Thursday, January 22, 2009

Third time with the Biggest BC

I think she’s getting addicted to large cock. This time was the third time with Nat, and he has the biggest thickest cock I've ever seen on a man. She says it hurts, and he is emotionally distant, and for a while she was reluctant to meet him again, she just didn’t feel “close” with him. But the more she thought about his big cock—and the fact he is a good fuck and is readily available when we want to meet, he won out.
It was more comfortable this time, as everyone was aware why we were there, what everyone knew was going to happen, and a minimum of formalities. I guess for a third get together it was normal.
The first time we had met in a bar and from there went upstairs and he fucked her several times the first night. He ended holding his cock over her face and she opened her mouth and let him come in it, which was unexpected.
The second time it was at a hotel with a standard, plain hotel room, and they fucked a while and we broke to eat. She had a thin top that showed the darkness of her nipple on one side, more visible to me than when she looked in the glare of the mirror, and she asked him, not taking my word for it, "Can you see through this?" and I of course said "No", and he chimed in immediately, "No, it's ok." She wore it to dinner with her nipple visible for anyone who cared to look.
I told him during dinner when she went to the ladies’ room that she got turned on to dirty talk, that it turned her on. He tried it, but it was clear he wasn’t comfortable with it and this particular evening she was so out of sync that the dirty talk was almost a distraction—but not a turn on or a turn off Despite the wild sex, and her great orgasms, it was just like there was something missing.
We talked about it after the second get together and finally decided it was not that he was bad, he was just the least favorite, and she said she would fuck him again. (She never really said she wouldn't). She also claims that his big cock doesn't make a difference but I've watched her fuck a half dozen different guys now and he gets off on a big black cock-if not mentally-then certainly physically.
So this time it has been a few months, and we set it up, and called, he was good to go. He'd been unemployed for a while, and said at one point that he might have some car problems-but he got them worked out, got tied up in traffic, and called, telling us of the delay, and then asked if I had condoms-which I did.
When he got there he called and I walked him up to the room. She met him wearing her "I love black cock" tee shirt, with a fishnet teddy undeneath and matching fishnet hose. I had told her that I bet he would peel her like and onion when he saw her, but instead they sat down on the couch and we all talked chit chat for a while. He opened up a little about finally getting a job, and made no move. Eventually I went into the bathroom and when I came out she was in his lap, straddling him, kissing him on the suite couch. He was already holding her bare breasts in each hand, the teddy pushed aside and the tee shirt pushed up. They kissed like this for several minutes, their breathing getting heavier and she was doing "ungh, ungh", grunts. It had been a long time since I'd seen her this hot for a cock. He might not have known the signs but I did. She was in full bore slut at that moment. She was leaning her head back as he sucked on her nipples, and already breaking into a sweat.
He stripped off the tee shirt, and they both stood up, stripping, kissing, and when he lowered his pants she instantly reached for his cock inside his shorts. Once in her hand she leaned over from the waist and began sucking him, still in her teddy.she sat down on his knee, him naked, her hand on his cock while he kissed her, her teddy pushed down beneath her breasts, and his left hand fingering her pussy. The grunts increased, and then as they continued kissing and his left fingers in her pussy. He leaned to his pants and pulled out a Magnum condom as she stood and stripped off her teddy. He put the condom on his cock, and as she moved closer he said, "This first time is going to be quick because I've not had sex in a while", which seemed to turn her on more.
She straddled his cock, and guided it to her pussy, moving it back and forth coating the head with her juices and lowering herself down onto that huge black cock in a single motion. She began rocking back and forth on it, alternating with bouncing up and down on it while he held onto her waist for a while, and then would grab and squeeze her white bare breasts in his dark black handles, kissing the nipples at times while he did. She came a squishing squirting orgasm, and he pulled out.
They moved to the bed, where he climbed over her legs, his on the outside of hers and put his cock back inside her and began ramming his cock hard into her. He had the entire bed shaking, fucking like that for a while. Then he pulled out, moved over her, stripping off the condom and she stroked his cock until he came on her tits. She smiled a broad smile and turned to me for a photo, his come on her tits and hands.
They each washed off, and went back to the bed cuddling for a while and then he started fingering her till she started moaning, then he slid lower ate her pussy, and fucked her again before dinner, this time between her legs, holding her hands over her head and not letting her move them as they fucked. Then rolling her to her side and fucked her that way for a long time and fucked her from behind, until he got close to coming and moving her body, coming on her tits and chest again.
We took a break, went to dinner and he sat beside Anna. He declined to eat, saying he'd not been working, but when I told him I was buying he changed his mind, ordered a steak, and when they brought him pork ribs by mistake he freaked, telling them he didn't eat pork. But we got that straightened out, and we went back to the room, where he fucked her on top again, a very long time but it is hard to describe how he just crawled between her open legs and pumped his long thick black cock in and out of her pussy until she came about three times, over about 20 minutes or more. Finally he collapsed and came in the condom, with both of the declaring they were too tired to continue.
I went over to her on the bed, pulled down the sheet, and was playing with her left breast, pulling on the nipple, my camera in my other hand. "Grab her other boob" I asked Nat, and he did, and I got the shot of her smiling at me, one black hand on one breast, one white hand on the other.
He got dressed and as he left and asked to see me outside alone, so I followed him. He asked if he could borrow a couple of bucks for gas to get home. I handed him a 10 and told him we would see him again.
And we will.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Lover

Deanna got on a roll for a while, and surfed the swinger site we are members of, found one guy that she especially liked, emailed him and the next day we got a response. She called him and after a half hour of conversation I heard her hang up the phone, she walked into the living room and told me, “I have a good feeling about this one.”

So we met him in the same hotel as Nat. She was wearing a black thin spaghetti strap lingerie top with an open weave silver colored sweater and black pants, and he came in in a white dress shirt and dress pants. Over drinks we talked, he introduced himself as Kevin, and things were going well, but he seemed a little hesitant.

She had been taking bolder steps in her surfing and our conversations, so I figured I would give her the opportunity to take the lead more. I chose to walk to the hotel close by, she rode with him, and when I walked to the front of the hotel they were getting out of the car. I wondered if he had made an attempt to kiss her, but she later told me he did not.

We went to our room, had more drinks and talked a long while. I left a couple of times to go to the bathroom to give them some privacy to get started. For some reason the moment when a black guy first starts making out with my wife seems to be the most clumsy. Once they start I think her reaction takes all apprehension out of their thoughts, but that first kiss and embrace is the toughest.

The first time nothing happened, just each of them on the couch talking. The second time when I came out the restroom, after staying a while longer than usual, they were not talking, their arms were wrapped around each other and were in a long erotic kiss. He progressed quickly, playing with her breasts outside the cloth, then under her blouse, and of course no resistance but welcoming moans from her when he did.

I quietly moved to the camera and turned it on.

They were both breathing heavily and he took her hand and helped her rise. She went to the bed as he removed his shirt, she turned to kiss him again, and he did, breaking to pull her sweater over her head, and kissed her again as he tugged up her lingerie top, pausing to pull it off, and going straight to her pants, which he unbuttoned and let fall, revealing her lacy g-string.
He started to unbuckle his pants and she went immediately to help. When he felt her hands at his belt he moved to her breasts and played with them letting her continue to unbuckle his pants. She pulled his shorts down and with one hand cupping his balls, the other wrapped around his hard cock, she kissed him again, harder, while he fondled her breasts, pulling on her left nipple hard as the did.

He dropped to his knees and ate her pussy while she stood up, and then he stood up as she sat down on the edge of the bed and started sucking his cock while he leaned over slightly and played with her breasts. She was making little purring noises as she sucked him, enjoying his gasps as she sucked his cock into her mouth. He nudged her back on the bed and went down on her pussy again, his hands on the outside of her legs tweaking her nipples with his fingertips, and her nipples getting rock hard in response, two hard red buds on top of her soft creamy breasts.
She came like this, and he crawled on top of her, kissing her, his cock laying between them as they did, and he asked her between kisses, “Want to go on?”

“Un huh” she whispered back.

“Tell me,” he ordered.

“ I want you inside me,” she told him.

He went to his pants in the floor by the bed, reached inside his pocket, and pulled out a strip of three Trojan magnum condoms. He opened one and still standing started rolling it down his cock. She watched for a second and moved to assist, sucking his cock for a second once the condom was on his cock, he was saying softly as she did, “That’s it, That’s it.”

She lay back, her knees up, and he crawled between her legs.

“You want it?” he asked. “Tell me.”

“Yes, I want it inside me. Put your dick inside me.”

He entered her, she moaned as he did, “Oh God, Yes.” It marked her sixth black guy. (Now has fucked three times as many black guys as white). He fucked her as he held her ankles high, the move lifting her ass off the bed, and as she got more vocal and into the fucking, he lowered his hands to her upper thighs, pulling her against him as he fucked her. He was on his knees, and she had her legs wrapped around his back, heels on is back, sometimes on his ass, sometimes locked behind him locked at her ankles, moaning in pleasure as they fucked, “So good,” she was groaning.

He was whispering things too her that I couldn’t hear, but her response was “Yes, oh yes, I want it, it feels so good, you fucking me.”

Love it?,

Love it?,”

Sas repeating back to him “It feels so good,” she moaned.

Love it?”

“Yes, I love it.”

Sas repeating back to him, “You do it so good.”

“That right? Say it.”

“I love your dick in my pussy.”

He rose off her and pounded her steady and slow, coming again, and collapsing on top of her.
“That hit the spot,” he laughed.

He paused to eat her pussy some more, and then pulled one leg up and slid his cock inside her again, slower, laying on top of her, asking her, “You like that cock in you?”

“I love your cock in me,” she answered.

“You like me eating your pussy?”

“I love how you eat my pussy,” and he rose off her and started pumping her faster and harder, putting his fingers into her mouth for her to suck, which she did, and finally coming.

“Wow.” He said.

He dropped the rubber in the trash, and the cuddled for a short time, everyone having a water, and she rolled over him and sucked him back hard. He retrieved another condom from the nightstand and handed it to her. She put it on him, rolling it down his cock and still holding his cock she straddled him cowgirl, guiding him to her pussy lips and slowly lowering herself down onto his hard cock, his black cock disappearing up inside my wife. She rode his cock for a while, leaning back and his cock popped out. She reversed her position and did reverse cowgirl. He had her lean forward off his cock and he told me, “You have to see this from this angle,” and I walked around to see his cock and her pussy interior bulging out toward him as she slid away from his cock. I took a photo or two, and she watched us in the mirror she was facing, listening with a strange look on her face as her husband and the black man whose cock was inside her pussy discuss how how that scene she could see really was.

She came like that and when she rolled off him he tapped her ass and she took the hint, going to her knees, and he put his cock inside her doggy style, his body making loud audible “pop”, “pop” sounds when their flesh hit as he rammed home. He came like that, and ate her pussy and then fingered her from behind. They took a break, we fixed fresh drinks, and they were still naked cuddling. She moved to his front and on her knees took his cock into her mouth again. He pulled her hair back and held it with one hand, holding her back from sucking his cock, teasing her with it, pulling it away when she tried to take him in her mouth, then rubbing his cock wet with her spit and his pre come over her face. He stopped the teasing and let her suck him, which she did eagerly.

He pulled his cock away from her mouth, put a new rubber on, and led her to the easy chair, had her get into it and pulling her legs up over her head fucked her in the chair for a couple of strokes, pounding her, his knees on the floor. He moved her back to the bed, holding her legs wide apart as they fucked, fucking her hard making her boobs bounce wildly, almost as if he was trying to shake them off her body. Talking to her as he fucked her, “Want it?”
“Yes I want it. Fuck me. It feels so good.”

He was putting his fingers in her mouth again as they fucked, holding her hands on the outside of her thighs as she raised her ass off the bed and ground her pussy against him, his cock as far as it would go inside her.

She came, and he lay there with his cock still inside her, kissing her, the pulled out and
stopped to eat her for a while, holding both of her hands in his while he did.
They stopped to rest again, and she leaned over on him. He was playing with her breast with one hand and she leaned over putting her nipple in his mouth and he kissed and sucked her nipple as she finished her drink.

“Straddle my face,” he told her. He put her in a 69 that they maintained that for a very long time. He ate her until she came, and then he put her on her back in missionary position and fucked her some more, this time as he fucked her he was whispering in her ear, again I couldn’t hear what he was saying but she was saying, “Yes, put that black dick inside me.”

She put her hands down to has ass has he fucked her, holding her other hand on his head, her knees held up to her shoulders by his shoulders.

“Like my cock in your pussy,” he was asking.

She was repeating back to him, “I love fucking you…I love you black cock in my pussy.” The dirty talk got her going even hotter, and after the final admission to loving his black cock inside her and vocalizing it she came again, as if actually saying it had been the trigger to her coming.
They both collapsed and he got up quickly, saying he had to go to work the next day. She remained nude.

I handed him a marker with the usual, “Sign your work,” admonition, and he leaned over her pussy with not prompting, beginning to write on her bare pubic mound. When he stopped I could see he had written “Property of BBC” on her pussy. I repeated to her what he had written and she just smiled.

He looked down and told her, “I have to tell you, that pussy is the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. I just had to hit it once I saw it.”

We all laughed and she kissed him bye, her naked and he fully clothed, pulling on her nipple with his fingertips and stretching her nipple out as he did. He let himself out. And then it was my turn, and I enjoyed her wet just-fucked pussy as well.

This is true and exactly how it happened, and it is not total recall that I can be this specific about what happened as it did, but simply because I video her being shared and write the descriptions as I watch it again. When we watch them together she often says, "I don't remember that--but it's hot!".