Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Ready to go to Hedo

Ready for Hedo
And then two weeks later we were going on vacation in a few days, flying to the Caribbean (Hedo), and the night we were staying near the airport she had written her previous guy—and also a second guy in case the first one didn’t do it.
That evening in the hot tub I asked her why she was being so aggressive?
“I want to get my six guys lined up so I can get started,” she smiled.
“You like this don’t you.”
“I love it, but you knew I would” Yes I did.
I remarked that she might have to do 20 or so guys to find six regulars. How you feel about that? Fucking 20 or so guys?” I remarked—to the woman that said she didn’t want to sleep with a lot of guys. She just smiled that little sly smile back and didn’t answer in words—but I knew what she was thinking.
Later than night with a good buzz on we watched a video of two black guys fucking a petite blond. “That’s what I want.” She said plainly.
“When we do it I want to take you and two black guys to the mountains to a cabin for the weekend and fuck the whole weekend, one at a time, two at a time, you , both of them, over and over.”!

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sexy hotwife said...

Hello....I love your blog. Some of your posts are down right steamy. Very hot! Thanks for sharing. You guys sound like a very fun pair!!