Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No sex - but a lot of mental self-examination

No Gang Bang.

Since our last post She has gone to great lengths to emphasize that she will NOT do a gang bang, and by that

definition that is three guys, even if two of the guys are black and me. She says she won't do that. I asked her what

about two guys and me one after the other. She says no. But she also says that my doing her after they is ok.

Interesting to see how that ends up working out and what she will want to do with two black cocks in her at once.

Of course this is totally opposite what she had been saying at various times in the past--but regardless it is her

option to change her mind, she is a woman after all.

Late May

We had met a woman a couple of years earlier at Mardi Gras who we discovered had a nude site, and later found out that she was doing amateur porn, with black guys. When we began renting interracial vids she asked me, "Why don't you find some with Connie?" It wasn't until I went to a free interracial posting site on the web that I found a couple that someone had uploaded of Connie getting fucked by a well built black guy.

She was excited to watch them after I told her I had downloaded them, so we cut back early on the evening in the hot tub, and naked, on the couch, we watched them.

I asked her what she thought after all this time, in a serious vein, about her doing black guys.

She said that it was better than she every imagined, that they tried harder she felt because it was like they

wanted to prove something by fucking her well in front of her husband. "I love it," she said, "I really do."

And she loves the taboo of it. She said she enjoyed having her "slut for BC" collar put on her by a black man

- "it made it official," she said.

I asked her if she thought she was more submissive to black men, and she said she was submissive sexually period, but more so with black guys as they were more assertive-and there to fuck.

Later in the month, we were at a trade show, and out of the blue she says "I walked by this booth with this hot

looking black guy, and I swear I started getting wet."

So while she may not be getting much black cock at the moment she is thinking about it.

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