Sunday, August 24, 2008

Second Time--Same Guy

The second meeting with Sam was six weeks after the first time. After that first night it was like a special secret we shared, we could be in public, look at each other, smile, and we'd both know what we were thinking.

Although the first time jitters were now gone, we knew would be more complicated. We were out of town with friends, he was in the same town, with some of his friends, and despite being there for the weekend we didn’t plan to get together until the last night, although we figured we would bump into each other at some point.

We were moving between bars with our friends when I went on the upstairs deck of one bar, and saw Sam sitting there talking to another couple. I went back in to Anna. “You have a friend on the deck,” I said.

I watched her face as she ran through a dozen different emotions. We had talked over and over about being discreet without being obvious—to ourselves and to our friends, so he rose when he saw me extended his hand and we talked like old friends. I guess we were friends. It’s hard not to be when you’re both fucking the same woman.

We introduced him to our friends, he went with us to a couple of bars, circulating, not being to obvious, and I reconfirmed that we were still on for the next night.

On the last night Anna started getting ready early, going to great pains to wash her hair, apply her makeup and put on one of her sexiest gowns, one with sheer lace panels over her breasts that was cut in a way that pulled your eyes to her breasts and the inviting nipples underneath. She pulled a silk housecoat over that to not be so brazen.

She began being anxious about 10 minutes before he called, more than just anticipation but wanting it to happen and afraid it might now. She said she was sleepy, and if he didn’t call soon she would just tell him not to come, and as she said that the phone rang.

I went to the hotel entrance to guide him to our room, and when I re-entered the room I found a very alert and awake woman who greeted him with a smile and a long French kiss.

Sam sat down on the couch, with Anna beside him but not too close, while I sat on a bar stool in the small suite. I poured everyone a drink, wine for them, Jack for me, and we made small talk, what we’d done over the past few days, restaurants, bars, and then the conversation just hung there. It was like we knew what everyone wanted to happen but we were all unsure how it should proceed. He took her hand and held it, pulling her closer to him, and I excused myself and left the sitting area to move into the bedroom to see if my leaving might make things a bit easier. I washed my hands, changed into sweats, double checked my camera, make sure the room was neat, and went back in. It looked like they hadn’t moved—although in the video I had left running on the bar I saw that they had both watched me leave and then began kissing for long kiss, breaking it before I came back into the room.

As the drinks warmed us he moved his left hand around her waist, and rubbed his right hand over the outside of her breasts, rubbing her hair, and dropped his hand to the opening of her housecoat and slide his hand inside to caress her breast. She titled her head back and said softly, “That feels nice.” He continued, playing with her breast, first one, then the other, then opening her housecoat, taking minutes to do each, and finally untying her gown, pulling each breast out. She would look down at his hands touching her, and at times lay her head back and enjoy his caresses. With her breasts out and his hands on them she turned to kissing him again, and he kept caressing her breasts.

He scooted her up, shifted, and lowered his lips to her breast, licking it, circling it with his tongue, rapidly flicking his tongue back and forth over it as he cupped her breast in from the side between his thumb and forefinger of his huge hands. He sucked on her nipple and it stood up hard and deep red, glistening from his saliva, as he moved to her other breast and did the same thing, As they continued kissing he lowered his hand between her legs, pulling one leg over his to open her panty covered pussy to his touch.

He was rubbing her pussy through her panties, kissing her, then lowering his head to suck on her breast some more, back and forth. After a while of this he took her hand and they both stood, taking her drink from her hand and setting it on the counter, pulling her into his arms as he kissed her and she went willingly.

He stripped off her housecoat, she shrugged her shoulders and let it fall and she removed his shirt. He unbuckle his belt and pulled it from the belt loops, laying it on the couch and as they kissed she began unbuttoning his pants, pulling them down, looking at his hard cock, and diving her hand inside his brief to hold his cock with one hand while they kissed again.

She dropped to her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth as he bunched up her hair and held her head with her hair on top of her head as he stared down at this beautiful white woman eagerly sucking his cock, holding it with one hand, her other hand cupping his balls. He turned to sit back down on the couch, nude, and still in her gown she knelt between his legs and continued sucking on his hard black cock. She rose up a little and rubbed his cock over her breasts and then returned to sucking him.

He pulled her up to kiss him, and as he did he gathered her gown in his hands, pulling it up over her ass and then over her head, pulling her to him putting her creamy white body against his black flesh, such a noticeable contrast, his hands squeezing her ass through her panties. She lowered her mouth to his cock again, pumping his cock with her hand, rubbing his cock around in her mouth, and she was sucking his nipples at times. Sam stood and she rose with him, stripping off her panties, his cock sticking straight out now, pressed between their bodies as they kissed, and she asked him, “Ready to go to the bedroom?”

“You lead the way,” he said, and she turned, her hand still on his cock, leading him for a step while still holding his cock before she released it.

He stood while she sat on the bed and he continued to fuck her mouth, until he leaned her back on the bed, climbing onto the bed on his knees and moving toward her. She opened her legs for him and there was that freeze-frame moment of this spread open white woman, watching this large erect black man easing forward on his knees, holding his hard cock in his hand and leaning over to that first touch of flesh against flesh, the tip of his cock brushing her swollen pussy lips, lightly brushing the head of it over her bare shaved pussy. He wasn't wearing a condom, which was not even discussed after he had fucked her bareback several times during our evening a few weeks earlier.

Using his cock head he moved it up and down, parting her pussy lips, and Anna watched as he guided his cock to her pussy. He was close, rubbing the head of it over her clit and down lower, between her pussy lips, close enough that he didn’t need to slide it in, when his cock reached her pussy it popped partially inside. He moved his hand away, remaining half way inside her, then placing his hands to her knees he started to slide his bare cock into my wife. As he went in Deeper she rocked back, opening her legs wider to him, taking him all the way inside her, her expression glazing over and she gave herself over to the passion and lust of fucking.

Once all the way inside he put his hands on her ankles and held her legs wide apart as he began pumping in hard strokes, pulling his cock all the way out at times before plunging it hard into her, all the way to the balls on each stroke. She moved her arms to his shoulders and he kissed her and they continued fucking, each stroke eliciting a soft whimper that turned into a grunt.

He fucked her for a while like this and then pulled his cock out of her, and rolled her over as he had done the first time, putting her ankles between his knees, her head down, and started to fuck her from behind, his hands on top of her hips and pulling her body back to meet his pumping cock, their bodies making a soft slap of flesh against flesh as they collided. He started getting fast and she got louder, more urgent, and he asked her, “You like this?”
“I love this,” she gasped back as he continued fucking. She had her face flat on the bed with her arms stretched in front of her, letting him fuck her at his own pace, as he wanted. He slowed, pulled out, his cock black and glistening with her juices, rolled her to her back, her legs under his shoulder, and rolled forward.

He guided his cock into her pussy again and began fucking her hard, his hands under her pulled up knees and arms, kissing her, shifting, and she wrapped her legs around him, her arm reaching to hold his ass as he pumped in and out of her, her other arm holding on as he fucked her, rocking the entire bed, their gasps loud and urgent. She got close to cumming and he told her to cum for him to let it go. She was trying hard not to squirt, but she could control it and squirted as she came. He kept fucking her and from the sounds I could tell she was in the middle of a second one.

He moved her hands over her head, locking them with his, holding them between his fingers not allowing her to move as he pounded his cock in and out of her. Kissing her, fucking her, her breasts bouncing wildly with his pounding fuck. He must have fucked her hard like this for 15 minutes. He got closer and asked her, “you want it in you or on you?”.
“On me,” she answered.
“Where do you want it?”

“On my tits” she breathed and as he did he pulled out, moved over her with her knees still up around her shoulders, and was coming as he did, coming a lot of thick sticky cum that she later described as like butter.

She smiled as she did, rubbing his hot come over her body, pulling a bit of it he milked from his cock and tasting it. Still in that position she sucked his cock into her mouth, milking the last of his come from it, and then lay back, a satisfied smile on her face, naked in front of me and this large black guy who had just giving her a long hard fucking.

We went back into the sitting area, where she pulled a blanket over them but underneath her breasts, leaving them exposed and he wrapped his huge black arm around her, his left hand resting on her breast as I poured everyone another drink and we sat there, chatting again.

She turned to kiss him and he pulled the blanket up, putting his hand between her leg where he began to softly finger-fuck Anna. He whispered to her, “I want to see you suck your husband,” and she obediently raised from the couch and pulled my pants down and began sucking me while he watched now. He stood, and when he did she turned to him, dropping to her knees, naked in front of his semi-soft cock, taking it in her returning to her sucking his cock, her hand still on mine, sucking him for a minute, then moving to suck me, never taking her hands off both cocks. I could have let this go on forever but he broke to go to the bathroom and we went back into the bedroom.
When he came out she went into his arms again, but this time he told her, “I want to you suck him while I watch.” I lay back on the bed, she moved to suck me, on her knees, and I handed my camera to Sam.

“Here, you take some photos,” I asked. He took the camera and took photos of me just as I had been taking photos of him—both of us with the same woman a few minutes apart. He lay down to watch us, beside us in the bed, and after a while of it I told her, “You’re neglecting our guest,” and she rolled to him and began sucking his cock. I thought that on her knees I would fuck her while she sucked him, I was rock hard from her sucking, but she lay flat on the bed making it impossible to reach her, so I moved behind her and began to finger fuck her pussy, rubbing her g-spot which always produced her strongest orgasms. She began moaning and pressing back against my moving finger, holding his cock beside her face as her moans turned into gasps, then bellows as she came, squirting on my hand as she did.
He gathered up her hair to the top of her head and firmly gasped it in his hand, moving her head around, forcing her head up and down on his cock by holding her hair as a handle.
He talked to her as he did and I fingered her and she sucked him, asking her,
“You like this?”
“You like not being in control, don’t you?” he asked, moving her head back and forth.
“Yessmmmmm,” she moaned back.
“You love being totally under the control two men at the same time, don’t you?
“MMMMMMM” she said even louder. I took the cure, if she was doing as we commanded.

“Ride his cock,” I said, and she moved up, over him, her hand on his cock, guiding his cock head to her pussy, parting her lips with his head of it, rubbing it back and forth and finally positioning it at her entrance and lowering her body on to him, bouncing up and down on his cock, but she moved off him and continued sucking him, I went back to fingering her, and he moved his right hand to her ass, his fingers moving around her ass, but not moving further, just rubbing around it.

She came again on my fingers, and then collapsed, turning around to wrap her naked body against Sam’, her leg laid over his, the pale white skin intertwined with his ebony limbs.
It was then that we all seemed to notice the time, and he had to leave, as he was already late. The quiet passion of the evening ended as he hurriedly pulled on his clothes, kissed my wife goodbye with the promise of a future meeting, and left.
I had not been fucked, she was still naked, and had no come inside her at this point—a condition I remedied in the few minutes following his departure.

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