Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ever Closer to the Flame

Monday 2:30. Day 8

I’m going to change tense here for a while, and give you my actual journal entries for that time. I think it tells more of my frame of mind:

There has been no response to my second email. In the hot tub last night I told her I had found the photos of her being felt up by ‘her black man’, that I had phoned him for his email address and had sent him copies, and asked her if she could fuck someone without being involved, emotional, or trying to meet them behind my back even if it was fantastic fucking. “Yes,” she said.

“Well those are my only reservations” I answered. We got buzzed, came in and watched an interracial gang bang. At the scene where the girl is getting fucked by one black guy and a hard cock in each hand she looks at me and says, “I want that to be me.”

A few minutes later, still watching the video, she said “Maybe he could bring some of his friends.”

I think the end result of this, of my telling her what I wanted last Thursday, of her flirting with the black guy on Sunday, and the conversations since are.
1. She is willing to do it, wants to do it.
2. It is at the point of no longer IF but WHO. She wants to pick the guy.
3. She probably at this point prefers it be with a black guy.
4. A gang bang soon after would probably be in the offing.
5. She doesn’t want to do much of the work, wants it just to happen, see the guy, approve, and go.

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