Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More talk, less action.

Long story from that conversation in the previous is we got home, went to the hot tub, were very tired, she got pissy,

and we ended up in an argument with no one getting laid.

The next night we were talking, again in the hot tub, trying for a better finish than we did last night.

In the course of it I told her she should be able to tell me she was a slut for black cock when she was sober.

I read aloud a couple of old horny variations letters that we'd used in the past to get her horny-and it worked.

She said that it was her trying to keep up that front of a nice girl Sunday School Teacher. I said that is what she was, but she had that other side that she could open up-and at least she should
be honest with me about it. It should be enlightening. She agreed.

So we came in, watched a video, she got on top of me, and I commented that she had said the night before that she would do 2 guys if I told her I wanted to watch her do it, rather than telling her I wanted her to do it. "Do you know the difference?" she asked, "You asked."

"Ok," I said.

"Then when are we going to do it." I was so shocked I didn't answer. Sounds like it is going to happen at some point though. I knew better than to comment back at that point.

Then as she was sitting on top of me, her pussy still soaked, I asked her, "Is there anything that a black guy has asked you to do that you haven't done?"

She thought. Well Terrill wanted to do my ass, I told you about that. So I did tell him no. But other than that no.

"I think you like being sub to black guys."

"I do."

"But you know that you're not really sub until he shares your pussy with a friend, You know that don't you?"


Her pussy poured, I mean, wet beyond comprehension. "You'd like for a black guy to share you wouldn't you?"

Yessssss," she said as she started fucking on my cock until she came.

Of course that was sex and pillow talk--and no one is held to anything said in that circumstance, are we?

So it is set, she booked the rooms for Sam tomorrow night, and emailed a couple of other past lovers and talked about a time to meet them, and as a surprise she said she wanted to give Kevin
one more chance - to email him and tell him if he could let us know by Monday that he could be with us on Monday he'd get to fuck her again. Of course he blew it, and the other guys she had emailed were unavailable.

But Sam was in.

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Anonymous said...

this is a very hot post. I still remember the first time my wife watched two black guys double team a white girl. Her pussy never stopped being wet the whole night. You should post more about what you guys talk about.