Monday, July 21, 2008

The Turning Point

Thursday before Fat Tuesday.
When nothing pushed, expressed other than what I have mentioned, we left for New Orleans, several hours of driving.

Prior to leaving I spent time downloading erotic stories for her to read, and she started reading some very hot ones, most dealing with hot wives. She started having some drinks to make the trip go faster (which usually opens things up for horny talk, and she unbuttons her top so I can see her boobs from time to time as we drive. But she got sloppy drunk, and was got totally out of it.) She was physically panting after reading a couple of very hot stories, one in which a supposedly real wife over a period of time does a lot of different guys set up for her by her lover. Another was a married couple who are invited to dinner at a resort, and when visiting their host’s club discover he is running a brothel, and before the night is over she tries and ends up doing a black guy as her first john.

When we got to Mardi Gras on Thursday night we went out, had some drinks, walked up and down the street. Friday we started drinking early, drank all night again.

Friday night I was really out of my zone, and as we lay on the bed both drunk, me much so drunker than her, I told her, “We’ve talked about you fucking other men, and how I was ok with it, but that has changed.”

She looked up, questioning on her face. “I WANT you to do someone else.” I had never come right out and said that before.

“I don’t need anyone else,” she said.

“I didn’t say you did,” I said. “Maybe it is something that I need, to see and know that you can do that and still come back to me, or maybe it is just something erotic you can do for me, or whatever.”

“I can do that, since I did have an affair that is the least I could do.” She answered. We talked further but I was so drunk I really don’t remember exactly what we said.

We woke up Saturday with hangovers from hell. We did basically nothing erotic on those three days. But that would change.

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