Friday, March 13, 2009

New Guy

New Guy

We were drinking one night and she was surfing the website with our ad on it and emailed a couple of guys that caught her attention. One she has really been wanting to hook up with (she keeps mentioning him and she is really in anticipation because he had in is profile that squirters were preferred) can't meet because of his job and will not be near us for the next couple of weeks.

So I told her that morning that I was too busy to arrange anything but she needed to email someone and if she wanted to hook up with anyone we'd played with before, that she should email someone. I checked and she did.I always think it is more interesting when she initiates a meeting with a guy. I mean think about it, you're a guy and this girl you've fucked already emails you and asks what does your schedule look like? Something very erotic and slutty about a woman doing that, because a lot of the coy small talk goes by the wayside. What she is saying is I want some black cock-and there is no equivocation on it, she has said it and he's heard it-and most importantly she's admitted it to herself.

We're in a slump, she had wanted to meet one guy, and he didn't respond promptly, then another guy she's been looking forward to meeting calls, and she doesn't answer it. Then the first guy contacts and tells us he can't meet. She calls the other guy back, and he has arrangements to meet another couple. I cancel the hotel room. It is a non-black-dick-day for her.

We were talking about a friend who had started dating again after the loss of his wife, and we speculated that she had told him to start dating soon. So that night we're drinking and she asks if there are any special instructions if something happened to me. "Just don't embarrass the family" I said.

"It's my life", she responded. "And if something happens to you I will be dating only black guys, and may end up with one."

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Just wanted you to know that you have another fan out here in cyberworld. Love to read your blog...