she had lined up a different guy for each night.
This third lover would mark an milestone in my opinion, it would mark the point in her life in which she had fucked more black men than white.

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