Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Being Shown Off fantasy

Got an email from Sam yesterday, first time in several months. I think she is still planning on fucking him at some point-but didn't like being the pursurer. (his attitude is a turn off for her). She said at Mardi Gras it would be pretty good.

September, days later

So we went to a nice dinner, she had three glasses of wine, we came home, went to the hot tub with drinks, naked, and came back inside. She was wandering mentally and I asked her what was the most erotic thing she had ever done-and she replayed the meeting with Sam and her first black fuck. "It was everything I fantasized about and more," she said. She also said she wanted to fuck him again-and for some reason I got an email from him the other day saying we need to get together again. (As I wrote this it hit me, I wonder if those two things are related?)

Anyway, back in the room we started talking and what she said was that she would like to go somewhere with a black guy when it was obvious that she was his date. We talked about going to an outdoor concert, and I would sit on the side of the guy so it would be real clear. "You'd have to dress really slutty, just so everyone would know." She nodded.

And then I threw it that it would be hot to go into a club or restaruant with a black guy and I would hang around outside and come in a while later, so it would be obvious that she was with him. She really started getting soaked talking about it. Then with me inside her I told her to describe it to me, and she took it further.

I mentioned that she could go to a swing club/meet-greet dance place, she could go in, dance with him, and let him introduce him to his friends and have her dance with them too, and let them feel her up if they wanted. She got very turned on and as I had her describe it she did an oral fantasy of them guys taking her into a back room and fucking her one after the other.

I ordered a rub on tattoo of the Q of Spades tattoo, put it on her and we did the role playing again, with this time her in a low cut dress with it visible.

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bdenied said...

those kind of fantasies are hot and the reality is even better