Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Time At Hedo

A few weeks later we went to Hedo for the first time. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, I read what I could and where I could and on the first day we were recovering from the trip and had decided just to take it slow and let the good times come to us. As we checked into the room I opened the bathroom, and noticed there were not curtains on the window, and as I looked out onto the quadrangle there on the upper sun deck in the quad a man and a woman were fucking, with a third woman at their head holding the woman’s hands.
I said something, and the bellman looked out the window, smiled, and said, “Welcome to Hedo”.
Frankly it shocked Anna so much that it knocked her back a little, coupled with the fact that there were very very few single black men that at this time--a disappoint for her.
We hung out at the pool the next day, and this woman was laying up on the concrete table in the pool while her husband was smearing/massaging her with suntan oil. I took a foot and started massaging it as well, and when she got up another woman got on the table and I started on her foot too. Anna was on the other side of the pool, and we were all getting drunker and when this woman got off the table I motioned to Anna to come over and get on the table. She refused, but we started talking to the couple whose wife I had just been massaging her feet.
I kissed her and next thing I know (I mean we were really drunk) we were going to their room with them. As we walked into the room the husband said, for the first time, “Now we only do a soft swap.”
It was not like we were going to leave at this point.
I got blown and Anna got eaten and she sucked the guy’s cock and I ate the guy’s wife till she came and squirted, but no one fucked.
As we all sprawled naked on the bed, Anna rising from having sucked the other guy’s cock, she moved forward, her thumbs on the woman’s pussy lips, spreading them apart, and out of the blue looked over at me and said, “I swore I’d never do this” and then she buried her face into the woman’s pussy as I moved to the woman’s head so she could suck my cock. I loved it. We finally broke and went back to our rooms and passed out (there was a tremendous amount of alcohol in our systems, then we got up very late that night and were both sick.
The next day I'm still sick at my stomach, but tough it out at the pool.
She comes up to me and tells me the two guys of the couples we had been hanging out with in the pool wanted to take her to their room and fuck her, and I said, “Well what about their wives going with me.”
“No,” she said, "they went back to their rooms for a nap."
“Then no fucking way,” I said. She neglected to have suggested that I go along and film, which might have worked. And right in the middle of this she gets her period, and I get the runs one day, and she does the next.

She started talking to this guy from Virginia, and later came back and told me that his birthday was this week and he was shy and not connecting and she promised him a blow job. He went with us to the quad pool for the body shots, and they poured chocolate liquor over the women and the men licked it off, and then the men got up, they poured it over the men, and she sucked my cock, and then in front of everyone moved over and sucked his, and then back to mine. We went back to the room and she sucked him first on her knees, and then over top of him till he came in her mouth and she swallowed, and then crawled on top of him.
If he’d recovered quicker they would have fucked, but he didn’t.
“Oh you white boys,” she laughed.

And that was basically our hedo trip. Four days, one getting acclimated, two being sick, and one packing to go home. That we were able to do anything sexual amazes me looking back at it.

On the way home she mentioned that one of the other men we had met there had fingered her in the hot tub while I was unaware several seats away in the bigger pool. And later, much later, she tells me that while standing at the swim up bar before him getting his blow job that the guy from Virginia had been talking to her, she had been playing with his cock, and pulled him forward and let him put his cock inside her, bare. He put it in for a stroke or too and then he freaked, afraid he would get aids or something.

She said that didn’t count as a fuck. I told her if his cock was inside her it counted.

And on the last day, as we’re waiting with our bags packed and ready to go to the airport, she goes to the bar to get one last drink, and this newly arrived black guy hits on her.

Wasn’t that much of a trip in the final analysis, but it sure beat staying home.


sexy hotwife said...

This is our kind of vacation!!! Sounds like fun!

Sexy Wife in GA said...

I find this particular post interesting. It lacks your usual entusiasm and detailed writing. Do I detect a change in how you feel about her playing?

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

When one goes to Hedo I think it is expected to be wall to wall sex, and we were just out of sync with it the entire time, sick two days, the shortage of black guys for her, following the guide books on what to do at the resort and discovering that all our friends were going to the piano bar rather than the disco (on the last night), so while it was fun, and we would go again, it did not live up to our prior expectations. Her getting her period just when we got there didn't help either.

And with hotwifing there is an ebb and flow, and from her first time until the Hedo episode it got better and better. I wrote a lot of the narratives the day after and reconstructed them from that for this blog, so the enthusiasm of the first times, when everything was new, probably shows.

And in the coming posts instead of getting better and better it gets worse. This story/journey is real, as it has happened, so it is not always going to be great erotic sex -- there is some bullshit-- no a lot of bullshit--along the way. but that is the way of life for all of us isn't it?