Sunday, July 5, 2009

The End of Sam

The End of Sam.
Sam is the guy who took her black-cherry, and as is often the case went through a period of infatuation with him. All in all we'd and he's fucked her four different times. He spent the night the first night, and was basically her first public date when we went to a strip club earlier this year. Even once we were going through his town and met him for lunch and made plans to get together in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

We were supposed to hook up with Sam on a stated evening, and had arranged it via email and confirmed the week before. That night he dressed up in a hot cowl neck top that dipped almost to her waist, and black pants, and we went to the appointed bar to meet him. At 45 minutes after the time we were supposed to meet (and we do understand "black time") I texted him with a "??" and his response was, "At Pat O's, trying to get away".
We waited long enough for him to walk that distance to our bar, and he didn't show. We went back to the room and it wasted the rest of the night. She really loves fucking him, and was insulted and disappointed.
The next day we are in our favorite bar with friends and he comes in with a mid-thirties brunette, quite obviously the two were together, and that iced it with Deanna.
I saw her Anna's discomfort and texted him, "Just so you know, you really blew it."
He texted back, "Had unexpected woman troubles."
No need to tell him that was the wrong answer. Anna told me in that voice that told me her mind was made up--and wouldn't change, "He's history."

The following night we drank far too much, ended up in a bar with live music. I went to the restroom, and when I came back she was gone. I waited for several minutes and she came over and this much older black guy, a singer with the band, came up and sat down and talked to us for a minute, shaking my hand.
She leaned over in my ear and whispered, "I think I want to fuck him. He's already fingered me." I sat there stunned, and she did go to the restroom this time.
What had happened was she had gone to the back of a the bar and asked for a pack of sugar to get rid of her hiccups, and while there started talking to the singer, who was taken with her (naturally). And since he was dark black that didn't hold her back either.
In the course of her conversation he asked, "Can I touch you?"
She said yes and he slid his hand up her leg, she parted her legs and she had taken off her panty hose earlier in the evening and wasn't wearing panties, so when he hit her bare pussy he put a finger right inside her.
She didn't say how long he did that, but it was in open view of anyone sitting on that side of the bar. She reached over and grabbed his dick and it was rock hard and big.
He went back to the bar, and after she told me that I went to him, told him how we played it, with me there watching, how I was kool with it, and I was an observer not a director, and that I would photo and film.
"Give me five minutes," he said.
Deanna came back to my table, I told her what he said, and we watched him stand up and walk straight out the door, not to return.
All in all it was not a good trip.


IvoryQueens4BlackKings said...

Sorry to hear that, btw I love your blog it looks like the greatest hotwife for blacks blog out there, do you mind if I link to it?

Better luck next time!

Wildhog said...

Wow, that is incomprehensible! How could any man, black or white, walk away from a hot, sexual woman like that?

Sorry that happened and I hope it doesn't dampen your quest for more BBC. Gotta get back on the horse...........

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

IvoryQueen, sure, you're welcome to link to the blog. However this is not a submissive to black website.

And Sam is not the only black guy we've see, so it is not like there's a shortage of black cock. However since he was first, very well built, and up until then a nice guy even to just have a conversation with, it was just a shame it had to end that way. Since Mardi Gras there have been others, but that is as we can get things written out and posted.