Thursday, January 22, 2009

Third time with the Biggest BC

I think she’s getting addicted to large cock. This time was the third time with Nat, and he has the biggest thickest cock I've ever seen on a man. She says it hurts, and he is emotionally distant, and for a while she was reluctant to meet him again, she just didn’t feel “close” with him. But the more she thought about his big cock—and the fact he is a good fuck and is readily available when we want to meet, he won out.
It was more comfortable this time, as everyone was aware why we were there, what everyone knew was going to happen, and a minimum of formalities. I guess for a third get together it was normal.
The first time we had met in a bar and from there went upstairs and he fucked her several times the first night. He ended holding his cock over her face and she opened her mouth and let him come in it, which was unexpected.
The second time it was at a hotel with a standard, plain hotel room, and they fucked a while and we broke to eat. She had a thin top that showed the darkness of her nipple on one side, more visible to me than when she looked in the glare of the mirror, and she asked him, not taking my word for it, "Can you see through this?" and I of course said "No", and he chimed in immediately, "No, it's ok." She wore it to dinner with her nipple visible for anyone who cared to look.
I told him during dinner when she went to the ladies’ room that she got turned on to dirty talk, that it turned her on. He tried it, but it was clear he wasn’t comfortable with it and this particular evening she was so out of sync that the dirty talk was almost a distraction—but not a turn on or a turn off Despite the wild sex, and her great orgasms, it was just like there was something missing.
We talked about it after the second get together and finally decided it was not that he was bad, he was just the least favorite, and she said she would fuck him again. (She never really said she wouldn't). She also claims that his big cock doesn't make a difference but I've watched her fuck a half dozen different guys now and he gets off on a big black cock-if not mentally-then certainly physically.
So this time it has been a few months, and we set it up, and called, he was good to go. He'd been unemployed for a while, and said at one point that he might have some car problems-but he got them worked out, got tied up in traffic, and called, telling us of the delay, and then asked if I had condoms-which I did.
When he got there he called and I walked him up to the room. She met him wearing her "I love black cock" tee shirt, with a fishnet teddy undeneath and matching fishnet hose. I had told her that I bet he would peel her like and onion when he saw her, but instead they sat down on the couch and we all talked chit chat for a while. He opened up a little about finally getting a job, and made no move. Eventually I went into the bathroom and when I came out she was in his lap, straddling him, kissing him on the suite couch. He was already holding her bare breasts in each hand, the teddy pushed aside and the tee shirt pushed up. They kissed like this for several minutes, their breathing getting heavier and she was doing "ungh, ungh", grunts. It had been a long time since I'd seen her this hot for a cock. He might not have known the signs but I did. She was in full bore slut at that moment. She was leaning her head back as he sucked on her nipples, and already breaking into a sweat.
He stripped off the tee shirt, and they both stood up, stripping, kissing, and when he lowered his pants she instantly reached for his cock inside his shorts. Once in her hand she leaned over from the waist and began sucking him, still in her teddy.she sat down on his knee, him naked, her hand on his cock while he kissed her, her teddy pushed down beneath her breasts, and his left hand fingering her pussy. The grunts increased, and then as they continued kissing and his left fingers in her pussy. He leaned to his pants and pulled out a Magnum condom as she stood and stripped off her teddy. He put the condom on his cock, and as she moved closer he said, "This first time is going to be quick because I've not had sex in a while", which seemed to turn her on more.
She straddled his cock, and guided it to her pussy, moving it back and forth coating the head with her juices and lowering herself down onto that huge black cock in a single motion. She began rocking back and forth on it, alternating with bouncing up and down on it while he held onto her waist for a while, and then would grab and squeeze her white bare breasts in his dark black handles, kissing the nipples at times while he did. She came a squishing squirting orgasm, and he pulled out.
They moved to the bed, where he climbed over her legs, his on the outside of hers and put his cock back inside her and began ramming his cock hard into her. He had the entire bed shaking, fucking like that for a while. Then he pulled out, moved over her, stripping off the condom and she stroked his cock until he came on her tits. She smiled a broad smile and turned to me for a photo, his come on her tits and hands.
They each washed off, and went back to the bed cuddling for a while and then he started fingering her till she started moaning, then he slid lower ate her pussy, and fucked her again before dinner, this time between her legs, holding her hands over her head and not letting her move them as they fucked. Then rolling her to her side and fucked her that way for a long time and fucked her from behind, until he got close to coming and moving her body, coming on her tits and chest again.
We took a break, went to dinner and he sat beside Anna. He declined to eat, saying he'd not been working, but when I told him I was buying he changed his mind, ordered a steak, and when they brought him pork ribs by mistake he freaked, telling them he didn't eat pork. But we got that straightened out, and we went back to the room, where he fucked her on top again, a very long time but it is hard to describe how he just crawled between her open legs and pumped his long thick black cock in and out of her pussy until she came about three times, over about 20 minutes or more. Finally he collapsed and came in the condom, with both of the declaring they were too tired to continue.
I went over to her on the bed, pulled down the sheet, and was playing with her left breast, pulling on the nipple, my camera in my other hand. "Grab her other boob" I asked Nat, and he did, and I got the shot of her smiling at me, one black hand on one breast, one white hand on the other.
He got dressed and as he left and asked to see me outside alone, so I followed him. He asked if he could borrow a couple of bucks for gas to get home. I handed him a 10 and told him we would see him again.
And we will.

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