Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drought ends

We arranged to meet with Devin, a friend who I guess we could call a regular, as he is one of the two lovers who have been invited to bring a negative HIV test and could then fuck her bareback. This was her second bareback time with him, the other being when he had taken her out on her first interracial date.
He met us in the hotel bar, we had a few drinks, conversation and then went upstairs. I had booked him a room too, with a connecting door, as the last time he had stayed in our condo he had locked his door and didn't get the wake up call he had anticipated (until later of course).

Devin excused himself to clean up, and in a few minutes walked back into the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around him. Deanna and I were just a bit shocked, as he was, but he laughed and said, "Well, I'm ahead of you". She was sitting on the bed, and she stood and started stripping her clothes. she had not worn a bra so it didn't take her long to pull her top over her head and let her pants and panties fall.

They kissed, she was stroking his cock, and she sat down on the bed and began go suck him. Devin moaned as she did and after a few moments he touched her shoulder and leaned her back on the bed, where he began a very good pussy licking, fingering her with two fingers as he did, spreading her pussy lips apart with his finger to lick her clit and then licking her very hard while he squeeze her nipple between two fingers and with his index finger rubbed the tip of her nipple back and forth, making it rock hard.

Anna was moaning and bucking her ass off the bed until she came. When he sensed that, as she lay there relaxed he moved higher, kissing her nipples, then her mouth and then reaching down guided his cock into her pussy. As he did she put both her hands on his ass and was urging him on has he fucked her.

He pulled her knees up to her shoulders and was raised off her, pounding his cock into her hard. She was pinching his nipples which turned him on more. He slowed down some, played with her breasts has he fucked my wife, keeping her nipples rock hard, and kissed her on the mouth as he fucked her in long hard strokes, his cock glistening with her juices when he withdrew.

Devin withdrew and began eating her pussy after she came a second time, her body still jerking to the slightest touch, eating her until she came again. She relaxed again and he moved higher and put his cock inside her, taking softly to her, "I love to fuck you like this," he told her, moaning himself.

Deanna was moaning, "Yes, Yes, Yes,". He held his hands on top of hers, stopped with his cock still inside her, kissed her nipples, then her mouth, and moved slower.

"Come, come on it," he told her, wanting her to squirt. He kissed her hard on the mouth as he slowly fucked her, slowing, stopping. I wasn't sure if he had come yet.

Devin rolled to his back and she moved between his legs to suck his hard black cock. "That's nice. Yes, Anna" he was saying. He scooted down and she moved over him, positioning her pussy and he guided his cock into her as she lowered herself onto him, bouncing. "That's so hot," he said, his hands on her breasts has she rode his cock.

She came again, and rolled off him, and he buried his face in her pussy again, the rising up on his knees walked on the bed up toward her head, she she took the hint and began sucking him hard again. When he was hard enough he was back between her legs with his cock inside her. He stared moaning and with several gasps came inside my wife's pussy. He withdrew, talked for a few minutes, said he had to go off for a little while but he'd be back after dinner.

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