Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She Has More Black than White

Her first time with her third black lover was a pivotal night in our interracial journey. She met and fucked her third different black guy. It is pivotal because when his cock slid inside her it would mark the moment that that she had felt more different black cocks inside her that white.
As for the night itself, she had responded to an email from him and in turn got a number from him to call. The call went well and we decided to meet in New Orleans. We were on a trip in that direction so we decided to stay over. We met in the bar, he was late, and called a couple of times as he was stuck in traffice, heightening my wife’s anticipation.
When he arrived we exchanged pleasantries over a drink, things seemed to be going well, and we decided to walk down Bourbon street.
She went to the restroom while he and I stood there. restroom I told him we needed to get the husband questions out of the way: no problem with me being there, taking photos, and he was disease and drug free,
He asked “does she like anal?”
“Hell no, it will freak her out,” I answered.
We bought more drinks as we went down the street, they got closer. We stopped at one point and I took a photo of him with her, and then with him standing there she flashed her breasts at me and I took a photo of the two of them. I think it shocked him, but turned him on as well. She was wearing black pants with a blue v-neck blouse with thin shoulder straps. There was crochet work along the edge which allowed the top to be lower than usual and still be discreet, but made it easy for her to slide the straps down he shoulder and flash.

We turned back to our hotel.
He kissed her in the hall as I unlocked the door, and they stepped inside and continued kissing. I have to say it was different this time. She was more comfortable with everything—I’m not sure if it was the drinks, him, or just the familiarity of how this was done, but she was more into it.
The stripped each other while they kissed. She leaned over from the waist to suck him and instead he pulled her up into his arms and then leaning down picked her up with his arms under her knees and back. As she kissed him carried her to the bed. They got in a 69, with him on top and she sucked his cock with her head hanging off the bed, and he was long. They reversed positions, kissed some more, and he reached for the nightstand and opened a condom. Then she moved up, and as she spread her legs he moved between her, parted her lips with the head of his cock and slowly slid it inside her. My wife was now by my definition a true slut for black cock, as she had now fucked more black cock than white.
He fucked her that way until she came, and squirted, then he turned here on her on her side and fucked her, and she was letting go on a level I had never seen. He wasn’t talking to her like Kevin, but was just fucking her continually, without coming, and she was moaning, screaming, and punctuating inbetween with “Yess”, “Oh my God,” “Yeeesss”. He fucked her till she squirted, and then changed her position again , doggy this time, and they took a break. She went to get a bottle of water, and he met her before she could get back to the bed, kissing her and moving to slide his cock inside her as she stood there, fucking her until she came, and squirted again, soaking the carpet. She was spraying her juices, and coming as loud as I have ever heard her come.
He laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her again and put his cock inside her and began pumping his cock in and out of her and she was coming again. There is not a lot of description that be added her, except to say she was moaning, coming, squirting, sometimes with her legs up to her shoulders, sometimes with her legs down, and with him continually fucking her. I had never seen anything like it. He didn’t stop—and I could prove this by the video—he fucked her continually for almost 50 minutes. Without him coming. And with her hitting a plateau and coming for probably 10 straight minutes at the end. For anyone reading this that wants to hear detailed descriptions it is hard to add more to in than that. No dirty talk, no different positions, no smacking her butt, nothing but just heavy breathing, moaning, and non-stop fucking, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, and when he started pumping fast there was a “slap, slap, slap” with was combination of her bare pubis slapping against her shaved pussy and his balls slapping up against her n the down stroke. Her only words, over and over, sometimes moaned, sometimes hissed between clenched teeth, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Ohhh Yes”.
Finally he came and rolled off of her.
“Wow,” He said, “she sets the standard.” Then seriously he said, “You must be dehydrated from the loss of fluids.” My wife just smiled a smile that I can only describe as cocky and self-assured. Her chest was still rising and falling gasping for air.
I don’t know why but I handed him a dry erase marker. “Here,” I said, “Sign your work.”
He hesitated, laughed, and took the marker. Writing on her lower chest and belly, “3 Hours and Still going.” He kept talking about how she could just keep going.
When he left I added to the marker writing, “Third black cock. Official Black cock slut now.”
Then it was time for me to reclaim her, and did.

I don’t think everything had really registered about the night before. At least as much as I would discover later—but that is for a future post.
As we were driving away from the hotel the next morning, I asked her, “If something happened to me, would you only date black men?”
“Yes,” she said. “If we had started with white guys maybe I wouldn’t, but now, I think I would. I wouldn’t get married again though.”
“It was always a fantasy, you know that,” she said, “but now that we’ve done it, I’m used to doing it, and I like it.”

RECAP: If you’re new to this blog this is the narrative of how my very traditional straightlaced wife opened up her slut side to become a hot wife – and by her own words a “Slut for Black Cock.”
The progression starts at the beginning of this blog when we met as teenagers, so if you really want to understand her journey I would suggest you start at the beginning. But at this point in the narrative of the journey she has had an affair with a white guy, began flashing at Mardi Gras and progressed to letting some guys cop feels or kiss her nipples for beads. She worked as a phone sex operator, and at a March Mardi Gras met the first black guy that would end up taking her black cherry less than 8 weeks later in late April.
She fucked him again in late May, and did not enjoy her second black cock until August. This guy was had a huge cock, was aggressive as far as slapping her ass while they fucked and talking nastier, but after that time he never contacted us again. The just described even was in October. Everything sounds like it is going great—which is reason enough to know that in the upcoming posts it will not be that great.


Anonymous said...

Your story is awesome so far! I am hooked and cannot wait for more, altought I worry about what's next, that last sentence sounds ominous.

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

Actually the most recent post occurred in late October. It will be March before crap hits the fan, it it will be a few posts in the future.