Sunday, April 4, 2010

Uh oh...a mistake

Time to correct a mistake. We started this blog after we had been in the lifestyle for a couple of years. Until now I've related the events in chronological order as they happened.

If you have followed this blog from the beginning I think it becomes obvious that all the events build on the previous events, thus the "Journey" aspect of the blog. For certain she didn't just start going out with black men, taking two black men back to our hotel room after meeting them in a bar, etc.

But with the long breaks we are getting close to real time events, and real life has kept us from playing very much in the past months. We played in late June of 2009, had some family crises that change priorities dramatically (a death). We didn't play again until December, and the most recent time that I just described in part, which was March.

As I posted the first part of my wife's overnight hotel fuck with Devin, I realized that I had left out our December get together with Menard, who ended up being her most frequent partner in 2009.

Both Menard and Devin have brought negative HIV tests and she does them bareback, and I think that is one of her reasons for reluctance at finding new partners. She likes her lovers coming inside her. More about those things later.

But just to avoid confusion I am going to post the remainder of her most recent encounter next--and then go back and post her overnight with Menard.

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