Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Guy

A new guy has joined the list, Gerald. He had contacted us through our swinger site a long time back, and somehow down the line she lost contact (the site drops old emails after 60 days), and we sometimes have stretches when we weren't active in checking emails. He had the luck to come back on the scene when she had dropped Sam, and he was persistiant enough to keep in contact. The more he persisted it seemed the more that she wanted to get together with him. "I have a good feeling about him," she told me.

So we eventually set up a weekday meeting in the same hotel where she had met a couple of other lovers. We walked into the restaurant where we usually first meet, and this black guy was standing at the salad bar and did a long triple take on her, in this hot black scoop necked dress that shows a lot of cleavage.

Gerald's photos had shown him in a office, wearing a tie in all of his photos, a suit in most, and the guy at the salad bar was wearing below the knee short pants and a long tee shirt over that. I didn't think he was the guy.

We sat down, ordered, and he called on the cell. He told us his location, and he was the man at the salad bar. He brought his drink around, ordered an appetizer, We talked a while, no negatives, and we finished our meal, stepped outside, and I told them I would walk and she would ride with him so he didn't have to leave his car a block and a half away.

When we went upstairs it was the usual ackward sitting on the suite sofa while I sat opposite. I don't know why this always takes some time to get started, but after my second trip to the men's room I came back out and they were making out, then he took her hand and walked to the bed, removing his shirt while Anna was on her knees, fully clothed, and unbuckling his pants. His pants fell and he stood there, without touching her, waiting while she pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to suck. His cock was very thick, with a large bulbous head.

She sucked him and he slid his hand in her top to caress her breast, and she slid out of the shoulder straps and let it fall to her waist, taking his cock and rubbing it over his nipples. He made no sound, just stood there looking down at her.

He pulled her up and kissed her as he kicked off his shoes and socks, and then lay her down on the bed and began to eat her pussy, his hands on the outside of her legs, playing with her breasts as he did, and he stood up reached into his pants and pulled out a condom, walking on his knees to her in the bed, and she raised her feet and began playing with his thick cock with her feet for a while.

Then he pulled on the condom and leaned over her, rubbing his cock on the outside of her pussy and then began sliding it in very slowly, and she gasped as he did, adjusting to his thick cock stretching her pussy. Her pussy was soaked and was frothing white foamy juices, which I'd not seen her do often. He fucked her like that for a while, then flipped her onto her knees and fucked her doggy, which she loves. As he kept fucking her he put his hand on her ass and slowly put his thumb into her ass as he fucked her.

He put her on her side and pushed up one leg to her shoulder and fucked her sideways, ramming her harder and her breasts bouncing. He pulled her up, standing and she sat up on the bed and began sucking his cock. He stroked his cock and she lay back on the bed, her legs open to him and began playing with herself as he got stroked his cock trying to get hard again.

They lay on the bed and cuddled and she began sucking him again. She took a condom from his hand and rolled it down on his cock and he mounted her again missionary style, then doggy, and then on his back as she straddled him. He was having a problem staying hard consistantly, he'd get soft and nearly lose his hard-on and then it would come back. She kept riding him until he came and she came and then she rolled off him.

I handed him a marker and asked him to sign his work, as is my little kink, and he wrote on her pubis, "BBC Lover" He dressed as she still lay there naked, said his goodbyes and left.

As we did what I call my reclaiming fuck, she said, "We may be doing this enough. He kept losing it." I understood that it was not about him but she takes that as her being less desirable. Her weight is a little up and she thought that she's the problem, and she is worrying about aging.

She said, "This is not as exciting as it used to be. You said we would stop when I wanted, I think I may want to but I don't want you pushing me to keep going."
I thought about it for a second, and said, "That's right. You want to quit we quit."

Later she asked how many different black guys she'd done. We tried counting, and she had said that the guy who left in the middle of things didn't count. So the count was 10 without him, 11 with him. Now it sounded like she was willing to count.

I told her that if she wanted to quit we would. What I would suggest that she at least do 12, making it an even dozen, and a some point I wanted her to do two black guys at once. She thought that would make a good number.

Then later she added, "I would still like to do my regulars from time to time."

The translation to this is she doesn't want to risk rejection, but if that has never been a problem anywhere except within her own mind.