Saturday, March 7, 2009

Catching up in the time line

At this point I'm not sure that this narrative should no longer be the Journey to becoming a Hotwife but rather the Transformation into a Married White Slut who loves Black Cock, because that is how it has evolved.

In a little less than three years despite a period of her cheating and the time off from recovery of that she has at this point in her story been with seven different men, six of them black. She's been fucked bareback, had "Property of BBC" written on her shaved pubis with a marker, has been called a slut, had her ass slapped and hair pulled while being fucked doggy style, had her nipples pierced (and removed them).

She has reached a level of hotness (and sluttiness) that I always knew was within her, but it has been amazing to watch it emerge and her embrace it and enjoy it.

I mention all this at this point because at this point the narrative is within 12 months of where we are today--

and despite all the fun, she is beginning to have second thoughts, at least she said the other day, "I can take it or leave it now, I don't think about it all the time."
There are some outside reasons, including a grandchild that is taking a lot of attention--but in addition to the distractions there have just been some bumps in the road, or snafus, or for want of a better phrase rudeness and arrogance. I guess that will become clearer.

Early May:

After our first time with Kevin, who she picked, in part because in his profile pictures there was a great shot of he and another black guy seated on a couch while a blonde white woman kneels between them, one's cock in her mouth, the other in her hand-and a second photo, with the blonde straddling one of them black men with his cock inside her while the other leaned her back and kissed her.

I surfed some more on the swinger site and found that same photo on another guy's site, Doral we'll call him. She had talked about picking him because of that when I got around to mentioned it, e left it at that, although on one weekend I mentioned it and she balked, saying she wouldn't mind two guys at once but she didn't want to do a gang bang. So I told Kevin as we arranged our second meeting to plan on being there on Friday night, and if she asked to have his friend ready to come up on Saturday and join us - (This was her idea). But Kevin had a conflict, as did
Devin, who we had also talked to, and the idea died, although we did get a credit for the room.

And Doral took a back page as her enthusiasm-coupled with the reality of it possibly happening-dampened her talk and desire about interracial anything. She went into a two month slump with no interest expressed whatsoever.
Planning for the weekend and being unable to hook up had really taken a lot out of her, coupled with Kevin not bothering to answer emails. He would email and want to hook up, we'd pick a date and a time and double check the morning of the day, and he wouldn't answer. We would cancel the hotel, and a few days later here came another email wanting to hook up. "I'm through with head games with him," she finally said, "no matter how much I enjoy fucking

After two months of sitting at home she got some stirrings going and we scheduled another get together with Nat. The second time with him she said he was distant-but the third time-equalling the most times she had been with any single black man with me there-went great. They were in tune, the fucking was great, he opened up a bit-and when we
finished I asked him-you know how we like to play, and you play with several people, you know any guys who would be into playing the way we like to do it?

A couple. One is a guy named was "Doral". We both looked at each other and laughed. Small world.

So we wrote Doral again, telling him this time we had mutual friends in Nat and Kevin. (In other words she's fucked both of them). And naturally as any man would I'm sure he called them to check things out, responded, I sent a face photo, and everyone was rolling. Both Nat and Kevin had photos of her getting fucked by each of them on their profiles, so he had a great look at her body as well.

So on our way back from a trip, she called him for the first time, and talked about getting together in a month or two. (Somehow I think that she has the idea of doing two guys at once in the back of her mind as a birthday gift for me-but I was wrong)

He told her he had heard a lot of good things about us, how we were nice people, and both Nat and Kevin had said she was beautiful. So they had been talking about her.

Somehow it is a bit unnerving to realize that three black guys are comparing notes about fucking my wife-I'm intrigued to know exactly what they're saying but I can imagine--.But in a way it is slutty and hot as hell too.

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