Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She says set it up.

I emailed her black guy, asked him if he had received the photos of him with his hands on my wife’s boobs. He emailed back, yes he had. He said he went to New Orleans several times a year. Then he threw in the hook. “Let me know when you’re going down again.” A second email a few minutes later (after he had thought about it no less) was “Give her my email address so we can keep in touch.”

Wednesday night: In the hot tub I told her the progression, and although buzzed she was apprehensive. When I had the computer on I called up his email, clicked reply and asked, “What do you want to say?” She was silent and just shook her head “No.”
“It was a fantasy, and now you want me to start emailing him.” She said.
“I don’t understand, you’re contradicting yourself.”
“I know, I’m a woman.” We went back and forth like this, “You want me to and I want to do it for you.”
“I think it would be hot, but it is because I think you would love it.”
“I know I would love it and it would be hot, but I don’t want to think about it.”
Round and round.
Finally she said, “Well tell him when we’re going down there again and if he’s there we’ll do it.”
“You mean that if I arrange for him to be there and don’t tell you about it, you’re not going to be all over my ass?”
“No, he is so hot. I mean we were in this room with a bunch of balding, beer bellied, middle age men, and he comes in. Every woman in the room wanted him.”
“And he wanted you.”
“Yes he did.”
“And you wanted him”.
“ Yes.”
“That was dumb,” I said, “You know nothing about him. Over time we could do some limited checking out, talking, etc. feeling him out about things so we don’t end up with a weirdo.”
“You need to do that. You do that all the time, you talk things to death, you go over and over and over it until it is not fun anymore.” She said.
“Versus you just doing it spontaneously” I asked?
“Yes, that’s the difference between us two.”
“What do you want me to do?” I asked, waiting for the final word.
“Tell him we may go down there in May, and if he shows up we will do it.”. Rather than talk it to death as she had accused I shut up. Later I lay awake in bed as she dozed off, thinking over in my mind that she had just told me to arrange with this black guy for them to get together and fuck.

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So, set it up, already!

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