Friday, March 20, 2009

Slow, but some promising preliminaries

We've had little luck hooking up, had to go out of town for a couple of weeks, had conflicts with a couple of her guys, although she definitely wants a repeat with Dr. BBC.

She said she loves playing with his uncircumcised cock, playing with his foreskin, "There's so much you can do with it," she commented, laughing.

Meanwhile we received an interesting email in which a guy with a voyeur fetish wants to watch Anna with Nat He wants his wife to go black, but she hasn't got to that point yet (they're younger and have kids at home), so he's offered to buy the room, meal, drinks, if we will let him watch. When I first mentioned it to Anna she was very turned on, and when I re-mentioned it she was all for it.

Of course I don't think anyone reading this so far expects anything less than her inviting him to fuck her as well once she gets going-but we'll see about that, I'm not pushing it, suggesting it, or resisting it, I'm just playing it by ear. I wouldn't have any objection personally, but I've not been asked either. I did email him back and suggested how we play it. My overeager imagination has already run though the possibility's of renting a limo already. I can't imagine her not blowing Nat in the limo.

New Player

She checked on the swingers site with our ad and mentioned that two of the guys were promising, meaning that they were in the right age bracket, mentioned in their profile about discretion, no drama, and enjoying couples. And the guys are black of course.

So with drinks in us she decided to call a couple of them, and short version we're looking at one hook up Thursday or so, and another Sunday. Should be interesting. She is now more interested in variety and reveling in how each lover is a little different.


We got drunk and fucked and with a marker I wrote Slut for black Dick, with "black" on one boob, "Dick" on the other, and underneath "Loves BBC". I'm getting carried away with this marker stuff.

Made my second trip for rubbers today, just in case, come to find out I still had plenty in the zip up bank bag, but on at least eight different fucks I have handed one of her black lovers either a Trojan Magnum or Magnum XL. Reason I know is I bought a dozen of each and that's the count.

She's gotten more aggressive in her answering mail on the swinger site, and is really hot for this guy in the town a little north of us. She says "I have a good feeling about him." For sure I can tell the excitement. Tonight I'm charging batteries on all the cameras and getting everything ready, bought some more blank tape. Our daughter may come home which may screw up Sunday afternoon (at least for fucking).

She also ordered a Q for her Queen of spades ankle bracelet. I think it is sinking home to her that she can fuck everyone she wants, and I can definitely see something coming in that vein.

Guess we'll see.

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