Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blog Expectations

We started this blog with the idea that we'd both be on here posting, talking about Anna's hotwifing, and as it has evolved it's me telling what has happened--and Anna is so busy with her job she's checking up to see what I've said from time to time.
I wanted this to be a narrative of how we got to where we are today, because the evolution of it, when we look back at it, seems almost inevitable that we would be where we are now. When I think back on our conversations even in high school they held the implied promise of an more open marriage than most.
Frankly I didn't forsee the bumps along the way, but thanks to being together forever we've survived them--because we were determined to survive them. At times one of us would be more determined to survive than the other, but as a team we're still here.
I am disappointed in the feedback from readers, I expected outside input on our journey in part to deepen our own understand of how this came to be--because when I look back on how we progressed I'm not sure I understand it as much as I recognize the inevitability of it.
I saw another hot wife site in which the couple answer questions about their lifestyle, and we're open to that if anyone wants to take the time. If anyone is reading this for hot photos, you're not going to see a lot of those, as this is not what this blog is about. I've posted a few when I've gone into great detail about a particular instance, and in a sideways way to offer proof that this blog is very real.
So far this narrative covers Anna's journey from our dating in high school until the point a couple of years ago when she went black for the first time. When we get to the present we will be posting as things happen--which is not weekly as we've posted here. Real life doesn't work that way.
If you want to go back a couple of posts and look at the three photo sequence--I do have something to post that happened last night. Tonight we are meeting what looks to be her ninth new partner, her eighth black lover. (Of course she's had repeats with most of her friends).
As we talked about it last night, she readily admits now that she is a slut for black cock, not a submissive, but someone that has opened herself to the fact that she loves fucking black guys. (Not to the exclusion of couples or a white guy by the way--but in an all things equal circumstance she's going for the black guy). So with me inside her, talking about the upcoming night (tonight), feeling her soak herself at the subject matter--which I love to feel, I asked her, "When did you first become a black cock slut?"
Her answer, "When I was a sophomore in high school." One black friend who played in my band that she was particularly interested in. She had a slutty friend who was known to be easy, and at one of our band practices she showed up with him, and later the rumor got out that they were fucking. In our small town at the time it was a gossip item for a few weeks among the high school girls. "I was envious," my wife said. "I wanted him."
Not content to leave it there I pursued it. "When did you officially become a black cock slut?" I asked. "The moment that Sam went inside me, I knew it at that moment," she said.
So tonight we take another step in the enjoyment of that revelation.
Your comments, questions, are appreciated.


Sexy Wife in GA said...

I know you look for feedback about the events you shared, don't be disappointed. It is very hard to put into words sometimes how others have traveled similar paths.

I think I've commented a couple of times and I have to say - I very much enjoyed getting to her first black man encounter! The interacial sex is what turns us on as well. For me personally, I have had a total of three repeat friends and one that was only a one time deal over a five year period. I have to say that I have a difficult time with meeting someone new and going for it (you know - the mind takes over and has to run through all the potential complications).

In my opinion, it is a drawback when the 3rd party is just a fuck buddy and not a 'friend'. Sex is great, don't get me wrong - however it seems to me that it is more exciting with more intimacy.

I look forward to hearing the rest of your story to bring you and Anna up to present day. One thing that I envy is that you want her immediately after she has these encounters where my man is more interested in hearing about the night, watching the video and jacking off. I've read other blogs and I really wish he was one of those that reclaimed his territory.

Hotwife Anna and Hubby said...

Hi Sexy. One thing I think that has made us different from a lot of hotwife couples is that early on we decided it was something we would do together. At the start part of it was, looking back, a control issue on my part. But that evolved (and more about that in a future post because in the narrative timeline that is in the future).

Another attraction for me in being there is I've always had a penchant for photography, especially nude, glamor and video. This fell naturally into that. Anna has discovered along the way that she has an exhibitionist streak in that she enjoys being watched, and I've awakened a voyeuristic side in me in that I like to watch.

When I'm in the room watching her it is simply the most erotic thing imaginable. I see things about her sexually at I never see or notice when we are in the act ourselves.

And with this highly charged erotic atmosphere, when the guy has left and I have this beautiful nude woman laying on the bed, legs spread, catching her breath, smiling, sometime with telltale mark, hickey, or something else that is a trace of the other man-I'm so hot for her I can't resist, nor do I want to.

Don't get me wrong, I love to hear about it, I love to talk about it with her, I love to rewatch the video, and all that is foreplay.

I guess sometimes her with another man is in a sense foreplay for what will happen when he leaves. Admittedly there has been a few times when she's said, "Go ahead and let's do it so I can rest, I'm worn out!"

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been rading your blog lately and have enjoyed it. I can understand why you are so into bbc. Before I got married (to a white guy), I lived with a black man and loved it. The way he would love me and use me, I couldn't get enough of! I do miss that now, but I would never - ever tell my husband. He still has a big problem with me dating a black guy, even though he didn't even know me then.

seacoast couple said...

I just found your blog. Compliments to the two of you. You sound like a fun couple and what a sexy lady! Thanks and we will visit again!!!!

D. J. said...

Just found you blog. Love it, the your honesty about your feelings touched me were I live. My wife has had 2 lovers that I have known about and agreed to. With a few in our past that I did not know about until a long time later (she still gives no details and often denies anything happened). The two I agreed to were one male and one female, neither experience turned out to be positive for either of us.
At least from what I have read so far you seem to be luckier than we have been. D.J.