Monday, April 12, 2010

December and a Christmas present for her lover

Just to keep the chronology straight, the following experience occurred in December of '09. The previous post of our meeting with Devin occurred in March of 2010. There is a second part of her night with Devin to come.


It had been a few months since we’d played with Menard. He lives close, so a get together with him is about the easiest of anyone we’ve played with, and Anna enjoys him. We’d played back in the early summer, and on a whim late summer we’d called him and he’d come down and spent the night, which I’ve described earlier.

This time it was December, we were in a cabin, close to where he lives, and had arranged for him to stop by.

As it was close to Christmas Anna met him in a fishnet Mrs. Santa top, with black fishnet hose, over which she pulled a very short black skirt and a zip up red sweater. She had shaved and didn’t put on panties. They kissed upon him coming in, and talked for a minute until he unzipped her sweater, and his eyes lit up as she removed the top to reveal the sheer top. They kissed for a long time, and he ran his hand up her leg and discovered she was no wearing panties.

Menard asked her to remove the skirt, which she stood to do. He stood up beside her, removed his shirt, kissed her and fingered her as he stood there. He slid the straps off one shoulder of the top to bare her left breast, and they sat back down on the couch and continued kissing and embracing. He kissed on her nipples, and as the continued kissing she started rubbing his cock through his pants, then unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock with both hands. She held onto his cock as they kissed and then lowered her mouth to his cock, sucking him hard, and she raised up and kissed him again, still stroking his cock. He whispered something to her and she stood up, looking at me. “We’re going to go to a bed,” she said, and I followed the two of them into the bedroom he would be sleeping in.

They kissed while she stroked his cock, standing by the bed, then they got into a 69 on the bed. She had a small orgasm and then turned to straddle his cock, still in the fishnet hose, the sheer Mrs. Santa top with one side of it pulled below her breast. He bared the other breast and pulled on her nipples as she slid forward and back on his erection until she came. “That is good,” he told her. He started moving in and out of her as she held herself over him, “You are so fucking hot,” he said as fucked her.

Anna pulled the top off and he started gasping as she rode his cock. “Take it,” he said, “you are so sexy.”

She rose off him, “Let’s trade places”. He held his cock and slapped it on her clit a few times before he put his cock inside her, then he withdrew, raised up and slapped his pussy with his cock more, pausing to rub his cock between her pussy lips before slapping her clit more.
With his arms under her knees and her legs pulled up, began pounding his cock into her. “Oh God Yes!” she said. He was slamming into her and she was loving it. “You fuck so good, I love it,” she moaned.
“You take your black cock,” he taunted, “you like your black cock?”
“I love it,” she groaned, “fuck me.”
“You love it? Tell me.”
“I love your black cock,” she gasped. “Yes.”

He stopped to eat her pussy for a while, fingered her, “That pussy is so nice”, he commented as he rubbed up and down between her pussy lips.

He reinserted his cock for more fucking in the missionary position. Menard’s mouth was by her ear, talking dirty too her in a soft voice so low that I couldn’t hear. “I love how you fuck my pussy, Oh yes,” she
gushed as he fucked her.
“Shooting it in, shoot it in?”
“Yes,” she said.
“Shoot it in?”
“Un huh.”
“What you love? Black cock?
“Yes, I love black cock.”
“What you got? What you got?” he asked.
“I got black cock, my cunt for black cock” she said, starting to come as she moaned it. He was pounding her hard, she was rubbing her hands over his ass.
“There you are there, your pussy’s got a black cock in it. Your pussy sucks my black cock in.”
“Yes, fuck me.”
“You’re pussy’s so fucking hot,” he was saying. “Give it to me, give it to me”.
He rubbed the head of his cock over her clit. “Yeah, like that, on my clit.” He held his cock and she began rubbing her pussy up and down on his cock, wanting him his cock deeper inside her.
“You want it, you want my black come?” Menard asked her.
He came inside her and rolled to the side.

She pulled on a robe and we went back into the cabin’s living room. Menard remained nude, and Anna let the robe fall open with no attempt to cover up. Menard had his arm around her quickly as we watched a ballgame, his left hand playing with her nipple as we all sipped on our fresh drinks. Still holding her drink, she moved her head into his lap and took his cock into her mouth, stopping for a few seconds to rub his cock over her breasts and now rock hard nipples. The ballgame ended.

Anna stood, shrugged off her robe and nude except for her fishnet stocking, moved over Menard, sitting on the couch. He scooted down and she started riding his cock again as he played with her breasts. She came like that.

We went to the hot tub, came back in, sat on the couch. Mernard started eating her pussy, fingering her. He scooted her sideways on the couch, moving between her open legs to start fucking her on the couch until he came inside her. They cuddled nude on the couch for a while as we had another drink.

Anna and I went upstairs, where we had our reclaiming fuck, but she told me, “be quick because I’m worn out. This is just for you.”

The next morning we awoke and cuddled some in the bed. She got up and brushed her teeth, crawled back into bed and we talked for a minute, and she said she was going to go wake him up. Knowing that the last time that had happened she had fucked him without me knowing about it, I just said, “be sure and leave the door open so I can here.”
She started to get up and I said wait, and taking a marker I wrote “ho, ho, ho” over one breast, “blackcock slut” over the other, and up one leg and over her pubis I wrote, “Merry Christmas to Menard”. She laughed and left and went out the door.

I gave them some time before I went downstairs, I could hear them talking, so I made coffee, had a cup, set up the video cam, stepped back to the door to listen some more. Still talking. Finally I glanced in and he was eating her pussy. They had been in there alone for 20 minutes, so I stepped in and turned on the video camera.

He had smiled when he has seen the writing, and he said as I came into the room. “You like writing on her, don’t you?” I answered in the affirmative.

‘Come on,” she invited, and he moved over her, his cock positioned over her pussy as she reached for it and guided his cock inside her. He only stroked a couple of times before withdrawing and holding his cock at the base began slapping her clit with hit, which is an instance moaner for her. She was whimpering within 15 seconds.

The whimpering was too much for Menard and he leaned forward and suck his cock balls deep into her, his cock making squishing sounds in her wet pussy as they fucked. “Feels so good you fucking me,” she gasped. This wasn’t a slow sensual fuck but an urgent fast pumping morning fuck. Nothing elaborate—pure fucking. “You slut,” he hissed a couple of times as he rammed into her, hard enough to make loud popping noises as their flesh met.

“Oh come,” she told him, and he convulsed and held his cock inside her. He rolled off her and we all had a cup of coffee before we left him to go back upstairs, fucking before he had finished his shower so she could kiss him goodbye.

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