Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The recent posts to this blog have been rather graphic descriptions of Deanna having sex with a variety of black loves--and the title of this blog is somewhat of a misnomer, as she is by any definition a hot wife, so it is not really the "Journey to Becoming a Hotwife", as she has made that journey, but instead the continuing journey.
Her preference is black men, and if she likes the she likes to meet them more than once. Friends with "benefits" might be the word.
The one thing I can do that is interesting though is we can be having sex, with me inside her and our not mentioning anything about interracial sex, and if she is not dripping I can say something as simple as "You love fucking black guys, don't you", and she'll do a long, "Yesssssss", and her pussy floods with warm moisture. That reaction along encourages both of us to continue on this journey.


Jordan said...

Wow, so she gets wet just thinking about black men. That's awesome! :-)

Greg and Sheryl said...

Following your journey has been incredibly entertaining. We are looking forward to reading more accounts of your adventures.