Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back on the Black Cock

May: Devin

We tiptoed around the subject and finally decided to go back to what we were doing and try to put everything behind us, so we met Devin, who had answered our ad, in a town on the way back from vacation.
We met in the bar, had a nice dinner with nice conversation (and he bought it)and we decided to take it upstairs. He was the perfect gentleman, well traveled, and an interesting conversationalist. He sat and talked a long time, and I quite obviously left the room to go to the restroom twice, staying a while just to give them time to get started. When I walked back into the room the second time they were kissing. I sat down quietly and watched he proceeding, her heavier breathing, his moving his hands inside her top, kissing her nipples, and her unbuttoning and removing his shirt. When she started unbuckling his pants he instead stood up and led her to the bedroom.
I turned on the light, turned on the camcorder and thought I would have great 2 angle shots due to a large closet with mirrored doors. He stripped her down, she sucked him, he pulled off her panties slowly, and eagerly dove into her pussy. The man did love to eat pussy. She sucked him some more, and some more, and some more, (the guy really loves her sucking his cock) and finally he climbed on missionary style and fucked her rather quickly by black guy standards. They cuddled, talk, both still nude, and she sucked him some more, and some more, and some more, and he puts another rubber on and she straddled him, spending a long time rubbing the head of his cock around in her pussy before sliding down on it. It took him a long time to get hard the second time but he finally did.
As it was a week night and he had to work, he excused himself, she and I had sex, and dozed off.
She talked about it the next day, talking about how he was a lot of work. He wasn’t exceptionally large in cock size, but it was enjoyable just the same.
For us both it was much more important that just a fuck. Getting back into things after all the crap of the previous months seemed in ways to put all the previous stuff on a back burner. (Or so I thought--but that is a future post). Regardless for the moment things seems great.
And at this point she had fucked twice as many black men as white men.
She had worn her queen of spades ankle chain for weeks now, including while they fucked, which was kool when I looked back at the photos.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pierced nipples

When I re-read my previous entry and got it ready to post it was like I was reliving much of the painful parts of her cheating. I still have anger over it, but I have learned to handle it.

One of the things I told her when she offered to get her nipples pierced was that during the healing I wanted her to hurt like I had hurt, and every time she started thinking about cheating again, every time that she noticed her nipples had rings through them, that it remind her to not be so stupid again.

Not to mention that I had always loved the look. What I didn't realize that it hinders serious sucking on nipples--and I have made her come before simply by sucking on her nipples. With a mouth full of ring, and the rigidity that it takes up, it is not as much fun to play with as I expected. Visually I loved it. She when they didn't heal after six months and she wanted to take them out, I didn't object.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Things Turn to SHIT

If you’ve followed this blog so far it is evident that it had been great up until now. But like the stock market—things change.

She had bladder surgery the first of the year which precluded any sexual activity for six weeks. I left for my trade show trip prior to her recovery, anticipating a very fun homecoming to celebrate her recovery and resumption of sex.
I was gone about a week. I had worked like crazy editing all of the past movies of her getting fucked, setting them to music, adding overlay titles, etc. I made one for every day, and had a detailed “assignment” list to keep her stimulated and have her especially horny upon my return. I hid the CD’s in different places, with the idea of giving her a location each day.
I called the first day, she was sick, next day she was tired, I gave her the location of the first cd and asked her to look at it. Whenever I would call after the first day I’d ask, “Did you look at the CD?” She never did so I didn’t need to give her the other locations.
She basically was in bed, asleep, preoccupied with cleaning, and a dozen different reasons why she wasn’t in the mood to play with my stimulation for the entire trip, which was obvious.
I got back and we enjoyed some great sex, and life was back to normal and great.
A few days after I was back I went to her desk to answer a phone and noticed she had left her email up, and out of curiosity I opened it and noticed an email from Terrell. Now of course we weren’t supposed to be communicating with her lovers without each other’s knowledge, and here he was emailing it. Violation of agreement number 1. Then I saw there was an attachment, so I clicked on it, downloading a zip file of photos.
I opened the first jpeg and she was naked on the bed, close up of her pussy. The thought went through my head that she was taking photos of herself to send to him, and that was erotic, although I was uncomfortable that I had not been kept in the loop.
The next one was her posed by our front doors, legs flexed, ass jutted out, wearing her fur coat, and the next of her in a very low cut cowl neck top I had tried to get her to wear out on several occasions but she had never done.
Then the shock came when the next picture was of her with Terrell, both of them together smiling at the camera in one of those head together poses in which one of the couple holds the camera out and takes a photo of themselves, and in the background I could see our same doors. The rest of the photos were of her stripping nude, and of his cock inside her and of her wearing an apron and nothing else at our stove wearing a “will cook for sex” apron (again something we had bought in the past that she had but has never worn for me). He had been in our house, fucking my wife.
She wasn’t at home, and I paced for hour or two, hyperventilating, pacing, and trying to get a handle on myself first. I finally downloaded the photos to my computer, made a quick slide show of with “I can’t make you love me if you don’t” playing in the background, and when she got home I set her down and made her watch it with me.
This is probably not the place to get into that, but at that exact moment I would have been lost if she had walked out. And she took the aggressive roll with me wanting her to stay. I started off telling her to choose him or me.
She basically decided that maybe she should leave me—and that alone rocked me back—and I realized that I did want her to stay—but I also wanted her to stop fucking around behind my back. I told her to pick one of us.
Her answer, “I don’t know, I want to talk to my sister first.”
Of course at this point it all started coming out. She had invited him to our house while I was at the trade show. She had met him at the airport wearing the fur coat with the open cowl neck shirt, panties, and stocking and garter underneath (and nothing else).
In the course of their weekend together, at her instigation, they fucked in every room on our house (all four) plus the couch. I finally asked her, what we had that was an intimacy between us that she had not shared with him, from posing for photos to fucking in a room with the pictures of our kids on the wall. It was just COLD.
And he had never used a condom. I demanded that she get tested for AIDS.
There was enough reality and business going on that we actually had to put everything on hold to take care of that—and it got to the point that I told her she could stay of she wanted to, but I was through clinging. And am. If she wanted to go, she should go, but I was at the point I really didn’t give a shit either way. And I wasn’t through following up.
I got the entry to our phone records to see what I was dealing with and discovered she had been texting him 8-10 times a day, and when I finally went into the cell phone store getting the first print outs she called me as I stood in line and told me over the phone that I would see several calls to Sam on it as well. What the hell?
I was an emotional wreck for weeks afterward. So I have about a three month gap of bullshit in the middle of this. Suffice to say I’m still here, she’s still here, and things seem back to normal.
As a penance and something to do for me she did get one nipple pierced, and showed it around New Orleans at Mardi Gras. Later she went to visit a friend in New York took it out for a few hours, before it healed and it closed up. So we went back to a different piercer, she got repeirced and then looking at the one in the mirror laid back down and had him do the other. She got rings this time.

Journal entry from that time:
So we talked about it and over that I discovered she didn’t see anything wrong with it, despite the deceit, the lies, and I shot back that she knew it was wrong, why else would she have kept it from me.
I told her last night that my one fear was that she would force me to do something that I didn’t want to do—which was leave. I have forgiven enough. I have hurt enough over her inability to be honest with me. And this is the bottom line. I don’t know if she knows it or not—I do not think it matters if she knows or not—as long as I know where the line is—and I have already planned and know my course of action if it happens. I will find someone out there that does love me, and she can grow old and alone on her own. I know as good looking as she is that won’t happen—but at that point someone else is paying the price of being married to a beautiful unfaithful woman.

So in the end we decided, or I decided, that we had too much time together to waste. I had a friend who was a basket case who had just divorced and I certainly didn’t want to see myself in that shape. I even contemplated suicide. But in the end we came to an uneasy truce and kept things as they were. End of Journal entry.

From November until May we did nothing outside our marriage—all our time was consumed trying to keep our marriage together, due to my wife’s lying, deceitful, betrayal—and her, well the only word I can find to describe it—her stupidity. I think one of the saving graces of all the pain was that she agreed with that analysis.

This is probably not what you expected in this journey, and for the time span this took roughly five months of recovery—not total recovery, nor will their ever be that, but a tolerance, and a constant knowledge that my wife is capable of looking me straight in the face and lying like a dog. The pain is still there, but I have learned to deal with it, to tolerate it, and keep it from consuming me.

When it is all said and done if you look back at the beginning of this blog you will remember we started dating basically as children—and that is a lot of time just to throw away.

So with the long gap of our journey taken up by the aftermath of the above, there will be a gap in this blog as well. We do pick it back up, but everything is different after this. And frankly as I have written this blog, and gone back over the older journal entries, I’ve relived so much of it. The fun and erotic parts have been great—and this post—well I’m reliving it, and I just have to absorb it all again.

We do survive, we do go on, it does get better, and she gets more black dick, and I will post again, but I’m going to give it a rest for a while. I will try to answer comments.

Post Hedo

As we watched the video of her with her third black lover later and she saw him trying to rim her ass and then fingering her ass, I told her, “You’re going to let him fuck your ass, aren’t you?” She didn’t answer, although I knew the answer.
“Maybe” she said.
“You’re going to let him try.”
“Yes, I’m going to let him try, but I can’t imagine his cock that big in my ass.”

Journal Entry: Lets recap for a minute. Her first fuck, the football player, had not answered her emails and she wrote him off. Now right before Mardi Gras he has written. It’s back on again obviously. She said she is not going to fuck him at Mardi Gras, because he expects it and she won’t reward that attitude, but she would fuck him again.

Last night she got pissed because I do not want anyone to come to our home to fuck her, and I don’t want anyone spending the night with us. “I like getting fucked in the morning,” she said, and I cautioned over the fact they wouldn’t use rubbers in that situation.

Last night after watching the video of her fucking her third guy, she asked me, “
Can we take restraints with us?”

“You want him to tie you up?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Time At Hedo

A few weeks later we went to Hedo for the first time. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, I read what I could and where I could and on the first day we were recovering from the trip and had decided just to take it slow and let the good times come to us. As we checked into the room I opened the bathroom, and noticed there were not curtains on the window, and as I looked out onto the quadrangle there on the upper sun deck in the quad a man and a woman were fucking, with a third woman at their head holding the woman’s hands.
I said something, and the bellman looked out the window, smiled, and said, “Welcome to Hedo”.
Frankly it shocked Anna so much that it knocked her back a little, coupled with the fact that there were very very few single black men that at this time--a disappoint for her.
We hung out at the pool the next day, and this woman was laying up on the concrete table in the pool while her husband was smearing/massaging her with suntan oil. I took a foot and started massaging it as well, and when she got up another woman got on the table and I started on her foot too. Anna was on the other side of the pool, and we were all getting drunker and when this woman got off the table I motioned to Anna to come over and get on the table. She refused, but we started talking to the couple whose wife I had just been massaging her feet.
I kissed her and next thing I know (I mean we were really drunk) we were going to their room with them. As we walked into the room the husband said, for the first time, “Now we only do a soft swap.”
It was not like we were going to leave at this point.
I got blown and Anna got eaten and she sucked the guy’s cock and I ate the guy’s wife till she came and squirted, but no one fucked.
As we all sprawled naked on the bed, Anna rising from having sucked the other guy’s cock, she moved forward, her thumbs on the woman’s pussy lips, spreading them apart, and out of the blue looked over at me and said, “I swore I’d never do this” and then she buried her face into the woman’s pussy as I moved to the woman’s head so she could suck my cock. I loved it. We finally broke and went back to our rooms and passed out (there was a tremendous amount of alcohol in our systems, then we got up very late that night and were both sick.
The next day I'm still sick at my stomach, but tough it out at the pool.
She comes up to me and tells me the two guys of the couples we had been hanging out with in the pool wanted to take her to their room and fuck her, and I said, “Well what about their wives going with me.”
“No,” she said, "they went back to their rooms for a nap."
“Then no fucking way,” I said. She neglected to have suggested that I go along and film, which might have worked. And right in the middle of this she gets her period, and I get the runs one day, and she does the next.

She started talking to this guy from Virginia, and later came back and told me that his birthday was this week and he was shy and not connecting and she promised him a blow job. He went with us to the quad pool for the body shots, and they poured chocolate liquor over the women and the men licked it off, and then the men got up, they poured it over the men, and she sucked my cock, and then in front of everyone moved over and sucked his, and then back to mine. We went back to the room and she sucked him first on her knees, and then over top of him till he came in her mouth and she swallowed, and then crawled on top of him.
If he’d recovered quicker they would have fucked, but he didn’t.
“Oh you white boys,” she laughed.

And that was basically our hedo trip. Four days, one getting acclimated, two being sick, and one packing to go home. That we were able to do anything sexual amazes me looking back at it.

On the way home she mentioned that one of the other men we had met there had fingered her in the hot tub while I was unaware several seats away in the bigger pool. And later, much later, she tells me that while standing at the swim up bar before him getting his blow job that the guy from Virginia had been talking to her, she had been playing with his cock, and pulled him forward and let him put his cock inside her, bare. He put it in for a stroke or too and then he freaked, afraid he would get aids or something.

She said that didn’t count as a fuck. I told her if his cock was inside her it counted.

And on the last day, as we’re waiting with our bags packed and ready to go to the airport, she goes to the bar to get one last drink, and this newly arrived black guy hits on her.

Wasn’t that much of a trip in the final analysis, but it sure beat staying home.