Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Odds Turn

Well we knew it had to happen sooner or later. She has been with 9 different partners since she started hotwifing-so percentage-wise it was probably our time for what happened last night.

The guy had emailed through our profile on a swinger site that succinctly details what we like and what we look for, and that I love doing photos while she played, and we specifically said that it gives me something to do while she is playing.

He hit the criteria: professional, well built, looking for playing without attachments, black, articulate. Non-smoker (though he said he was ok with the 420 crowd). One of the things that fit with our desire for discretion was he had no face photos of any ladies he was with shown on his profile.

She took a look at his profile and said that he was acceptable, so I emailed back, asked for a number, and she gave him a call, talking to him for about a half-hour. During the call he told her he had a concern about photos, and she reassured him that it was for our personal enjoyment only, that no one would see them, and that we had one regular fuck-buddy who had those concerns initially and he discovered that what we said was true. We also pointed out that there were no face photos on our public profile.

He told her that it was ok then, but that it was a trust issue, if he trusted us, he wanted us to trust him. I wasn't sure what he meant by that at the time.

We met at a restaurant beside a hotel in which we had rented a room for the night, with 7:30 set for the meeting. As we walked into the restaurant my wife mentioned, "I should have asked for a full face shot, because I'm not sure exactly what he looks like. The only photo on his profile showed the bottom half of his face." She has started taking a more active role in searching the sites, reviewing the emails, answering them, and handling most of the latter stages of when we meet someone.

We usually eat around 6:30 and there had been no mention of having a meal, so we ordered, and he called at 7:15, telling us he was a half-hour out, and that he had not eaten. We told him we had a menu there for him and he could eat while we chatted and got to know each other.

He arrived a half hour later, 15 minutes later than original discussed, and talked to me for 15 minutes without hardly noticing my wife who he had sat down beside. He finally asked if we were boring her, and he said a few things to her and I excused myself to go to the restroom to give them a chance to get to know each other a little. When I came out we sat there while he finished eating and then listened to a long rambling story bout his escapades at Hedo, where we had been one time. He asked us nothing about ourselves, and added several other stories-non-stop.

He mentioned he has been up since 5:30 and had flown in from a Northern city earlier in the day, getting in around lunch time.

When my wife excused herself to go to the ladies room, I remembered her saying he had hesitated when she mentioned I'm there doing photos and video, so just to be in the safe side I mentioned again that I like to video and take photos but they are for our own enjoyment and that no one will ever see them.

"No problem" he said, "but trust is a two way street, if I trust you then you should trust me." I agreed, telling him that I would be glad to give him photos and video clips as long as they were not put on any websites.

He said that he didn't want his face in photos, and I told him that the focus of my photos is not his face-but my wife, and that if his face was in a photo it was by accident but in that event it still would not matter because no one will ever see the photos except him.

My wife returned to the table and asked, "Ready to go?"

"Where are we going?" he asked, and she told him to our hotel room for more drinks. We went into the room and he sat down on a loveseat with my wife beside him, I sat at the desk area with the chair swiveled around facing them.

He proceeded to spend the next two hours in rapid narrations of his escapades. In detail one described his experience with a dominating woman and a cuckold submissive (and humiliated) husband, and how she would interrupt her lovemaking with him to criticize her husband and tell her husband how he should take lessons on how to fuck. He said he had met with them a second time, only this time the wife would not let the husband in the room, making him stay in another part of the house and the two of them texting back and forth, with her texting her husband while our narrator continued pumping her. I noticed that he got a visible hard on as he told this. His story had gone on so long that I was bursting to pee, and when I got up to go at the end of the story he immediately started into another story. When I got up I commented, "Well that sure wouldn't work with us."

My wife laughed with me, adding, "No it wouldn't".

His second story involved the wife of a couple in the South that he plays regularly when he is in their town. He enjoyed telling us that her husband was going out of town and had invited him to take her out to dinner and play in his absence, which they had done.

He went on to say that he had come home earlier that day from a trip in a Northern city where he had been meeting a different couple, and while there he was also texting the Southern wife, and in the course of their texting he invited her to come North an join him for the weekend, after checking with the Northern wife and asking if she'd object-with the idea (and plan) of sharing the Southern wife with the Northern husband. The husband was the last one he had asked if that sounded ok with him.

Bear in mind that as he is describing this, he was sitting on a loveseat beside my wife, talking about how on the previous three nights he has been with both these women, even describing how the husband and the Southern wife did not end up doing the deed, but at one point he doing one wife and feeling up the other, and pushing the husband's head toward the Southern wife encouraging him to get in the game. He said he had done this without breaking stride.

We talked briefly about our desire discretion on our end and how we did not give anyone photos showing her face. At the two hour mark (roughly 11 p.m.) He complained about the cold room and I told him once I turn the video light (an old tungsten light from my photography days) that it will heat the room up pretty quick, which was why we had it cold to start with.

My wife was wearing a low cut top with string straps, and I had been waiting for that strap to slide down her arm and it had not, but was enticing me from where I was sitting, and he didn't seem to notice. and I thought it is time to get things rolling or he was going to sit there and talk all night, so I leaned over and started slide the strap over her shoulder and down her arm, saying that the strap had been tantalizing me for the last hour. He stopped me. "That's my job tonight," he laughed, and slid the straps down off both her shoulder, exposing her breasts and leaned over and began kissing her nipples.

She stood up and they kissed more, taking each other's clothes off as they did, and I turned on the camera and shot four or five photos. He turned his back to me, and in doing so blocked the view of their touching (which I like to get into photos), so I stepped to the right and he moved to the right. I move to the other side and he says, "Remember no face". I thought we had covered that in detail prior to this, but I did try to shoot lower per his request. He moved his face to the other side of my wife's and I took some more photos. She dropped to her knees and sucked him hard, and he nudged her up. She walked to the bed and climbed on.

He followed, reaching into the pants he'd taken off and pulling out three Trojan Magnum's, opening one, laying the two unopened ones on the nightstand, and with no fingering, no oral sex, or anything else further in foreplay crawled between my wife's legs and pushed his cock inside her. I turned on the video light, closed the curtains to the hotel room, and turned on the video camera, one on a tripod and the other I set on the other nightstand, and began snapping photos, all almost a routine that I have done with every time my wife has played. As I move toward the top of the bed, the guy's lips were by my wife's ear whispering as he guy fucked her. She opened her eyes to lock with mine, waved me away, pointing at the tripod. "Move that back," she said. So I did.

She has said many times that once the sex starts she never knows I'm in the room, so for her to not like where I had a camera was strange. He didn't slow down in fucking her, and she started to moan.

I moved to the other side to snap a photo and she now looked up and pointed to the camera on the nightstand. "Take that one away." Which I did, but wondering where this was coming from.

As I moved the camera she said, "Do we need the lights?"

"What's going on here?" I ask. "You know we need the lights". (I have low end camcorders so they require lights to have decent video.)

"The lights and cameras are distracting him," my wife says. He stopped fucking.

"You keep trying to take photos of my face," he accused is a sharp voice.

This hit me the wrong way and I got pissed quick, but gave it a 10 count and sat down in the easy chair in the corner. After a moment in a tone expressing my displeasure with the comment, "Well we talked about this and everyone knew in advance how we do it."

Still with his cock inside my wife the guy pops off in the same tone of voice, "I just can't perform with the lights, I thought I could but I can't. " He pulled out, and rolled to his side, looking at me.

"What is it that I misrepresented about how we play?" I asked.

"Nothing, but if I am going to perform, well I...." He stood up as he said it, stripped off the condom and laid it on the nightstand. I looked over at my wife, trying to read her face, but it was not one of pleading.

"We told you we took photos and video." My wife nodded to me.

"Well," he stammered, "I think, I..., it's probably be best if I just go. I can't do this with the cameras." He reached to the floor and started stepping into his pants. Buckling them he added, "I'm sorry I took up your time." If he was expecting us to say anything along the lines of giving in to his requests about the cameras, he was wrong. He was greeted only with silence. My wife's expression turned to one of puzzlement now.

He pulled on his shirt, and I asked again, "You knew how we played."

"I thought I could handle it," he said, "I can't." By this time he was dressed, he picked up the two remaining condoms, and the one he'd pulled off his cock, "Where you want me to put..." My wife pointed to the trashcan. "Sorry I took up your time" he said. Without a word or gesture to my wife, not a good bye, not a "wish this would have worked different", or anything he turned and walked out the door. I locked it behind him.

I looked back at my wife. "You ok?" I asked.

"That was weird," she said flatly. I wanted to clear the air about one thing.

"You blame me for this?" I asked.

"No," she said, then adding, "Do we have to have two cameras?"

"I knew that was coming, Yes," I responded. "You blaming me for any of this?" I anticipated that she would say that if I didn't have to have the cameras that the evening would have gone better.

"No, you did nothing wrong-he was just strange".

At this point she said it was a rejection of her (she'd gained about 10 pounds since the photos on her profile, which no one really notices but her. She was especially put off by the lack of touching and foreplay-and we tried to analyze what had really transpired. It didn't seem that he freaked simply over the photo lights. I didn't know exactly what happened myself-still in shock over it.

If he wasn't ok with the appearance of my wife, he had ample time at the restaurant to have bailed. When we left the restaurant my wife and I walked back to the hotel and he drove, so he could have easily pulled out on the street and left. We waited for him at the entrance to the hotel, and he could have told us good night, the vibe wasn't right and left then. He didn't. We got into the room and before everyone started taking off their clothes he could have left, he didn't.

This was a man who bragged about fucking a woman while she is shouting humiliating commands to her husband and with us he is distracted by a video camera? A man who can fuck a woman while she is texting her husband elsewhere in the house what her black lover is doing to her can't "perform" (his word) with lights on? A man who can fuck one woman, feel up another, while directing husband of the woman he's inside on what he should be doing to the second woman-this man gets distracted by the clicks of a digital camera?

If he was tired from the trip and being up all day he could have easily bailed when we had talked on the phone at 1 and a 5 p.m. earlier in the day.

Instead he waits until he gets his cock in my wife, in mid-fuck and then says "I can't handle it."

I can't imagine the cameras being the problem-that there was something else going on-but I'll be damned if I can figure it out.


Bri_n_Dewpie said...

All you can do is roll with it and be thankful for all the times it does work out. Some people can be very nervous about being filmed, especially by strangers. Some guys talk themselves into it then find they can't handle it. I can understand it. It soumds like you guys tried to do everything right.

Another thought: Is it possible that he was used to the dominant male scenario and it bothered him that he wasn't getting it from you guys?

bdenied said...

dont read too much into it...I imagine it was the cameras and that was his problem

Stryfe said...

I totally agree with you man the guy was at fault and just reading what happened I think the guy was bragging too much and a bit too full of himself maybe. Just try again, sir and hopefully it will go well.