Friday, March 27, 2009

Her 8th Black Lover

We met what would be her 8th black lover in a Holiday Inn bar. He had sent an email from a swinger site, she liked his approach, and the fact he was in a town at which we vacation sometimes and she said she'd like to have someone to play with there.

We approached him in the bar, He introduced himself as Mel, only he and the bartender were there, and he smiled. He had big wide spaced front teeth, and forgive me but I thought she would bail right then. He was good looking enough until he smiled, but Anna, being the nice person not wanting to offend smiled back, ordered a drink, and we moved to a table in the empty bar where the conversation went around to lifestyle stuff, "How long you been doing it? "How'd you get started."

At one point we were talking about photos and I showed him the one of Anna I carry in my wallet and he nearly blew it, "How long ago was that taken?" This is not the thing you say to a woman in her 40's. Anna jerked back like she'd been hit-it hurt. But it didn't register on him and I told her he didn't mean it in that way and he finally picked up on it and agreed. So we talked more and he said no one carries hot photos of their wives in their wallets but on their cell phone-and so I relented, showed him a topless shot of Anna I have on mine. And Anna blurted out, "I was probably on top of one right then."

She wasn't , but she had just been fucked by her big dicked friend so I guess that was close enough.

The conversation went through three drinks before he went to the rest room. "You want to bail?, " I asked.

"No, he's all right," she answered back. When he came back from the rest room I had complained about the watered down drinks, Jack for me, and she asked if I wanted another. I have the unwatered version in the room" I said.

"You ready to go to the room?" She asked. I nodded. "Let's go." And we went, he went to the car for his liquor, asked the room number and when we went to the room Anna said, "He may not come back."

"He'll come back" I said. At that moment he knocked on the door.

They started kissing, he felt her up outside her low cowl neck top that she'd worn a sweater over in the bar, and they kissed. At that point as usual I faded into the background and he laid her back, ate her pussy, she sucked his cock, and without taking the top off, which had slid to the side tantalizing exposing a hard nipple, he climbed between her legs and fucked her. He was probably the smallest cock she's had so far, but he made up for it in enthusiasm and ability to recover quickly. He pull out, take off the rubber, she'd suck his cock and they'd fuck again, missionary three times, her on top twice. Had to admire his recovery time.

The second fuck he was making out with her, he was on top, she was holding his cock, and he tried to slide it in without a condom, and she moved him away from her opening. I saw what was happening and butted in, "Condom"--and he said, "I don't want to but I will if I have to." So he did, and we had no problem with that the rest of the evening"

As they lay there recovering and cuddling after what was I think their fourth or fifth fuck (no kidding)--I handed him a marker with the request to sign his work, and he wrote his name, and I told him others had said "their name and 'was here", so he did, drawing a triangle on her from her pussy to each nipple. "I was here, and here, and here" he said as he drew it.

It revived him again, and she got on top-I'd had a lot to drink and since she was already marked on with the marker I wrote "Loves BBC" on the flat of her ass, which was soon bouncing up and down on his cock. He was bucking his body up underneath her, bouncing her into the air on his cock, and the gravity would slid her back down on it, she was loving it. She was on top, fucking, without her moving.

It took a lot of strength to be able to do that as long as he did. Finally he finished for the evening, said his good byes, and left.

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