Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things turning

The past few months have been totally absent of any hotwife activity. Worse that that she went through a period in which, by her own words, "I have no interest in sex anymore, I don't know why."

That frustration on my part got to the point that she would react negatively to any suggestion of anything more than straight sex. On more than a few nights what would start out as a romantic intended evening with drinks in the hot tub would turn into a screaming argument, and both of us going to bed mad.

Last week was the worst. I told her I wanted my wife back, not the woman who was here now. We let the liquor and our mouths run too much. I stormed in, went to bed, and after waiting for her to come to bed, I got up and found her in the extra bedroom.

We had agreed years ago that no matter how mad we were we wouldn't do something like that, and would always go to sleep in the same bed. "We agreed we'd never do this," I said, and went back to bed. When I woke up she was in the bed beside me.

The amazing thing is how a week can change things. The subject came up coming back from dinner, and I told her that since she said she could take it or leave (sex that is), but that once she got into it she was very responsive, then she should not object to anything I wanted to do sexually--as she would get into it once we got started. I specifically said this excluded anything with other people.

"It's not physical response, it is emotional," I told her.

"I know, and I'm working on that," she said. "It is hormonal. You don't understand that."

"I don't want to hear about hormones," I responded. "I want to hear a 'whore's moan.'" She laughed out loud at that. And it seemed to break the ice.

"Tonight is going to be a good night," she promised.

So last night we are in the hot tub, with drink, talking about the day's events, family, work, etc. and we got around to sex.

"I've been thinking about sex again," she said. I was stunned, and very happy.

She went on to tell me that she had been thinking about last year about this time. This was when we had one of her favorite lovers share a cabin with us. He slept in the other bedroom, and the next morning she left my bed early to go get in the bed with him. I left them alone and didn't enter the room until they had already started fucking. For some reason it is especially erotic to watch her walking out our bedroom door, knowing that she's going to another man's bed to fuck him, a black man, and just before she goes out the door she turns and gives me a special smile.

The fact that she was thinking about it again is a major turning point to a return to the lifestyle.

I was curious about the change, and she told me that over the past few months when she saw a black guy she felt nothing, no interest, no intrigue, nothing. Prior to that, she told me, she was always checking out hot black guys, flirting, wondering what it would be like to fuck them.

"Last week when we were at the trade show, a really hot black guy inquired where he could find a particular booth, where a mutual friend was working. He was so hot.
I would have done him right there."

That was the turning point evidently. "And that got me started thinking about Menard," she said. "I think we will invite him to join us at a cabin again," she said. "It's been a year since I've been with him."

I believe I will have a few more stories to relate in the near future, within a few weeks my hotwife is getting hot again.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

No News at the moment

Nothing happening on the interracial score, although she is talking about it more. I think just needs the right man in the right situation -- but for the moment she's not interesting in seeking it, or me assisting in setting something up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reality and real life

When I started this blog real time--which some of you may find boring as we don't play as much as we like, and the more we have indulged, the intensity and desire has faded some as well.

Unless you do this for real it is hard to understand the time, work, and effort it takes to hook up with someone that fits with us based on her preferences for age, appearance, and attitude.

She likes tall, dark skinned black men, who are professional, courteous, 40 or more, flexible about getting together with us in locations outside our home town when we travel, and then can get creative in bed, comfortable with nasty talk and comfortable with a clothed husband photographing and filming. Throw that into a bundle and it gets to be a small group.

By the way, if you fit the above you probably should drop us a line.

But...and there's alway a but...

since day one our agreement about doing anything sexual in the hotwife and interracial lifestyles was if at any time either one of us wanted to stop, we stopped, full veto. Now in the meantime once she started she also declared that she was never stopping, so when questioned about the dual answers, the “I’m a woman, I have the right to change my mind,” answer appeared.

Our track record over the last 8 – 10 months hasn’t been that good. From a family crisis that took up a lot of time – not sexual related in any way but consuming time, energy, and opportunity to play—to feeling rushed and cramped it do something on the rare days available, it was tough for a hook-up.

By picking the advance dates we never knew the fatigue level, or horniness level, at the time we picked the date, and some times it was sex, and fun, but exhausting.

I was out of town for a few days, returned home, we went to the hot tub with drinks, and started talking. “I’ve been thinking, and I want to stop this interracial hotwife stuff,” she said. “I miss you and I want to get closer with you, without outside distractions.”

This hit me cold, and the reality that I like it as much as she does hit me. And that was going to change. My only response could be “OK, it’s your call.” She thanked me.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it, or role play it, or that I will never do it again,” she said. I left it at that.

So we're taking a break. A much needed break both physically, emotionally, mentally. We're reattaching to each other, because the lifestyle became too much a part of us.

It is not totally out of her mind. She still double takes good looking black men, still flirts with them, but we've taken down our ads on the swinging site, we're not pursuing anything. She has said "I wish I did have someone that would give me that release," but I get the feeling it would have to be spontaneous and he would have to basically stumble into us. If it happens, it does. If it doesn't, that's ok too.

This whole thing has never been an instead of, but more something new and different, something exciting--and for her it stopped being all of those.

I do suspect, and predict, that once she's had a good break, once our extended family crises are over and we can get back to normal, that her thoughts will drift back and there will be some playing. She has never said she wouldn't again, and at times said she would when she felt like it.

So this blog is going to take a different spin, after all it is, as the title says, a journey. We don't know where it ends, but we go there.

I will post when I have something to post, and in real time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Black Fucking

After her lover left I reclaimed her with some sloppy seconds fucking. We dressed, went to dinner, had some drinks and came back, and in a while we heard him come into the room next door and after a minute or two he knocked on the connecting door.

Devin smiled and asked if she was ready, and told her he was going to take his clothes off. He stepped back into his room, and she stripped her clothes off and was standing there nude when he re-entered the room.

She was on the bed and he moved over her, kissing her while she held his cock with her right hand. He didn’t get hard quick so he started eating her pussy. Anna’s legs were giving little jerks as he did and she had a strange smile on her face, raising her pelvis to grind against his mouth. They intertwined hands and he held her hands as he did, before putting a finger inside her, rubbing her pussy and touching her g spot at the same time.

Anna loves this and was gasping and her body spasming with each touch, giving little yelps as she came.

Devin didn’t slow down, keeping right on bringing her to another orgasm, the movements of her body causing her breasts to sway enticingly. He rose to his knees, still eating her pussy, his fingers still inside her. He lowered her down, up between her widespread legs, moved up and positioned his cock at her pussy, removing his fingers and sliding inside her bareback.

Devin stroked his cock in and out of my wife in a slow steady movement, and she was stroking her hands over his ass as he did. He started fucking her faster, rocking her body with her legs in the air, leaning over to kiss her, moaning some himself, and looking down at his cock disappearing inside her.

He put his arms under her knees, pulled her knees up on either side of her chest, and kissed her hard on the mouth, breaking it to ask, “Feel it?”. She started moaning soft “oh, oh, oh’s”.

“Come on now,” he told her, fucking her in a hard rhythmic stroke, their bodies making popping sounds as he slammed into her.

Anna started playing with his nipples, which he likes, and he asked her to get on top.

When he rolled to his back instead of climbing on his cock she leaned over and sucked him. He was holding her hair behind her head so he could see her mouth on his cock, and he was moaning himself.

She moved over him as he positioned his cock, and she slid down on it, fucking him by thrusting her pelvis forward and staying down on his cock, rocking back and forth with his cock deep inside her, not stroking as much as rubbing, reaching behind to stroke his balls. He moved his hands from pulling on her nipples to rubbing her clit with his thumb, and so she was rocking and bouncing on her cock, moaning “Oh yess, Yess, Ohhh,” her breasts bouncing wildly as she did.

They looked in each other’s eyes as they fucked smiling at each other, and he held her breasts in his dark black hands. She moved faster until she came.

She leaned over on him in a smooth motion he rolled her to her back. She was still laying there with her legs spread, gasping for breath and he moved over her and put his cock back inside her.

He was fucking her hard, slamming their bodies together, and she was responding, moving faster and faster as he go ready to come. “Take it, Take it,” he told her. “Take my black come in that slutty pussy,” and she was lost in the pleasure of it, mewing and moaning, and then he just went all the way inside her and held his cock there as he came moaning. They both got quiet and held there.

He pulled out and raised back, and with his thumb reached down and touched her clit, parting her pussy lips to see the come oozing. “Oh baby,” he laughed. He told her to get some rest, and that he would hope for a knock at the door the next morning.

With the door closed she asked if I could see the come dripping out of her pussy, and I climbed on and fucked her for a very wet reclaiming fuck. As I entered her she said, “After tomorrow you will have got to fuck me three times with some else’s come in me.”

I awoke with my wife getting out of the bed, going to the bathroom and showering. She came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, and looked over at me, weakly waving at me.

“What ‘ca doing?” I asked, still groggy from sleep, and she said nothing, just pointed toward the door toward which she was walking. Anna went straight to it, knocked, and it opened. I heard Devin’s greeting and she stepped through it out of site.
I lay there for a minute, listening for sounds and hearing none over the noise of the room air conditioner. I got up, went into the bathroom and splashed water in my face, gave them another minute or two and walked to the door myself, quietly peeking around the edge of it.

They did not know I was in the world. Anna was on her back, her knees up toward her shoulders, he was alternately kissing her and saying “Oh yes”, “Oh yes”. His ass was rising and falling in long steady strokes. He kissed her long and hard and raising on his knees pulled her legs straight and up to his shoulders. She hungrily kissed him back.

Anna loves this position and he held himself stationary while she fucked herself against him. He held onto her upper arms and she tugged against his thighs, keeping their body tight together.

She lowered her legs and he pulled out of her pussy and lowered his mouth to her, tugging on her nipples with his hands. Rising higher he moved his hands under her knees, holding her legs up, his hands on her shoulders, with her hands pulling against him at his waist.

He started pushing up the pace, telling her, “I’m gonna tear it up—such a hot pussy,” as he shot his come inside her.

“That was nice,” he said, stroking her face as he stayed inside her, still loving very slow, and started whispering to her softly and picking up the pace until he shot a second load into her and held himself inside her, recovering and again starting to fuck her again without pulling out, coming again before finally withdrawing and saying, “This is so good.”

“Do you have to go to work?” Anna asked.

He smiled, “No respite for the wicked.”

He left and we had my reclaiming fuck.

This is her most recent black fucking, and there's more to this story, and a new direction, next post.

Monday, April 12, 2010

December and a Christmas present for her lover

Just to keep the chronology straight, the following experience occurred in December of '09. The previous post of our meeting with Devin occurred in March of 2010. There is a second part of her night with Devin to come.


It had been a few months since we’d played with Menard. He lives close, so a get together with him is about the easiest of anyone we’ve played with, and Anna enjoys him. We’d played back in the early summer, and on a whim late summer we’d called him and he’d come down and spent the night, which I’ve described earlier.

This time it was December, we were in a cabin, close to where he lives, and had arranged for him to stop by.

As it was close to Christmas Anna met him in a fishnet Mrs. Santa top, with black fishnet hose, over which she pulled a very short black skirt and a zip up red sweater. She had shaved and didn’t put on panties. They kissed upon him coming in, and talked for a minute until he unzipped her sweater, and his eyes lit up as she removed the top to reveal the sheer top. They kissed for a long time, and he ran his hand up her leg and discovered she was no wearing panties.

Menard asked her to remove the skirt, which she stood to do. He stood up beside her, removed his shirt, kissed her and fingered her as he stood there. He slid the straps off one shoulder of the top to bare her left breast, and they sat back down on the couch and continued kissing and embracing. He kissed on her nipples, and as the continued kissing she started rubbing his cock through his pants, then unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock with both hands. She held onto his cock as they kissed and then lowered her mouth to his cock, sucking him hard, and she raised up and kissed him again, still stroking his cock. He whispered something to her and she stood up, looking at me. “We’re going to go to a bed,” she said, and I followed the two of them into the bedroom he would be sleeping in.

They kissed while she stroked his cock, standing by the bed, then they got into a 69 on the bed. She had a small orgasm and then turned to straddle his cock, still in the fishnet hose, the sheer Mrs. Santa top with one side of it pulled below her breast. He bared the other breast and pulled on her nipples as she slid forward and back on his erection until she came. “That is good,” he told her. He started moving in and out of her as she held herself over him, “You are so fucking hot,” he said as fucked her.

Anna pulled the top off and he started gasping as she rode his cock. “Take it,” he said, “you are so sexy.”

She rose off him, “Let’s trade places”. He held his cock and slapped it on her clit a few times before he put his cock inside her, then he withdrew, raised up and slapped his pussy with his cock more, pausing to rub his cock between her pussy lips before slapping her clit more.
With his arms under her knees and her legs pulled up, began pounding his cock into her. “Oh God Yes!” she said. He was slamming into her and she was loving it. “You fuck so good, I love it,” she moaned.
“You take your black cock,” he taunted, “you like your black cock?”
“I love it,” she groaned, “fuck me.”
“You love it? Tell me.”
“I love your black cock,” she gasped. “Yes.”

He stopped to eat her pussy for a while, fingered her, “That pussy is so nice”, he commented as he rubbed up and down between her pussy lips.

He reinserted his cock for more fucking in the missionary position. Menard’s mouth was by her ear, talking dirty too her in a soft voice so low that I couldn’t hear. “I love how you fuck my pussy, Oh yes,” she
gushed as he fucked her.
“Shooting it in, shoot it in?”
“Yes,” she said.
“Shoot it in?”
“Un huh.”
“What you love? Black cock?
“Yes, I love black cock.”
“What you got? What you got?” he asked.
“I got black cock, my cunt for black cock” she said, starting to come as she moaned it. He was pounding her hard, she was rubbing her hands over his ass.
“There you are there, your pussy’s got a black cock in it. Your pussy sucks my black cock in.”
“Yes, fuck me.”
“You’re pussy’s so fucking hot,” he was saying. “Give it to me, give it to me”.
He rubbed the head of his cock over her clit. “Yeah, like that, on my clit.” He held his cock and she began rubbing her pussy up and down on his cock, wanting him his cock deeper inside her.
“You want it, you want my black come?” Menard asked her.
He came inside her and rolled to the side.

She pulled on a robe and we went back into the cabin’s living room. Menard remained nude, and Anna let the robe fall open with no attempt to cover up. Menard had his arm around her quickly as we watched a ballgame, his left hand playing with her nipple as we all sipped on our fresh drinks. Still holding her drink, she moved her head into his lap and took his cock into her mouth, stopping for a few seconds to rub his cock over her breasts and now rock hard nipples. The ballgame ended.

Anna stood, shrugged off her robe and nude except for her fishnet stocking, moved over Menard, sitting on the couch. He scooted down and she started riding his cock again as he played with her breasts. She came like that.

We went to the hot tub, came back in, sat on the couch. Mernard started eating her pussy, fingering her. He scooted her sideways on the couch, moving between her open legs to start fucking her on the couch until he came inside her. They cuddled nude on the couch for a while as we had another drink.

Anna and I went upstairs, where we had our reclaiming fuck, but she told me, “be quick because I’m worn out. This is just for you.”

The next morning we awoke and cuddled some in the bed. She got up and brushed her teeth, crawled back into bed and we talked for a minute, and she said she was going to go wake him up. Knowing that the last time that had happened she had fucked him without me knowing about it, I just said, “be sure and leave the door open so I can here.”
She started to get up and I said wait, and taking a marker I wrote “ho, ho, ho” over one breast, “blackcock slut” over the other, and up one leg and over her pubis I wrote, “Merry Christmas to Menard”. She laughed and left and went out the door.

I gave them some time before I went downstairs, I could hear them talking, so I made coffee, had a cup, set up the video cam, stepped back to the door to listen some more. Still talking. Finally I glanced in and he was eating her pussy. They had been in there alone for 20 minutes, so I stepped in and turned on the video camera.

He had smiled when he has seen the writing, and he said as I came into the room. “You like writing on her, don’t you?” I answered in the affirmative.

‘Come on,” she invited, and he moved over her, his cock positioned over her pussy as she reached for it and guided his cock inside her. He only stroked a couple of times before withdrawing and holding his cock at the base began slapping her clit with hit, which is an instance moaner for her. She was whimpering within 15 seconds.

The whimpering was too much for Menard and he leaned forward and suck his cock balls deep into her, his cock making squishing sounds in her wet pussy as they fucked. “Feels so good you fucking me,” she gasped. This wasn’t a slow sensual fuck but an urgent fast pumping morning fuck. Nothing elaborate—pure fucking. “You slut,” he hissed a couple of times as he rammed into her, hard enough to make loud popping noises as their flesh met.

“Oh come,” she told him, and he convulsed and held his cock inside her. He rolled off her and we all had a cup of coffee before we left him to go back upstairs, fucking before he had finished his shower so she could kiss him goodbye.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Uh oh...a mistake

Time to correct a mistake. We started this blog after we had been in the lifestyle for a couple of years. Until now I've related the events in chronological order as they happened.

If you have followed this blog from the beginning I think it becomes obvious that all the events build on the previous events, thus the "Journey" aspect of the blog. For certain she didn't just start going out with black men, taking two black men back to our hotel room after meeting them in a bar, etc.

But with the long breaks we are getting close to real time events, and real life has kept us from playing very much in the past months. We played in late June of 2009, had some family crises that change priorities dramatically (a death). We didn't play again until December, and the most recent time that I just described in part, which was March.

As I posted the first part of my wife's overnight hotel fuck with Devin, I realized that I had left out our December get together with Menard, who ended up being her most frequent partner in 2009.

Both Menard and Devin have brought negative HIV tests and she does them bareback, and I think that is one of her reasons for reluctance at finding new partners. She likes her lovers coming inside her. More about those things later.

But just to avoid confusion I am going to post the remainder of her most recent encounter next--and then go back and post her overnight with Menard.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drought ends

We arranged to meet with Devin, a friend who I guess we could call a regular, as he is one of the two lovers who have been invited to bring a negative HIV test and could then fuck her bareback. This was her second bareback time with him, the other being when he had taken her out on her first interracial date.
He met us in the hotel bar, we had a few drinks, conversation and then went upstairs. I had booked him a room too, with a connecting door, as the last time he had stayed in our condo he had locked his door and didn't get the wake up call he had anticipated (until later of course).

Devin excused himself to clean up, and in a few minutes walked back into the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around him. Deanna and I were just a bit shocked, as he was, but he laughed and said, "Well, I'm ahead of you". She was sitting on the bed, and she stood and started stripping her clothes. she had not worn a bra so it didn't take her long to pull her top over her head and let her pants and panties fall.

They kissed, she was stroking his cock, and she sat down on the bed and began go suck him. Devin moaned as she did and after a few moments he touched her shoulder and leaned her back on the bed, where he began a very good pussy licking, fingering her with two fingers as he did, spreading her pussy lips apart with his finger to lick her clit and then licking her very hard while he squeeze her nipple between two fingers and with his index finger rubbed the tip of her nipple back and forth, making it rock hard.

Anna was moaning and bucking her ass off the bed until she came. When he sensed that, as she lay there relaxed he moved higher, kissing her nipples, then her mouth and then reaching down guided his cock into her pussy. As he did she put both her hands on his ass and was urging him on has he fucked her.

He pulled her knees up to her shoulders and was raised off her, pounding his cock into her hard. She was pinching his nipples which turned him on more. He slowed down some, played with her breasts has he fucked my wife, keeping her nipples rock hard, and kissed her on the mouth as he fucked her in long hard strokes, his cock glistening with her juices when he withdrew.

Devin withdrew and began eating her pussy after she came a second time, her body still jerking to the slightest touch, eating her until she came again. She relaxed again and he moved higher and put his cock inside her, taking softly to her, "I love to fuck you like this," he told her, moaning himself.

Deanna was moaning, "Yes, Yes, Yes,". He held his hands on top of hers, stopped with his cock still inside her, kissed her nipples, then her mouth, and moved slower.

"Come, come on it," he told her, wanting her to squirt. He kissed her hard on the mouth as he slowly fucked her, slowing, stopping. I wasn't sure if he had come yet.

Devin rolled to his back and she moved between his legs to suck his hard black cock. "That's nice. Yes, Anna" he was saying. He scooted down and she moved over him, positioning her pussy and he guided his cock into her as she lowered herself onto him, bouncing. "That's so hot," he said, his hands on her breasts has she rode his cock.

She came again, and rolled off him, and he buried his face in her pussy again, the rising up on his knees walked on the bed up toward her head, she she took the hint and began sucking him hard again. When he was hard enough he was back between her legs with his cock inside her. He stared moaning and with several gasps came inside my wife's pussy. He withdrew, talked for a few minutes, said he had to go off for a little while but he'd be back after dinner.

Monday, March 8, 2010


One guy, (a new one) she was supposed to meet was all set to go when he got back into the US (he was overseas). But when he was supposed to be here he vanished as far as internet contact was concerned. Didn't see him online. No email. And while we had his phone number she got cold feet and refused to call him, wanting him to initiate things. We've not seen him online since, and suspect it might have something to do with his job and being unable to come back to the US. From our past conversations with him basically that is all I care to say about that. She ready to play with him when he gets around to calling.

But on a more positive note, our friend who took her out on a date last year, and gave her a great evening, has been in touch and wants to play, and we have the room reserved for a date within the next two weeks. So the drought looks like it will end. He's one of the men on her bareback approved list as long as they bring an updated negative test, which he's promised to do.

On top of that two other regulars are back in touch and wanting to play. The lady is once again popular again--and it looks like she may be heading for getting her groove back (or at the very least something very black and very hard in her groove!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

False alarm

When I gave her the chart on the possibilities, she asked me, "Will you be disappointed if I give it back to you blank?" (She's in a self-confidence slump due to putting on a few pounds).

"No, not at all, your body, your call," I answered.

She didn't say anything, and over the next couple of days we had two business conflicts eliminate two possibilities. That night we watched an interracial video I'd downloaded from the net, she wanted to see one of her with one of her black lover, we watched that, got fired up and fucked. As we lay there she said, "I don't see how we can do it with everything we have going on." The damnable thing is she is right.

The drought continues.

The timeline of her journey will resume, but with the drought we are fast approaching real time narratives.

We do have a serious prospect she'd talked to and we have a tentative date set up in a few weeks.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Break in the timeline

Everything posted so far in this blog has been in chronological order as it happened.

However, after a long break we're getting more back into the groove and wanted to share some of the anticipation part of her journey. It has been a couple of months since she played--not because of lack of desire but because we have a family member move in with us and it makes it very difficult for us to find the time.

But we have a window over the next 10 days or so, and I contacted three of her regulars and asked how their schedules were looking. Naturally they each had days they couldn't play (and some they could)--and no one was going to play on Superbowl Sunday. So I charted out who was available on what days, and last night presented her with the chart.

I told her that each guy was willing, all she had to do was pick the guy, and the day, and we'd play, and that she could pick all three on three different days (over the next ten), or two, or one, or none. I told her not to rush but to pick sometime today, return the chart, and I'd contact the guys to set up a time and place.

I'll let you know more as I learn it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


We had a couple of months break due to family obligations, Anna was visiting family out of town, and when she came back home we were spending time out by the pool. The rennovation of the pool area was completed while she was gone, so this was her first day enjoying it. It was a Friday, we had the day off and were poolside shortly after noon, and started drinking then. As the day wore on we started talking about sometime having one of her black lovers join us at home, around the pool.

"It would save the cost of a hotel room," she commented.

It was around 4 p.m. at this time, and she also added, "Menard will be getting off work about now."

I took the hint, called his cell, and in a half hour he called, said he'd just finished a shower, and upon hearing of my invitation told us he would be there in a couple of hours.

He was right on time, despite his getting a speeding ticket on the way, and he took a drink and sat at the table drinking it.

Anna was wearing a black sheer swimsuit that she only wears when the two of us are together around the pool, and as he drank the first drink he reached out and pinched her nipple hard through the sheer cloth. As we talked at my request she pulled the top down, so that she was topless and as we drank and talked he would reach out and caress a breast or pull on a nipple. she got on his lap stradding him, him fully clothed, her bare from the waist up, and they began kissing, she unbuttoned his shirt and as he tugged on her nipples he said he would like to use nipple clamps on her. She laughed and asked, "Want to?" He looked surprised and I told them, we have some, and Anna said, "Go get them."

They were kissing when I returned, and I handed them to her and she adjusted the clamp on one nipple, and took the other end of the chain and handed it to him, "Want to do one?" she asked.

Menard did. With both her nipples hard and erect in the clamps, connected by the chain, she kissed him, eagerly, the chain brushing his chest.He tugged gently on the chain and one clamp popped off, and she was gasping as he did, her chest heaving as
she put it back on. She was hot, and rather than kiss again she unbuckled his pants, pulled out his cock and began sucking his cock, the nipple clamp slipping off one nipple again and remaining on her left breast. He took her wrists and pulled her up,
pulling down on her suit, and she stepped out of it, the effort causing the other clip to slip off.

Anna didn't re-clamp her nipples, instead taking his wrist and leading him toward the chaise longue. She lay her towel on it, and he leaned back naked and my nude wife leaned over him and and sucked him before stradding the chaise longue and guiding his cock inside her, bareback. She began riding and rocking on his cock, occasionally leaning over to kiss him, sometimes as they fucked he was playing with her breasts. When her orgasm started breaking he moved his hands to her shoulders and pressed her body down harder on his cock as she bounced up and down on it, her hands clutching his forearms, moaning and cumming in this position.

Anna moved off him and stepped into the pool, with he and I following, just floating for a while until he had recovered, and together we went inside our house to the spare bedroom.

Menard ate her pussy for several minutes before scooting her to the edge of the bed and with her legs back and open moved his cock back into her pussy. she moved up higher and he bucked between my wife's legs, his dark cock glistening with her juices and the come inside her from their previous fucking. For a long while it was just such hard fucking, nothing fancy, just my wife on her back with her legs open and a black man's hard cock inside her pumping her as she grunted and moaned in pleasure, until once again he came inside her.

They cuddled, I got water for everyone, and she started playing with his cock, sliding down enough so that she could rub the head of his cock over her nipple and breast. That always turns her on, and he was rock hard, and before long she was sucking his cock again. He rolled to his back and she got on top of him and was soon rocking back and forth on his cock, grinding her pelvis down on him as he squeezed her breasts, one in each hand, hard enough to leave hand prints, his thumbs roughly sliding over each nipple.

Anna leaned back thrusting her pelvis and then back over again as he put both hands on her ass and pulled, her ass cheeks opening to reveal her puckered ass, which she had already declared off-limits. Instead he slapped her ass, leaving the red
imprints of his fingers on both cheeks of her ass.

She got louder, enjoying it, still moving on his cock has he began to slap her ass in rhythm, each slap reddening her ass more and eliciting more moans of pleasure. She was into it. She came, and when she pulled off him he pulled her up over him so he could eat her, and they shifted into a 69 befor her climbing back over him.
He pressed his finger against her ass but never tried to put his finger in there, and eventually he came inside her a third time.

He had to get up early for his job and was going to have to leave around 2 a.m. My wife and I went to bed, I fucked her in her silky seconds state, adding my come to the three loads inside her, and we dozed off. At 2 a.m. her clock went off, and she
got out of bed. I looked over at her standing in the bathroom mirror brushing her hair, nude, pulling a housecoat on and walking out the door.

I assumed she was going to wake him up, put him on his way as he said he had to leave for his job around then, and come back to bed, as she had done when he was with us in the cabin. I listened for a minute, and figured if they were fucking I'd hear it, and after about 10 minutes I got up, walked close to the door and heard nothing, so I went back to bed. I heard the chime of our door alarm and looked at the clock, it was 2:40. In seconds I felt her climb in the bed beside me.

"Where the hell have you been?" I said.

"I wanted to be sure he was up and get him started," she said in the darkness.

"For 40 minutes?"

Anna paused for a minute. "Well we made love again."

This was off plan for me, as I wanted to walk in later or at least be aware of it to hear them, but this hadn't happened. It wasn't a big deal, but I told her, "Well since I wasn't there you do have to tell me about it in detail."

She began to softly describe how she had gone to wake him up at 2 and he told her he didn't have to get up until 2:30, so she had climbed in the bed with him, spooning, and dozing off, and then waking up and began playing with his cock. He had rolled over and she had sucked him hard, he had kissed her, got her robe off and she had moved over him, holding her body over him as he fucked her quick and hard, moving underneath her until he came inside her again. He had gotten dressed and left for his job, and my nude wife had come back to bed with me. As I moved over her for my reclaiming fuck she said, "Damn I'm so tired."

"Yeah, but you know the deal," I added, and she nodded.