Monday, April 27, 2009

More plans

A few Days later

The scenario I described weighed on my mind-and so I contacted Nat about taking her out on a date.

I got this idea of him after I discovered at one of the video posting sites an interracial video of he and another guy fucking this skinny blond. And he was role playing with them. Of course I surprised my wife and had her watch the video with me. Before his face came into view I asked her if she recognized the guy. She didn't until she saw his cock.

I suggested an 80's club or beach music club to him with a lot of slow dancing. He said he didn't know of any. So I suggested a nice place for dinner, left the club out and the more I thought about it the more I thought about given her track record why would I put her in that position-and the bottom line was also that I had been left out. So I contacted Nat and said a change of plans, that I would be going along-and he said that would be awkward and wanted me to tell him how that would work. It so pissed me off that I told him that something had come up and I would let him know when we could play again.

And the day following:

This is not the first time her cheating has bubbled over and screwed up my emotions and generally the rest of an evening as well, but last night I really got serious and asked her, "When does it get to be my turn?"
That evolved into a discussion of how far she could push me, and why she had fucked someone behind my back (she didn't know for sure but part of it was wanting to, curiosity, and finding some way to be pissed at me.) I was drunk enough to accuse her of taking her piercings out intentionally-and she did admit that she did it to make it up to me, and said I had wanted her to to hurt her (which was wrong), and then she said that she had been mad about it-so I went back at her with then she had not really given me any gift or make-up because she had done it begrudgingly.

So after more discussion she said well, for instance, her doing two black guys. If I told her that I wanted to watch her do two black guys-and asked her to do it she would do it. If I told her I wanted her to do two black guys-then she wouldn't. A nuance, but nuance enough. It was all about asking.

She had asked me to hook her up with Sam and Darnell again, so I emailed Darnell through the online swinger hook up site we belong to, and set it up for next Thursday. Then she surprise me and told me to see if Sam was available for this weekend-so I did, and he emailed back immediately saying that anytime, anywhere. (I guess the stopping to meet him for lunch fired up his desire for my wife's pussy).

This time she wants him to take a Viagra before we start anything, and also told me she wants to go to a strip club. Sounds like a fun evening, and since he's spent the night once before I won't be surprised if she wants to do that again. Something about her liking to be fucked in the mornings. The thing I do like about her fucking him is that he doesn't mind me joining in and us double teaming her. We have 2 of the 3 times we've been with him. This will also equal the most times she's been with any single person.

But this is her only always bareback guy. No need to stress rubbers when he will fight tooth and nail not to use one. Guess I'd better get use to sloppy seconds on this one.

We were driving and she asked me, "Did you hear from Sam?"

"Why?" I asked.

"You know why."

"Say it."

"I want to meet him?"



"You're gonna make me say it aren't you?"

Yes I am."

"I want to fuck him. I want to feel his black cock going inside me."


bdenied said...

I can never quite figure it out if your jealous or if you get off on her fucking other men......a little of both I think....but when she fucks is it her humiliation or have an interesting blog I just cant quite figure you guys out...her yes, you no..

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

Our lifestyle has absolutely nothing to do with humiliation for either of us.

I have a voyeur streak, she has an exhibitionist streak. She had always had a black guy curiosity/fantasy, and when she tried it she loved it. I love her enough that I can enjoy her enjoyment. Watching my wife get well fucked is an amazing thing.

I think she's the greatest fuck in the world, and I'm strong enough in our relationship that I can let others enjoy fucking her as well.

It's a win, win, win for everyone.

Certainly there is a tinge of jealously (maybe it might be better termed envy of some of the guys she's been with that seem to go on forever), but any jealously is like her apprehensions with a new guy--it all goes away once things get started.