Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pierced nipples

When I re-read my previous entry and got it ready to post it was like I was reliving much of the painful parts of her cheating. I still have anger over it, but I have learned to handle it.

One of the things I told her when she offered to get her nipples pierced was that during the healing I wanted her to hurt like I had hurt, and every time she started thinking about cheating again, every time that she noticed her nipples had rings through them, that it remind her to not be so stupid again.

Not to mention that I had always loved the look. What I didn't realize that it hinders serious sucking on nipples--and I have made her come before simply by sucking on her nipples. With a mouth full of ring, and the rigidity that it takes up, it is not as much fun to play with as I expected. Visually I loved it. She when they didn't heal after six months and she wanted to take them out, I didn't object.

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Angie said...

Sorry - sounds like a real rough patch for you two.

But I have to say - I love the nipple piercings!