Friday, March 27, 2009

Her 8th Black Lover

We met what would be her 8th black lover in a Holiday Inn bar. He had sent an email from a swinger site, she liked his approach, and the fact he was in a town at which we vacation sometimes and she said she'd like to have someone to play with there.

We approached him in the bar, He introduced himself as Mel, only he and the bartender were there, and he smiled. He had big wide spaced front teeth, and forgive me but I thought she would bail right then. He was good looking enough until he smiled, but Anna, being the nice person not wanting to offend smiled back, ordered a drink, and we moved to a table in the empty bar where the conversation went around to lifestyle stuff, "How long you been doing it? "How'd you get started."

At one point we were talking about photos and I showed him the one of Anna I carry in my wallet and he nearly blew it, "How long ago was that taken?" This is not the thing you say to a woman in her 40's. Anna jerked back like she'd been hit-it hurt. But it didn't register on him and I told her he didn't mean it in that way and he finally picked up on it and agreed. So we talked more and he said no one carries hot photos of their wives in their wallets but on their cell phone-and so I relented, showed him a topless shot of Anna I have on mine. And Anna blurted out, "I was probably on top of one right then."

She wasn't , but she had just been fucked by her big dicked friend so I guess that was close enough.

The conversation went through three drinks before he went to the rest room. "You want to bail?, " I asked.

"No, he's all right," she answered back. When he came back from the rest room I had complained about the watered down drinks, Jack for me, and she asked if I wanted another. I have the unwatered version in the room" I said.

"You ready to go to the room?" She asked. I nodded. "Let's go." And we went, he went to the car for his liquor, asked the room number and when we went to the room Anna said, "He may not come back."

"He'll come back" I said. At that moment he knocked on the door.

They started kissing, he felt her up outside her low cowl neck top that she'd worn a sweater over in the bar, and they kissed. At that point as usual I faded into the background and he laid her back, ate her pussy, she sucked his cock, and without taking the top off, which had slid to the side tantalizing exposing a hard nipple, he climbed between her legs and fucked her. He was probably the smallest cock she's had so far, but he made up for it in enthusiasm and ability to recover quickly. He pull out, take off the rubber, she'd suck his cock and they'd fuck again, missionary three times, her on top twice. Had to admire his recovery time.

The second fuck he was making out with her, he was on top, she was holding his cock, and he tried to slide it in without a condom, and she moved him away from her opening. I saw what was happening and butted in, "Condom"--and he said, "I don't want to but I will if I have to." So he did, and we had no problem with that the rest of the evening"

As they lay there recovering and cuddling after what was I think their fourth or fifth fuck (no kidding)--I handed him a marker with the request to sign his work, and he wrote his name, and I told him others had said "their name and 'was here", so he did, drawing a triangle on her from her pussy to each nipple. "I was here, and here, and here" he said as he drew it.

It revived him again, and she got on top-I'd had a lot to drink and since she was already marked on with the marker I wrote "Loves BBC" on the flat of her ass, which was soon bouncing up and down on his cock. He was bucking his body up underneath her, bouncing her into the air on his cock, and the gravity would slid her back down on it, she was loving it. She was on top, fucking, without her moving.

It took a lot of strength to be able to do that as long as he did. Finally he finished for the evening, said his good byes, and left.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Slow, but some promising preliminaries

We've had little luck hooking up, had to go out of town for a couple of weeks, had conflicts with a couple of her guys, although she definitely wants a repeat with Dr. BBC.

She said she loves playing with his uncircumcised cock, playing with his foreskin, "There's so much you can do with it," she commented, laughing.

Meanwhile we received an interesting email in which a guy with a voyeur fetish wants to watch Anna with Nat He wants his wife to go black, but she hasn't got to that point yet (they're younger and have kids at home), so he's offered to buy the room, meal, drinks, if we will let him watch. When I first mentioned it to Anna she was very turned on, and when I re-mentioned it she was all for it.

Of course I don't think anyone reading this so far expects anything less than her inviting him to fuck her as well once she gets going-but we'll see about that, I'm not pushing it, suggesting it, or resisting it, I'm just playing it by ear. I wouldn't have any objection personally, but I've not been asked either. I did email him back and suggested how we play it. My overeager imagination has already run though the possibility's of renting a limo already. I can't imagine her not blowing Nat in the limo.

New Player

She checked on the swingers site with our ad and mentioned that two of the guys were promising, meaning that they were in the right age bracket, mentioned in their profile about discretion, no drama, and enjoying couples. And the guys are black of course.

So with drinks in us she decided to call a couple of them, and short version we're looking at one hook up Thursday or so, and another Sunday. Should be interesting. She is now more interested in variety and reveling in how each lover is a little different.


We got drunk and fucked and with a marker I wrote Slut for black Dick, with "black" on one boob, "Dick" on the other, and underneath "Loves BBC". I'm getting carried away with this marker stuff.

Made my second trip for rubbers today, just in case, come to find out I still had plenty in the zip up bank bag, but on at least eight different fucks I have handed one of her black lovers either a Trojan Magnum or Magnum XL. Reason I know is I bought a dozen of each and that's the count.

She's gotten more aggressive in her answering mail on the swinger site, and is really hot for this guy in the town a little north of us. She says "I have a good feeling about him." For sure I can tell the excitement. Tonight I'm charging batteries on all the cameras and getting everything ready, bought some more blank tape. Our daughter may come home which may screw up Sunday afternoon (at least for fucking).

She also ordered a Q for her Queen of spades ankle bracelet. I think it is sinking home to her that she can fuck everyone she wants, and I can definitely see something coming in that vein.

Guess we'll see.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Lover

We met the latest guy in the bar, a guy she had contacted while surfing profiles on the swinger site we're members of, and he got her attention when he said he loves women who squirt. After a few emails and a long call, we decided to meet in his nearby town.
I went ahead and met him in the bar while she got ready, and damn what an entrance when she came it. It was a very hot, low cut dress that showed more breast than I've ever seen her just walk out in public. I had a hard on if it had been a restaurant with just the two of us.

We talked for about three drinks and went upstairs and she sat on this small ottoman on rollers, he sat in one chair, I in the other, and they started talking some more, I got up to go to the restroom and when I came back they were locked in a kiss. He scooted her back until the ottoman rolled back against the bed, and with the bed just a bit higher she was on a more or less incline. They kissed some more, he pulled a breast out of the lowcut top and began to suck on her nipple, then the other, with his left hand playing with the breast he had just been kissing, then he kissed her lips again and leaned her back on the bed, his hands at the strings straps of her top which he now slid down off her shoulders until her recently sucked on nipples were still standing up rigid.

He flipped up her skirt, and slid her panties down offer her hips while she lay back on the bed with a soft smile on her face. With her panties down she spread her legs, open and wide, and he took the invitation to start kissing her bare shaved pussy. He ate her pussy until she came a couple of times, and then he stood up and she sat up.

He unbuttoned his pants, let them fall, no underwear, and he had hanging down what had to be a 10-12" long cock, but the other things was it was a thick as my arm, and uncircumcised. This was the first uncircumcised cock she'd ever sucked, and she went right to it and devoured him for long minutes. Finally she stood up, pulled her dress over her head, and naked crawled onto the bed, rolled onto her back while he reached into his pants pocket for a Magnum XL condom, which he put on and crawled between her legs. She reached for it, rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and guided him inside her, gasping as he slid in inside her rather quickly, and he began pounding, and I do mean pounding, all the way inside her. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and kept on.

I moved around to the other side and by then she was squirting. He had marked on his profile that he loved women that squirted. "You been holding out on me," he laughed.

"Well that was my surprise," she said.

He kept fucking her, stopped for a while and ate her pussy, fingered her until she squirted again, fucked her some more and they took a break. He went back to the chair, and she sat on the end of the bad, both nude, talking, including me in the conversation, and after a few minutes she was back on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock, and he fingered her until she squirted for minutes, I mean minutes, then he put her back on the bed and fucked her again.

Next break they were talking for a while, then she started sucking him, and he put her back on the bed and when he climbed on this time, a rubber in his hand, I handed him a marker and asked him to sign his work. He asked what, and wrote on the side of her leg, "Property of Dr. BBC", and she sat up and sucked him and she stretched the rubber over his hard cock, then straddled him and fucked him until she squited and came again.

He sat back down in the chair and she got down on her knees in front of him and started sucking him, Deep throating him which turned him on even more. I still had the marker in my hand, and her ass was to me, and I leaned over and wrote "Loves BBC" on the flat of her butt, where most girls get backstrap tattooes. He slid down, put a rubber on, and she straddled him as he sat in the chair, climbed on his hard cock and began fucking him again, again fucking him hard, all the way inside, until she came again. She climbed off, he removed the rubber, and they hugged, her on her knees on the floor, he still sitting in the chair. She started sucking him again, he looked over at me and I handed him an extra rubber. (He had only brought 3) As she kept sucking him I took the marker and wrote in the middle of her back "Slut for BBC" and she never slowed down. This time he put her on her hands and knees and fucked her doggie style, and she had a great buzz going by then.

"Oh yess," she said as he fucked her, and he was shaking the whole bed with their fucking. "I love it," she moaned.

"What do you love?" I said.

"I love that big black cock inside my pussy," and both of them started pouring it on harder.

This was about all I could take so while he fucked her from behind I stripped off my clothes and climbed on the bed and lay down in front of her, and she started sucking my cock, and she finished up that way.

After that, considering he had fucked her twice more after he said he had to go, he actually left this time, this was when the hooker fantasy became a bump.

He offered to take care of half the room or even pay for the room and I said instead "Pay her", which really pissed her off and she refused to take the money, and I said well it was always a fantasy of yours, and she said, not it was my fantasy, so he didn't pay part of the room and I thought it ended, but that is when she said it was enough, that I was "Pimping her out".

Now this is the same woman who always wants me to arrange things for the most part.

Don't know what happened but after last night with a new guy. She has decided she doesn't want to do it anymore. No particular reason, but she says "I've done it."

The next day she said she didn't want to do it anymore. And since I respect her right to stop it if she wants I guess we've stopped. (but if she wants to play again that is her option). Of course we all know that she wasn't serious, just having doubts.

When we talked about it on the way home I told her I had never understood the phrase about a man taking a women, but he had took her, or ravished her that night. It was amazing how intense, and long he fucked her. I added, "Last night you were FUCKED, in capital letters." She just smiled that half-smile to herself that I now call her "black cock smile".

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Guy

New Guy

We were drinking one night and she was surfing the website with our ad on it and emailed a couple of guys that caught her attention. One she has really been wanting to hook up with (she keeps mentioning him and she is really in anticipation because he had in is profile that squirters were preferred) can't meet because of his job and will not be near us for the next couple of weeks.

So I told her that morning that I was too busy to arrange anything but she needed to email someone and if she wanted to hook up with anyone we'd played with before, that she should email someone. I checked and she did.I always think it is more interesting when she initiates a meeting with a guy. I mean think about it, you're a guy and this girl you've fucked already emails you and asks what does your schedule look like? Something very erotic and slutty about a woman doing that, because a lot of the coy small talk goes by the wayside. What she is saying is I want some black cock-and there is no equivocation on it, she has said it and he's heard it-and most importantly she's admitted it to herself.

We're in a slump, she had wanted to meet one guy, and he didn't respond promptly, then another guy she's been looking forward to meeting calls, and she doesn't answer it. Then the first guy contacts and tells us he can't meet. She calls the other guy back, and he has arrangements to meet another couple. I cancel the hotel room. It is a non-black-dick-day for her.

We were talking about a friend who had started dating again after the loss of his wife, and we speculated that she had told him to start dating soon. So that night we're drinking and she asks if there are any special instructions if something happened to me. "Just don't embarrass the family" I said.

"It's my life", she responded. "And if something happens to you I will be dating only black guys, and may end up with one."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No sex - but a lot of mental self-examination

No Gang Bang.

Since our last post She has gone to great lengths to emphasize that she will NOT do a gang bang, and by that

definition that is three guys, even if two of the guys are black and me. She says she won't do that. I asked her what

about two guys and me one after the other. She says no. But she also says that my doing her after they is ok.

Interesting to see how that ends up working out and what she will want to do with two black cocks in her at once.

Of course this is totally opposite what she had been saying at various times in the past--but regardless it is her

option to change her mind, she is a woman after all.

Late May

We had met a woman a couple of years earlier at Mardi Gras who we discovered had a nude site, and later found out that she was doing amateur porn, with black guys. When we began renting interracial vids she asked me, "Why don't you find some with Connie?" It wasn't until I went to a free interracial posting site on the web that I found a couple that someone had uploaded of Connie getting fucked by a well built black guy.

She was excited to watch them after I told her I had downloaded them, so we cut back early on the evening in the hot tub, and naked, on the couch, we watched them.

I asked her what she thought after all this time, in a serious vein, about her doing black guys.

She said that it was better than she every imagined, that they tried harder she felt because it was like they

wanted to prove something by fucking her well in front of her husband. "I love it," she said, "I really do."

And she loves the taboo of it. She said she enjoyed having her "slut for BC" collar put on her by a black man

- "it made it official," she said.

I asked her if she thought she was more submissive to black men, and she said she was submissive sexually period, but more so with black guys as they were more assertive-and there to fuck.

Later in the month, we were at a trade show, and out of the blue she says "I walked by this booth with this hot

looking black guy, and I swear I started getting wet."

So while she may not be getting much black cock at the moment she is thinking about it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Catching up in the time line

At this point I'm not sure that this narrative should no longer be the Journey to becoming a Hotwife but rather the Transformation into a Married White Slut who loves Black Cock, because that is how it has evolved.

In a little less than three years despite a period of her cheating and the time off from recovery of that she has at this point in her story been with seven different men, six of them black. She's been fucked bareback, had "Property of BBC" written on her shaved pubis with a marker, has been called a slut, had her ass slapped and hair pulled while being fucked doggy style, had her nipples pierced (and removed them).

She has reached a level of hotness (and sluttiness) that I always knew was within her, but it has been amazing to watch it emerge and her embrace it and enjoy it.

I mention all this at this point because at this point the narrative is within 12 months of where we are today--

and despite all the fun, she is beginning to have second thoughts, at least she said the other day, "I can take it or leave it now, I don't think about it all the time."
There are some outside reasons, including a grandchild that is taking a lot of attention--but in addition to the distractions there have just been some bumps in the road, or snafus, or for want of a better phrase rudeness and arrogance. I guess that will become clearer.

Early May:

After our first time with Kevin, who she picked, in part because in his profile pictures there was a great shot of he and another black guy seated on a couch while a blonde white woman kneels between them, one's cock in her mouth, the other in her hand-and a second photo, with the blonde straddling one of them black men with his cock inside her while the other leaned her back and kissed her.

I surfed some more on the swinger site and found that same photo on another guy's site, Doral we'll call him. She had talked about picking him because of that when I got around to mentioned it, e left it at that, although on one weekend I mentioned it and she balked, saying she wouldn't mind two guys at once but she didn't want to do a gang bang. So I told Kevin as we arranged our second meeting to plan on being there on Friday night, and if she asked to have his friend ready to come up on Saturday and join us - (This was her idea). But Kevin had a conflict, as did
Devin, who we had also talked to, and the idea died, although we did get a credit for the room.

And Doral took a back page as her enthusiasm-coupled with the reality of it possibly happening-dampened her talk and desire about interracial anything. She went into a two month slump with no interest expressed whatsoever.
Planning for the weekend and being unable to hook up had really taken a lot out of her, coupled with Kevin not bothering to answer emails. He would email and want to hook up, we'd pick a date and a time and double check the morning of the day, and he wouldn't answer. We would cancel the hotel, and a few days later here came another email wanting to hook up. "I'm through with head games with him," she finally said, "no matter how much I enjoy fucking

After two months of sitting at home she got some stirrings going and we scheduled another get together with Nat. The second time with him she said he was distant-but the third time-equalling the most times she had been with any single black man with me there-went great. They were in tune, the fucking was great, he opened up a bit-and when we
finished I asked him-you know how we like to play, and you play with several people, you know any guys who would be into playing the way we like to do it?

A couple. One is a guy named was "Doral". We both looked at each other and laughed. Small world.

So we wrote Doral again, telling him this time we had mutual friends in Nat and Kevin. (In other words she's fucked both of them). And naturally as any man would I'm sure he called them to check things out, responded, I sent a face photo, and everyone was rolling. Both Nat and Kevin had photos of her getting fucked by each of them on their profiles, so he had a great look at her body as well.

So on our way back from a trip, she called him for the first time, and talked about getting together in a month or two. (Somehow I think that she has the idea of doing two guys at once in the back of her mind as a birthday gift for me-but I was wrong)

He told her he had heard a lot of good things about us, how we were nice people, and both Nat and Kevin had said she was beautiful. So they had been talking about her.

Somehow it is a bit unnerving to realize that three black guys are comparing notes about fucking my wife-I'm intrigued to know exactly what they're saying but I can imagine--.But in a way it is slutty and hot as hell too.