Friday, February 6, 2009

Making it Official

We left for vacation a day earlier after having pre-arranged to meet with Devin and spend a night along the road. This would be her third time with him. At his suggestion we got a room at the Holiday Inn Express with a suite, with a plan for him to meet us early in the afternoon. In the back of my mind I saw it as a fuck, dinner, and then back to the room for another fuck.

It was a great place for meeting, with a couple of restaurants within walking distance, and we went into the room, I set the light up and got the cameras ready, and a couple of hours late (traffic jam) he arrived and sat down on the couch and started talking, having a drink, catching up with our reality life, and I excused myself a couple of times to go to the restroom to give them time to get things started.

Each time I could hear him still talking through the wall. The third time I took just a little longer, and the drinks we had had hit them, and I didn't hear any talking, and walked out and there were on the couch in an embrace, kissing.

I sat down, started the cameras and watched them kissing, his hands roaming, and piece by piece peeling her clothes off a layer at a time, more fleshing showing, her breasts bare, kissing as more, him feeling her breasts, stripping her down to a single lace thong as they kissed. Then they went to the bed and finished stripping off her thong, and she got his cock in her hand and quickly had it in her mouth.

He positioned her on the bed, returning the favor, eating her pussy and fingering her with his long black fingers until she came and squirted, and he kept on, getting her hot again, and finally pulling on a rubber and quickly sliding inside her, talking dirty to her, telling her to "get nasty on his cock", and one point telling her

"You are such a hot slut." She responded to his talk with moans of pleasure as she continued sucking his cock.

They fucked until she came, and he kept stroking until he came, and I expected a break to go eat, but instead he stripped off the rubber and immediately had her lean back and he started eating her pussy, again, fingering her as he did. He did that until she came, and then he had her start what was the beginning of over an hour of her sucking his cock, along the way him losing an erection, then gaining it, and losing it.

Finally he got hard again and I thought he needed a perk-up and gave it to Devin in the form of handing him her a thin choker collar with slide on letters that reads "slut 4 bc".

He looked at it, smiled, and began to buckle it behind her. She was beaming, smiling at the camera with a warm happy smile.

It worked, as she moved into his arms, they kissed, with him feeling her up as she stroked his cock, and when he was hard she moved to her back and he moved over here and they fucked again, a bit more urgent, less distrated and certainly more into it. After they finished they cuddled some and he said his goodbyes.

"We can fuck but don't ask me to suck your cock," she said, "my jaw is just hurting too much from sucking him that long." Which we did, and we went to dinner together, without him.

I asked her later the next day why she was smiling and so happy as he was buckling the collar on her. She said, "Well we've talked about me being a slut for black cock, but it wasn't official until a black man buckled it on me."

"Official?" I asked.

"Now I'm a bona fide black cock slut, it's official when a black man buckles it on me and fucks me."

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