Saturday, June 20, 2009

Being shown off alone--plans

A Conversation with one of her lovers.

Hub: We still have plans for our beach trip. And something for you to be thinking about...and bear in mind that when it came up Anna was drunk (and naked, and horny, and in the hot tub)

She said that she wanted to be taken out somewhere and "shown off".

Lover: oh, that would be hot!

Hub: Not sure exactly what she had in mind in saying it.Well since I try to do that all the time I don't think it included me lol

Lover: Oh, really? interesting...what do you think she has in mind?

Hub: I am not sure, but from what I gather her wearing something hot and near scandalous, going to a dinner or club, something maybe with dancing and having her limits pushed a bit.

Lover: That certainly sounds doable!

Hub: Hubby's can't do that. We have to live with them all the time.

Lover: I've figured that much out. too true.
What kind of club do you think she'd find stimulating?

Hub: Smooth jazz, or beach music. If it were somewhere that she would get asked to dance or something by some other people too all the better.

She is getting to the point (like all women) that she needs her ego stroked more. She worries about aging a lot.

Nice thing is at the end of the night with her with a good buzz and some attention you're gonna get lucky lol

I've seen her really excited about doing new things, pushing her limits, etc. The benefit if worth the trouble. As I recall you haven't seen her really in that mode yet.

Lover: I look forward to in when we meet in a few weeks.

And you know there is part 2 to this, don't you?


Wildhog said...

That's a great fantasy. I hope it comes true for you soon so we don't have to wait too long to hear how it works out.

clnt2009 said...

seemed to be real...pretty much interesting.

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