Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bouncing back or not...

Time frame reference:
If you haven't figured it out by now our interracial fun is a small part of a very real life. Which means this is not something we do five nights a week. Considering that we've been posting this blog for less than a year, and in that time we've covered in chronological order over three years of hotwife fun. Which is a roundabout way of saying we will soon be narrating this blog in real time, so do not get discouraged if we go six to eight weeks or more without posting, because it simply means we have our real life get in the way of our playing.

Anna has said she would play once a week or more if she could.

Our most recent activities since March of this year has reached new levels, going outside our normal comfort zones--but you'll see that in the next few posts.

I think the one amazing thing looking back is considering what we have done since we first talked about this in hotwifing is how everything we have done has seemed so natural and evolved so smoothly, even though considering some of the things we've done lately compared with our first few times -- well if you had asked us at that time if we would ever consider some of the things we've done we'd say, "Hell no."

Such is life, I guess we all end up doing things that we never thought we would.

That doesn't mean we've not had our ups and downs with it, and with her considering and taking about quitting after the rejection.

In the few weeks that followed she was down, and stated, "You said we'd stop if I wanted, and I don't care if I ever do it with anyone new again."

So I didn't talk about it, I got the flu, she had to go out of town, and finally we were in the hot tub with drinks, on her birthday, and I told her that her present would be when we go to the beach that I had one of her former lovers and had arranged for her to go on a solo date with him, so he could show her off like she wanted, and be seen in public with a black man.

She was excited, and soaked as I touched her, and we fucked twice before going to sleep. She thanked me as she knew what a concession it was for me to no be there.

When I was online the next day I saw the guy that is going to take her out in a few weeks, told him that I had told her and she was excited about going.

Last night we went to the hot tub and while sitting there she asked me exactly what I had told him. She was concerned that I might have pressured him into taking her out. So when I related the conversation she eased off and said the way I had approached it was fine. She didn't say she didn't want to do it by the way, and she got hot and we talked about hooking up with someone this weekend, and I had arranged for her to get together with a previous lover in a couple of weeks, and she was good with that.

I told her he had bailed for this weekend, and she said we need to find someone. I suggested she go to our swinger site and look for someone.

She got up after I dozed off and was downstairs until 1:30. I knew she was surfing looking for black cock. Over breakfast she said she had emailed a few guys, and I opened up the site and read where she had written a guy and said she wanted to meet him. She's back in the black cock groove.


Jordan said...

"Back in the black cock groove," well said, and good to hear! :-)

gjmacmurray said...

Good morning. I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time now and introduced my wife to it as well. We recently ventured into the 'Hotwife' lifestyle after 2 years of me asking and us researching together. Before venturing we had half a dozen experience with couples and a single female. We have had great success so far over the last 2 months venturing into the world of Hotwife. She is seeing one guy weekly and has met another guy (a black man) once. That went well but we had to end it do to some 'red flags'. We have been looking on AFF as well as SLS. Any advice? Please feel free to email us at We'd love to hear more and are happy to provide details of our escapades.

Geoff and Dana