Thursday, February 4, 2010

False alarm

When I gave her the chart on the possibilities, she asked me, "Will you be disappointed if I give it back to you blank?" (She's in a self-confidence slump due to putting on a few pounds).

"No, not at all, your body, your call," I answered.

She didn't say anything, and over the next couple of days we had two business conflicts eliminate two possibilities. That night we watched an interracial video I'd downloaded from the net, she wanted to see one of her with one of her black lover, we watched that, got fired up and fucked. As we lay there she said, "I don't see how we can do it with everything we have going on." The damnable thing is she is right.

The drought continues.

The timeline of her journey will resume, but with the drought we are fast approaching real time narratives.

We do have a serious prospect she'd talked to and we have a tentative date set up in a few weeks.

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Jim Young said...

Everything in it's own time. Hope her confidence comes back. I'm sure she's still as hot as ever!