Saturday, August 16, 2008

Same night--more sex

We all just sat there in silence. I had witnessed the most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life. I watched the pale naked woman I had married curl up in the embrace of this large dark man she had just fucked. Everyone was smiling.
They lay there together for long minutes, her hands lightly caressing his leg. Eventually he got up to go to the bathroom, and I climbed on the bed. My wife came to me, pulled down my pants and began sucking my cock, on her knees, her ass in the air. Sam walked out of the room, took one look at the scene and pulled another rubber on, reaching her ass, pulling it to him, and again pounding her pussy from behind, this time as she sucked my cock. She had dreamed of a menage a trios as one of her favorite fantasies—and here she was checking another life long fantasy off her list.
I began to talk dirty to her, which was turning her on and she was moaning, he was telling her how adorable she was, pounding her and forcing her onto my cock, and she was soon gasping for air that she was grunting and as she held to my cock from the pounding her pussy was taking, saying “Oh my God” over and over, muffled by my cock in her mouth and finally just holding it to the side in her hand as she was being fucked by him.

This went on for long minutes, and she stopped sucking my cock, released her grip, and concentrated on the fucking Sam was giving her from behind. I moved off the bed and she never noticed that I had left, even though she had just lived her ménage a trios fantasy as well. She had had a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy at the same time. At that moment she wasn’t thinking about anything except the pleasure of that cock continually pounding in and out of her body.

With two fucks in less than an hour everything got really casual, she lay still in his arms, they were talking in quiet voices, and occasionally he would lay on his back and she would playfully climb on top of him, rubbing her breasts in his face and he would suck them, but no one making any effort to initiate more fucking, which I was hot to see more of. I just watched their caresses and contact, and they started including me into the conversation.

We started talking about condoms and he said they usually gave him a rash and he had not worn one in over ten years. “The only other women I’ve been with have been my wife and the other woman I had told you about”. (He had mentioned in our conversations he had met with another couple from time to time). We decided that condoms wouldn’t be necessary.

They lay there caressing each other’s bodies, oblivious to me now. He rolled he to her back and kissed her, sucked her breasts again, a long time, lay his hand between her legs and began a slow finger fucking her pussy with his long middle finger going inside while his palm rubbed her clit and his fingers on either side of her pussy pressed down. Her legs opened wide, relaxed, and waiting. She started moving, rubbing his cock, getting him hard, and after a lot of touching and he moved between them, pulling up her legs to her shoulders, and guiding his bare cock into her open pussy.

He slid in quickly, bareback, and began a muscular pumping of my wife, his ass clinching at he sunk his cock balls-deep inside her. He moved higher, laying down on top of her, her left breast visible on my side, her face not, but the sounds of her fucking, the sounds of his body slapping against her’s on the downstrokes, and the little twitch in her body each time he rammed home as he fucked her just contributed to a wild fucking that was shaking the entire bed. She crossed her legs at her ankles behind his back and raised her pelvis so she could to meet his thrusting fuck, his body making long hard strokes in and out of her dripping pussy, never really going to a rapid pace but getting louder as he came closer to cuming, fucking her for long minutes, longer that I could ever imagine someone not cuming, and then he made a few grunts of his own.

He held his cock Anna inside her, making shorter strokes, all the way into her, his balls slapping against her, and then he gasped and lay still, kissing her, caressing her, making no effort to withdraw, and still inside her talking and caressing her body. He didn’t withdraw from her pussy for a long time. When he pulled out they just cuddled. Unlike what you read in the cuckold forums and blogs, there wasn’t a big deal made about his having just cum inside her.

They lay naked in the bed for the next hours, she’d suck him for a while, trying to get him hard, he’d caress her body, playing with her breasts, kissing and sucking them, she would get on top of him, hold his limber cock and rub it against her pussy. She wanted to fuck him again, but he concentrated on cuddling, making out, and soft caresses. Looking back on it now I think after three times he was through. That didn’t mean she didn’t try. If she wasn’t rubbing her breasts over her face she was sucking his cock. Any time they would just lay there and talk she hardly ever took her hand off his cock.

In their talk she mentioned toys, and she told him she had a dildo in the suitcase. He got it, moved on top of her in a missionary fuck position, and using the dildo, fucked her with it, kissing her constantly as he did. They lay there cuddling more, when he remembered he’d left his credit card at the bar, with the account open. He freaked, as he probably should have. He pulled on his clothes and left, planning to return later that evening. As the door closed I moved on the bed with my wife, her legs still open, and climbed between them. “How about this? I said, “Two men in less than 20 minutes—and my first sloppy seconds.” She smiled as I put my cock into her soaked pussy and began fucking her in the way I’ve spent over 20 years learning how to do. It didn’t last as long as he did, but it was still great. I finished, rolled to the side, and now we cuddled.

“I want him to spend the night here,” she said, “In bed with me. I’ll sleep in the middle.” We had talked from the beginning in emails with him and in conversations with her that I thought we needed some time with just me and her afterward to get a handle on our feelings, and to decide if we wanted to get together again the next morning. So much for plans. I said ok. He came back in about an hour, climbed into the bed and she rolled back into his arms. It was 3 a.m.

“If you start to fuck wake me up so I can watch,” was my only comment as I dozed off. Sometime in the night she moved toward me. I touched her, naked, and caressed her breast. She was very sleepy and he must have been doing the same thing with Sam. “Both of you all, I’m sleepy, keep your hands off of me” she grumpily said. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I could see light through the curtains when I woke, around 9 a.m., and couldn’t believe what we had just done the night before. Not regret, or guilt, or second thoughts, just a smile to myself that it had actually occurred. And the realization how totally erotic everything that had happened. I pulled Anna to me, cuddling, and she lay there for a few minutes, her naked body against mine. Sam appeared still asleep. I took her hand and moved it to my cock, and she stroked me gently into hardness, holding my cock, and I moved my hand to the back of her head, gently touching it, nudging her head forward a single soft push and she moved down and began sucking me. I was rock hard. Sam stirred beside her and I touched her shoulder nudging the side she would roll if she rolled toward him. She took the hint, and pulled the cover back and moved from sucking my cock to instant to sucking his cock next. She started moaning, moved around to her hands and knees and I moved behind her, my cock parting her wet pussy and sliding in and began pumping her body, fucking her, as she woke up her black lover laying beside her with a hungry blow job.

As he woke further he saw what was happening, and moaned, “Oh yeah, every woman’s fantasy to get fucked and suck at the same time,” and as I continued, she got more animated in her sucking. I pulled out before I came and moved to get my camera. She moved to her back and he instantly rolled over top of her and slid his cock inside her. The move took less than an instant, and they began fucking in the dim light. I was holding her hand, and Sam was between her legs.

I was watching the tensing of his black ass jerk as he pumped his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy. She was loud and enjoying it, saying “fuck me, yes fuck me,” as he did, his body thrusting in and up into my wife in steady long strokes.

She gasped each time he his pelvis hit hers, shaking the bed, getting louder until they were both gasping in a crescendo of simple loud fucking. I took some pictures, opening the curtains so to get more light, and they never missed a beat as I did, moving faster as they both came very loud, at the same time.

Finally they both stilled, and held each other, their bodies still joined, and holding his cock inside her until he went soft, they rolled apart.

She lay there and he began to massage her body, running his hands over her, just lightly touching her, sometimes letting the heat from his hands do the touching, and then concentrating on her breasts, circling them, touching everything but her nipples, using his fingertips, tracing figure 8’s around her breasts with his fingertips, until he brushed her nipples. She was totally relaxed, laying there, naked, with this large man running his hands all over her. They broke so we could order breakfast from room service.

They were laying side by side when I handed them the room service menu, which we ordered, and they cuddled until the meal was delivered. I signed the check and wondered what the bellboy thought seeing a white guy answer the door and a white woman and large black man in the bed with a sheet over them. As he left I saw they had pulled pillows up over their heads. When they heard the door click they laughed, lowered the pillows and started kissing.

Anna remained naked, and I realized that she had not had clothing on since Sam has stripped it off of her early the night before. It was around 11 am. She made no effort to cover herself with a sheet, towel, robe, or clothing at any time. She was totally comfortable and acted totally natural to being naked with two men the entire time.

I told Sam we had a late check out, and after breakfast, they lay back on the bed and he talked about leaving, and I looked at my watch and the two of them together.

“I’d guess you have time for one for the road,” I said, and they started kissing more urgently.

Groping each other, Anna began sucking him again, and this time he got hard quicker. She moved over top of him and started to slide his cock into her but he rolled out from under her and pulled her up to her hands and knees again, the same position she had been in the night before when he had fucked her for the first time.
He stepped to her, guided his bareback cock to her pussy and slid inside, pumping and fucking her, holding his hands behind his head at one point and still pounding her. He paused once and Anna moved back against him, fucking herself against his stationary body, and then he grabbed the sides of her hips and began pounding again, finally fucking her until he came inside her pussy for the second time that morning.

They lay there a while, and talked, and he got up, dressed, we shook hands, told each other what a good time we’d had, and he left.
I looked back at my wife on the bed, her sly smile appearing again, and moved back on to her for my second sloppy seconds of the weekend.
Afterward we showered, packed, and started the drive home. After about an hour she commented, “I’m a little sore, my pussy is actually throbbing a little.”
“Like it needs another cock put in it?” I asked.
“Yes, I think that is exactly it,” she smiled back.

After he left I gave her an ankle bracelet with a Q and a spade on it. “Queen of Spades” She asked what it was for and I told her—to signify she had had sex with a black man. She smiled and left it on, and has worn it almost constantly since. No one has noticed by the way, and I think we are both a little disappointed that no one yet has. At one point in their cuddling after fucking, when she had what he called the “AS” look, (after sex) he told her he treated her like a queen, but he was the king. When she told me that I added, “well he may be the king, but I’m the Ace of Hearts”, which I had her added to the bracelet.

On the way home we talked about it, both smiling at each other, shocked at the lack of guilt or regret. And one point she said, “I’m a little sore actually,” and then a little later she smiled, “My pussy is still throbbing, I can still almost feel him going in and out of me.”

Journal Entry: We catch ourselves looking at each other, a half-smile on both our faces—it is like we have an inside joke that no one knows. We now know we have this bad side that can get crazy, and we both understand.

It has taken me nearly three weeks to sort through the photos, the video I set on a stationary tripod, and sizing and cropping the photos before I understood there was just too much for me to see, let alone record that night. When I review the photos I usually see a few things that I missed the first time, their bodies embracing each other and only on the third viewing when I lighten the photo that I see she’s stroking his cock as they do, just little interesting things that get me horny all over again.

The list of what happened to us that night is unbelievable. She went out in public with a basically sheer top with just an open blazer over it. She fucked someone in front of me, she fucked a black guy, she let me watch her get fucked, she laid around naked with me and another man for 12 hours, she fucked someone while I filmed it, she fucked someone while I shot photos, she sucked him, he finger-fucked her, he used a dildo on her, he fucked her while she sucked me, I fucked her while she sucked him, she slept in a bed with two men who had both fucked her that night—and again that morning.

That day after he had left and we both showered, put on clean clothed, and packed to leave I looked at her. She didn’t look any different, the same beautiful woman, the same smile, but there was a closeness there too. “Thank you for letting me do this,” she said.

Journal Entry: Yes, we have asked Sam when he wanted to do a repeat, and he does. The next meet-up is in about 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Great story..only wish I were a Black male from the South(TX/LA) Hopeyou show a few more pics of your hot wife and her partners(you too) or a 3 some.

A Kinky Couple said...

Sounds like you had a awesome experience there, while Carol and I have enjoyed a couple of threesomes so far, she has expressed a desire to find a black lover as well.