Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Week We Officially Say GO!

Tuesday: Day 16
In the hot tub, drinking, we went inside to watch a porno, I’d ordered a bunch from the internet. I handed her four and asked her to pick one, she did, all with black guys. (A first). Then as we talked her black guy came up again. She said she wanted to do it, but would then feel guilty afterwards, and when we fucked the first time I told her, “You want to fuck him don’t you?”
“Yes,” she said.
“Say it,” I said.
“I want him to fuck me. I want his black cock.”
We fucked, and then as we rested she said, “Now I feel guilty”. As we talked more I told her we could have him meet us in New Orleans in May. She said, “If we don’t do it before then, then I can get it out of my mind.”
“It’s been on your mind?” I asked.
“Not all the time, but from time to time, and I’ve been sober. I thought about it this morning.”
“And I want to do it.”
“What did you think about?”
“Nothing fancy, fucking him, maybe fucking him here, having him come up, staying here with us in the house.”

Sunday Day 21
We fucked early Suday in our bed, with a good buzz going from Mimosas, and in the heat of the moment I told her I had emailed her black guy and asked him if he would be interested in a threesome. I lied, but I wanted to both test the waters to her reaction and at the same time, at that moment get her turned on. I’ve never felt her as wet in her life.

We changed positions, she was on top of me I told her if she was getting fucked then I wanted this photo ,etc. showing her I wanted her to pause as she puts his cock into her cunt. Then as she rode my cock I had my hands on her breasts and told her, “Just think, within six weeks you could have someone else’s cock inside you, someone else’s hands on your boobs, doing this.”
“You’re starting to talk about it too much,” she said. We finished and she dozed off. I got up and left her sleeping.

I was really out of sync while I sobered up and when she came downstairs I told her I had not emailed him with the invitation. “Why did you lie to me?” she asked, and then got mad.
“Do you not want to?” I asked.
“Ask me when I’m not drunk,” she said, still miffed and said, “Well if you hesitated maybe it is the best, just a great fantasy, maybe we shouldn’t do it.”
She was distant the rest of the day—and I’ve lived with her enough to know she was disappointed—very disappointed. It was not relief I saw in her eyes when I had told her that I had not emailed him.

Monday Day 22
So taking some initiative I emailed her black guy again today, from her online email address, telling her her hubby would be sending him an off the wall email but it was legit, and she was kool with it.

Here is my journal entry at the time.
“Sent the big email on Monday suggesting we meet. Checked the mail a dozen times Tuesday. Wednesday morning I wrote again an said my inquiry about starting to talk about it was only to more or less talk about parameters, and pick a time and place to see if the Mardi Gras vibe was still there.
Oh My God. He emailed back within five minutes, said he was intrigued with our emails, he’d been out of town for six days and wanted to consider it, that my wife “Needed to be spoiled.” I have just asked another man to fuck my wife. In front of me.
A black guy. And I am so horny I could die. I’ve not told her yet, she still thinks I just talked about it. We’ll have time alone on a trip tomorrow. I’d rather tell her when we’re naked and I’m inside her pussy so I can feel her get that super slick wetness I’ve felt twice before in recent nights. I think it needs to be sooner rather than later, like in a few weeks. … And then what?”

Revealing the actual contact. Day 23

I waited until we got home Thursday night. In the hot tub, with a drink, I read her all the emails, told her when I had told her that I had figured she was disappointed about us not going further. “You read me very well, I was disappointed,” she said.
I told he I had gone ahead and mailed the email because I figured if she didn’t want to she could still back out. She said, “I’m glad you mailed the letter.” Then she said, “Let’s do it sooner than later, before I have a chance to back out.”
We talked about my response to his letter, laying out parameters. I said I wanted to be secure with it, and if he wanted to try to meet her behind my back then that was when it ended.
“You know he’s going to try to do that. He’s going to be dom,” she said. Which was her way of telling me she was going to be sub.
“I don’t mind him in your pussy,” I said, “Just not in your head. Can you to that?”
“I can do that.”
We talked about setting up some parameters. And she emphasized that she didn’t want me putting so many rules and managed to the point that he didn’t want to do it.
She told me when she saw him walking up the street in Mardi Gras she has this urge to run up to him and say, “Fuck me right now.”
We went upstairs and started watching a video, a black guy with a woman fucking him facing away from him, her facing the camera. “You want me like that?” she asked as we were fucking.
“Yes,” I answered.
She moaned softly, “Yes, his cock inside me, his black hands on my breasts.” We finished, and I got her a dildo, vibrator, and she did herself again as we watched the video. “Don’t tell him that I’m multiorgasmic or that is squirt.” She said.
Then she said, “Don’t you bring it up and keep talking about it. “

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