Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time to Quit or Continue? Second thoughts

Over the ensuing weeks after our second night with her first black lover, she became very antsy, asking if I had sent him photos and if he has responded. He did ask for some, which I sent and then said he wanted to come by and have a drink. Funny thing is earlier, two days earlier, in the pool, having drinks, she asked me, “Would it be ok if he came by here?”
On my gut it sounded like they were talking—or at least heading in that same direction. I thought about it and said it was crazy, that family might drop by, as it was 4th of July weekend, and his family would be close by (he has a brother that lives very near us).
She was very disappointed, to say the least. And then he sent another email, asking again to get together. I answered and said it would be impossible.

Meanwhile we had not talked about it a lot, instead planning a vacation at an open minded adult resort, Hedo, (with the implication that she might find someone and fuck there.) But she got mad at one point, saying that it was time to stop, that she didn’t want to see him again, and it would just escalate, as it has always escalated. “What’s next?” she said.

That night, in the middle of fucking, with a good liquor buzz on, she gasped, “You know where it will end?”


“It will end up with me fucking a lot of different guys, with a gang bang.” She said it in a tone that said to my subconscious to let it lie, and I did.

After watching some interracial videos over a few nights, I did show her the video of her fucking him the second time. After watching it I started it over again just listening to the sound, which was very loud and hot. That’s so hot.
“I love it.” She said as I slid inside her.
“Love his black cock, love his fucking me,” then as I pumped her pussy she said, “I want more.”
“More what?”
“I want a lot of strange men, I want a lot of different black cocks.”


bdenied said...

so I think you sound very distressed by all this...did you get more than you had hoped for?

sonya said...

It sounds like your wife is afraid to let it all hang out.

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

Not distressed at all by this--as I've mentioned from the beginning of this blog (and if you haven't read it from the start there are parts that will not make any sense so I suggest you start at the beginning if you have the time).

At different points along the way she has been reluctant to go further--in part because of her recognizing her own desire to go further and doubting her ability to control it (I'll elaborate more about this in future posts).

She has not had fear but reluctance.